Haitian Salvation

Reading a blog post on “Global Seducer” website has inspired me to write this blog post.

In United States and the Western world, you (American or Western man) and I have everything (e.g. jobs, food, water, housing, money, etc.) we need and want. We should be totally satisfied because most people in third world countries do not have much or anything at all. I consider Haiti one of the worst countries of this planet due to these difficult human issues:

  • deforestation
  • overpopulation
  • kidnapping
  • theft
  • lack of sanitation
  • lack of protection
  • natural disasters including the 2010 earthquake
  • overcrowded prisons
  • spreading of cholera disease
  • homelessness
  • unemployment
  • denied education for children
  • physical, emotional, and sexual abuse of women and children
  • increased rate of murders

To make things worse, the government and society of Dominican Republic (only neighboring country of Haiti) give little help to poor, defenseless, and uneducated Haitian women, children, and men alike. The main reason is that most Haitians are dark-skinned. If you care less about their looks but care more about their well-being, you can do any of these 5 options for their rescue or hope:

Connect and fall in love with a Haitian woman.

The best dating website to meet her is Caribbean Cupid. Plus, you would find profiles of other attractive women with the same nationality and culture. Even though they all remain positive despite of their negative environments and speak English as a primary or secondary language, they have their own personalities. Choose a woman who has the strongest impact on you like Sean of “90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days” TV series has with his fiancee Abby.

beautiful Haitian woman – Fashion Ayiti

Join a nonprofit organization.

Become a member of a selfless company that actually goes to Haiti and assists poor residents. Let many of them know how much you care. Therefore, they can put more trust on Americans/Westerners than they do with other Haitians or even their Dominican neighbors. Another thing that can build a stronger connection between Haitians and American/Westerners is the love of baseball (which represents peace between Haiti and Dominican Republic).

Here are a couple of Haitian organizations you can choose to participate:

Share current news about Haiti with your loved ones.

Promote awareness about Haitian residents, lands, weather, crimes, etc. via Facebook, email, Twitter, text messages, or word of mouth. Let your family, friends, neighbors, and other locals do the same with their loved ones. More Haitian children, women, and men can survive if more people around the world are fully aware and encouraged to do humanitarian work online or offline.

Donate money online.

If you are busy or scared in traveling to Haiti, you can still give contributions on a Haitian nonprofit website (e.g. CARE or Haiti Relief Fund). Whether you pay monthly, weekly, or even once, you are still making a positive difference in many Haitian lives. The number of saved people is more important than the amount of money is. Money comes and goes. But, other people (including God) are always there for us when we need something.

Adopt one or more Haitian children.

This is probably the best option to choose if you are willing to share your home and life with orphaned Haitian kid(s). You would be able to give more protection to your adopted child or children than his, her, or their biological parents do. Make sure that the child or children are constantly and properly educated. If he, she, or they have been abused or neglected in Haiti, he, she, or they may become easy targets to more predators (e.g. school bullies, secret pedophiles, etc.) where you live. However, if your adopted child or children learn much information about right and wrong, he, she, or they would most likely stay away from the wrong people and do the right thing. He, she, or they would continue with these good behaviors during adulthood according to the Bible.

If you are interested in raising Haitian kid(s), visit the following 2 adoption agencies:


Many foreign countries are easily ignored.

But, it is very hard for Haiti to be so.

The women are beautiful inside and out. The children are good and defenseless. Their country, however, is very dangerous for them overall. No one (whether he or she is a resident or visitor) is really safe there regardless of the slow improvement.

Haiti has a long way to go concerning full recovery. Fortunately, many nonprofit organizations and websites are providing the needs of Haitian children, women, and men. Nevertheless, God is the only One who can entirely heal and clean the mess of that dark nation.

Until He does so, all philanthropists around the world can do for now is:

  • pray and ask Him to keep Haitian people protected and nourished
  • go to Haiti and risk their lives for the sake of the natives
  • electronically pay money to Haitian nonprofit organizations
  • become adoptive parents to helpless children

Thank God for the Internet.

I also thank Him for letting me come up with this meaningful blog post.

Now, more Haitian children, women, and men can be rescued from their enemies.

Haiti map and flag – Haitian-Truth.org

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