Foreign Cougars

According to the statement of Bud Patterson from A Foreign Affair dating agency, the majority of American/Western male clients pursues foreign women in their early 20’s. Sadly, the men pay less or no attention to older women at romance tour socials.

I understand how the men feel about the younger females.

But, the older females are the better choices if you (American or Westernized man), I, or any other man want a successful relationship.

I want to meet and go out with 2 women on a future A Foreign Affair trip to Odessa, Ukraine. 1 (Oksana, 37) of them is 6 years older than I am. In fact, I have her profile image as a front cover for “Names of Foreign Women“. The other woman (Valentina, 45) and I are 14 years apart. Regardless of our different ages, I find both women youthfully attractive.

Oksana, 37 (AFA #165604) – View her profile
Valentina, 45 (AFA #174396) – View her profile

What do I like so much about Oksana, Valentina, and other foreign ladies who are older than I am?

Here are my 5 reasons:

They are more experienced than younger ones are.

If you truly want to enjoy international dating, build a permanent relationship, or have fun in public, pick a foreign cougar. She would accept and bring out the best in you. Because she probably has been divorced (with a possible child or children) or involved in temporary relationships with not-so-serious foreign men, she can give you real romance and something else exciting. You would have a better time with her than you do with a younger woman who is immature or inexperienced.

They are decisive.

Due to their ages and personal experiences, foreign cougars know what or who they want as potential boyfriends or husbands. If you date 1 of them who is interested in you, you would know right away. However, if you do not feel the same way about her, be honest with her. She would understand. Then, both of you can move on to other people separately.

Unlike a younger foreign woman or a typical American/Western woman (regardless of her age), an older foreign woman is not going to give you mixed signals. A foreign cougar is too busy with her job, business, possible kid(s), etc. If she truly desires a man who would improve her life and you are not her ideal boyfriend or husband, she is not going to waste your time. Let her go and find the man of her dreams. She deserves to be happy because of her hectic and lonely life.

They are persistent.

Foreign cougars who desperately want long-term commitment or marriage would continue attending romance tour socials or joining international dating agencies/websites like A Foreign Affair and Dream Connections. Because these suitable companies still believe in foreign women in general, the older ones can also continue believing in true love as well. After all, good things come to those who can wait patiently.

They are confident.

Their appearances, personalities, etc. are proof for their composure. They can handle rejection and other negative qualities more than their younger counterparts can. The reason is that foreign cougars have lived longer in the world. Plus, they have experienced more good and bad times. They probably expect to remain single for the rest of their lives. Foreign men (especially the ones in China) are obvious that they do not want monogamous relationships with late 20-something or older women. But, good international dating agencies reassure foreign cougars that American/Western men (including myself) are interested in them. Even if a date or a relationship between an older foreign woman and an American/Western man does not work, she can repeatedly date other American/Western men until she finds her potential boyfriend or husband.

They can distract men in general.

Older foreign women who act or look young at heart would have no problems attracting any men. Those cougars can make me, you, or another American/Western man forget about the younger women and other women back at home. If cougars are very feminine or attractive at romance tour social(s), they cannot be ignored or rejected. As a client, I would either:

  • continue looking at them
  • or approach, talk, and ask any of them for a date

Now, if they ever go to the States or a Westernized country, they would definitely get nonstop attention from single and married men alike. The disadvantages that foreign cougars would face there are perverted men and jealous women. However, older foreign women can find moral, loving, and protective American/Western men to spend the rest of their lives.


Looking at A Foreign Affair profiles belonging to Oksana and Valentina makes me want to be in a May to December relationship with an older foreign woman.

Would you feel the same?

It disappoints me that many A Foreign Affair male clients reject foreign women who are 30 years of age or older. The men are truly missing out on beautiful cougars who can make their lives happier. Therefore, the males deserve to be in:

  • temporary relationships with younger foreign females (who are wishy-washy)
  • or permanent relationships with unhappy American/Western females

Meanwhile, older foreign ladies can seek better American/Western men who would give them unconditional love, respect, and attention.

Cougars should never give up on true love.

Age or looks do not define who they are.

Society (or societies) has no right to shun, disrespect, or belittle them.

Like us, cougars are human beings. They are important to God. They also matter to their friends, families, colleagues, neighbors, and potential boyfriends/husbands.

Cougars do not care if their potential boyfriends/husbands are:

  • black or white
  • younger, older, or around the same ages
  • wealthy or not
  • good or bad dancers
  • American/Western or foreign

Because older foreign women just want good and loyal men, I want to make the wishes of women come true. Plus, I might commit or marry a cougar in the future. What about you?

Here is another attractive cougar I like:




3 Images of Natalia, 43 (AFA #174787) –

Give me your thoughts about older foreign women below.


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