Travel for True Love

Many people especially citizens in United States are not willing to travel overseas or probably even to another state. The statistics of Americans who have stayed in their country for all of their lives prove that fact. They (including most of my other family members) want to stay in the same cities they have been born, have been raised, or have lived for many years. They continue to work at the same jobs (or different jobs that are similar to each other) although they repeatedly complain about low wages, lack of respect, unreasonable managers or supervisors, and so on. Most Americans still befriend those who behave in “cool“, negative, or destructive ways. They want to stay in their comfort zones which honestly lead them to discomfort, insanity, destruction, etc. But, they wonder why they:

If you (American or Western man) want a better life with a better woman (unlike Keyboard Romeos and many other single men who have poor excuses for staying home), join a group or individual romance tour in Ukraine, Philippines, Colombia, Dominican Republic, or another foreign country. Another option is going overseas without joining A Foreign Affair, Dream Connections, or any other international dating company at all.

Anyways, have these 5 important traits when you go to a foreign country and seek your ideal girlfriend or wife:


Whether you are shy or not, be willing to meet, talk, and date countless foreign women. Give them chances to know you well and believe that God has created good men for them. Many of the women are going to initially assume that they are going to:

  • remain single and lonely for the rest of their lives
  • build short-lived relationships or marriages with local foreign men

But, thanks to you, the women can make their dreams come true without doubt.


On a date with a beautiful foreign woman, go somewhere (e.g. rollerskating rink) special or do something (e.g. singing karaoke) you have never done. Step outside your comfort zone unlike many people in the United States or the Western world. Make the date romantic or memorable whether you become serious with her or not. Then, both of you can have better dates with other people along the way. She can easily attract the right man; you can do the same with the right woman.


You should have this characteristic only for obstacles or people (back at home) who judge you for going overseas and seeking your future girlfriend/wife. These people (including your family and friends) have no right to tell you:

  • what to do (unless you are committing a crime)
  • where to go (unless it is dangerous)
  • how to live your life (especially if they are doing whatever they want)
  • who to become involved (despite that they choose their life partners or spouses)

You are an adult male. Live your life according to your wishes, needs, and feelings. Loved ones and others just have to deal with your decision.


If you do not feel chemistry or build a romantic connection with a foreign woman on your first trip, try again with your second, third, or umpteenth one. Do not give up on true love. Your future wife may be waiting for you to show up and meet her abroad. A relationship with her should be worth more to you than anything else in your life is. She is a living soul who would be with you physically, mentally, or spiritually.


Always be positive because you can probably drive away a good foreign woman with even a few negative words. Avoid talking or even thinking about the women you have broken up or have divorced. Your date may be concerned about getting your full attention although you want to date other foreign women. However, she may not want to see you again if you are more interested in:

  • your former girlfriend or former wife
  • or a foreign woman you have been chatting or emailing on an online dating website (e.g.

Foreign women already have local men who treat them in a negative and disrespectful way. Women thus do not want you and other American/Western men to do the same too. Women want to be treated like princesses or queens. Because of their innocent hearts and intentions, they deserve to be.

Have a willing heart to go anywhere in the world. Continue with your personal mission until you find a woman (missing piece in your life) who truly completes you.

Do not give up because you have not met her on your first trip abroad.

Do not listen to others who are unconcerned about your feelings or ignorant to the truth that there are genuine women overseas.

Also, do not stay home and pursue a local woman who does not understand or appreciate you.

Separate yourself from the large crowd (who does the same things everyone else does) and go to the road of truth and happiness.

Even if you are alone, you would receive an ultimate prize – the woman of your dreams.

true love quote – Pinterest (source)


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