Are You Interested in International Dating?

I definitely am. I cannot wait to go back to Dominican Republic next year hopefully. I want to meet Dominican women again.

If you (American or Western man) want to find Mrs. Right or just meet, date, and connect with beautiful women, why should you not go to a foreign country (e.g. Ukraine, Peru, or Philippines) like I have?

Most foreign women are worth visiting, meeting, dating, falling in love, marrying, giving roses, and so on. They come in different shapes, sizes, ages, races, and so on. But, they each want to find a good man who respects, loves, and wants to be with them. It does not matter if he is white, black, young, old, American, or even from the same country the women live. He or any other man can have 100% success with foreign women.

If you are currently married or already seriously involved with a woman, maybe you should stop reading this blog post. I do not want to get you in trouble with your girlfriend or wife. However, if you are single or divorced and ready to find a woman to love, hold in your arms, and spend the rest of your life, here are your 2 possible answers to the title of this blog post:

Yes, I am interested.

Congrats. You are willing to give dating in a foreign country (e.g. Ukraine) a try. Like me, you would have zero regrets after experiencing this. Here are the qualities you would get from your unforgettable dates with foreign women:

  • honesty
  • sincerity
  • simplicity
  • respect
  • joy
  • peace
  • comfort
  • questions about who you are, type of job you work, where you live, maybe your favorite food or color, etc.
  • freedom
  • no mind games
  • no questions about what you have, how much money you earn, etc.
  • no awkwardness
  • no pressure
  • no craziness

You would fall in love with foreign women because of their hearts and characteristics. You would have no interest in going back to local dating where you live. However, if you do end up being with a local American/Western woman (or women) who is as beautiful inside and out as a foreign woman is, then you should be happy with her.

Now, what if your answer is the opposite?

No, I only want to date someone in my country.

I say ‘good luck’ to you.

Local dating is just as difficult as online dating is. Unless you are smart in finding the right woman in your local city or a domestic online dating website, you would most likely face a typical American/Western woman (or women) plus her potential and undesirable baggage mentioned below:

  • bad, ‘whatever’, or ‘don’t care’ attitude
  • her kid(s)
  • controlling from father(s) of her kid(s) if he is present
  • smoking
  • lying
  • drinking
  • wearing masculine, unattractive, or provocative clothes
  • nonstop talking
  • arrogance
  • nonstop talking or playing on her phone
  • many tattoos on her body
  • looking for a man who has money, fancy car(s), fancy house, etc.
  • so on

Truly, dating in United States or a Westernized country is neither fun nor easy. Finding the right woman is like winning the lottery. However, if you lose, you would choose to remain single or be with any woman no matter how she looks, thinks, or behaves.

I really want you and others to feel the same way I do about international dating. Indeed, there are more suitable women overseas. I have met and enjoyed all of my dates in Colombia and Dominican Republic. I want to repeat this experience until I find my future wife. I want to motivate you to do the same too.

Avoid trying to find a woman (who may not really want to be with you) in your local area or city.

Make your life easier.

Plan a trip by picking a romance tour and a foreign country of your choice. 2 international dating companies I highly recommend to you are A Foreign Affair and Dream Connections.

Research both websites, contact the owners about your questions or concerns, and decide where you want to go and who (e.g. Ukrainian women or Dominican women) you want to meet/date.

Pay for your airline tickets.

Go as soon as your trip starts.

Beautiful foreign women would love to see you.

man looking for love – Dream Holiday Asia website (source)


  1. […] International dating is not for everyone. Some men (including myself and yourself) want to meet and connect with women in Ukraine, Colombia, Dominican Republic, etc. Others including your family members and friends prefer to date or marry American/Western women only. It does not matter what you tell those men. It also does not matter if they enter bad relationships/marriages or remain single. They are going to stick with local women regardless that there are actually better potential girlfriends/wives overseas. But, as long as they do not manipulate or stop you from pursuing foreign women, they can live their lives as they wish. […]


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