A Superwoman Named Shakira

Born on February 2, 1977, Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll is a Colombian and Lebanese woman destined to perform music. She is from the same birthplace (Barranquilla, Colombia) actress and Covergirl model Sofia Vergara is. She is multiracial (Spanish, Middle Eastern, and Caucasian). She is 5 feet and 2 inches tall; she weighs 117 pounds. She has 6 half-brothers and 3 half-sisters all paternally. She also has 2 sons with her Spaniard boyfriend Gerard Pique.

Shakira has three qualities I really like in a foreign woman. One, she is as persistent as I am. We do not give up on something we truly enjoy. Whether other people like our works or not, we still create more. Next, she is simple. She seems easy to talk and connect. I need that quality in my future international wife. The last favorable trait of Shakira is her femininity. It is hard to find a real woman like her in the States. For that reason, guys including myself have to travel abroad; there are so many real women in her country (Colombia), Ukraine, the Philippines, etc.

Why do I call Shakira a superwoman? I see more inner strength in her than I do with another female songstress (e.g. Mariah Carey). Shakira goes beyond limits of what she can do. There are 10 capabilities I have found in her. I would mention each of them in a separate paragraph below:

She can sing like no one else can. She has been doing it since childhood. Her participation in a previous season of “The Voice” has melted my heart. If I would only listen to her singing or talking, I would be turned on. Too bad I do not get the same feeling(s) from Katy Perry, Rihanna, or even Beyonce’.

Shakira - The Voice
Shakira (NBC’s The Voice) – Fansshare.com

Next, she can dance like no one else can. I have not seen any other woman move her hips without moving the rest of her body. However, if I can find a (foreign) woman who can dance as good as Shakira does, then that is a plus for me.


Shakira belly dancing – Popsugar

She has blonde hair. Although it is not her original hair color, she is so attractive. The blonde hair color indeed makes her more desirable. No wonder she has numerous fans/followers on social media and a boyfriend (Gerard) who is exactly 10 years younger than she is. Coincidentally, they share a birthday on the same day (February 2).

Shakira (Thank God she has dyed and kept her hair blonde.) – Facebook

Fourthly, she has a selfless heart. She cares and values her family, fans, etc. She would prioritize them over money, fame, and other worldly possessions.


She is not ashamed where she comes. When she has learned of the sufferings of underprivileged, malnourished, and uneducated children especially in Barranquilla, Colombia, she has taken immediate actions. She has funded and created three non-profit charitable organizations which are Barefoot Foundation, Pies Descalzos Foundation, and ALAS Foundation. Also, she has created 7 public schools as well as perfumeclothes, CDs, and other products for customers globally. I do not know any other celebrity who has done as much humanitarian work as she has. Do you?

Shakira surrounded by children – HubPages

Like the late King of Pop Michael Jackson, she has three things in common with him. First, they are unique. They have come up with original, unforgettable songs that have encouraged and touched the hearts of fans and even other celebrities. Next, both Shakira and Michael Jackson are multi-talented. They can not only sing but also dance, write music, play various musical instruments, and perform choreography. At last, they deserve the honorary titles regarding pop music. Because he (deceased) is still the King of Pop, she (alive) should be called the Second Queen of Pop following Madonna.

Shakira (left) and the late Michael Jackson (right) – Shakira Mi Musa

She inspires and surpasses other women (famous or not). She speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Arabic. There are some people (e.g. Americans) who cannot even speak their own single language well. She does not smoke, drink, or even drink coffee. She also does not have any tattoos either. Thus, her body is as healthy as her mind and music are. Do you know any other female celebrities (maybe Celine Dion, Carrie Underwood, Alicia Keys, and Gloria Estefan) who are as pure and sane as Shakira is?

She dresses to kill. On one time, she may wear a dress or a skirt. Later, she may wear a shirt and leather pants. She truly and seductively wears leather pants like no other woman does. For that reason, she should be given the title “Queen of Leather Pants”. She also changes hairstyles as well. But, fortunately, sexily, and smartly, she keeps her hair blonde. She is just as attractive as Pamela Anderson is or even more.

Pamela Anderson (left) and Shakira (right) – Getty Images (Source)

Shakira can motivate any man to find a woman like her. Whenever he thinks, sees, or hears her name, he might go ahead and plan a trip to her country Colombia or elsewhere. A woman who has both inner and outer beauty as Shakira does would be worth waiting, spending extra money, traveling at a long distance, etc. In addition, the woman, compared to Shakira, does not stay single for long. There may be many men trying to get her attention wherever she goes. However, this situation may not apply to most foreign women who still join international dating agencies. If they do enter the United States via K1 fiancee visas, they would get much attention (wanted and unwanted).

Shakira and her boyfriend Gerard – Tabloid Madness

Lastly, Shakira should have a biographical movie or television series. Lifetime has already done each biographical movie for Britney Spears, Whitney Houston, and Aaliyah. Hopefully, Lifetime or another television network company produces and airs a movie based on the life of Shakira. But, at least she has and voices an animated movie character (Gazelle from Disney’s “Zootopia“) that is somewhat based on her life.

Shakira and her animated movie character GazelleNoticia Al Dia

Shakira has changed the world in a tremendously positive way. Not only Latin America (including her native country Colombia) praises her but also United States, Europe, and the rest of the world do. Children, fans, politicians, journalists, other professionals, Americans, other Latin Americans, and even other celebrities look and receive inspiration from her. She has taught the world her own styles of doing music, dancing, philanthropy, and so on. What would the world have been without Shakira? It would probably be darker and more corrupted than it already is. The lives of many foreign children would be destroyed. Girls and women alike would have to turn to other female celebrities/entertainers who may not help or give them enough encouragement to go after their dreams. I would probably watch less music videos today because I am not really interested in current music and dancing from Rihanna, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Janet Jackson, Taylor Swift, or Gwen Stefani. Shakira has the looks, charisma, heart, and talent that attract me 100%. She is my superwoman despite that I would never have a chance to meet, talk, and hug her. However, being with a woman compared to her is good enough. I would probably be crazy about Shakira until the day I die.

sexy Shakira dancing – Pinterest

Please tell me your thoughts about Shakira. How do you feel about her? What has she done to change your life? Do you like her music? If so, what is your favorite song? Anything else about her? Comment below:




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