A Good Problem to Have

We do not like having any problems. But, we are going to face them regardless. Even if we solve a problem separately, another one occurs or unexpectedly sneaks on us. Both of our spirits may go down. We either become closer or (more) distant from our families, friends, etc. We would probably see everything and everyone else in a negative or dark way. Worst of all, a problem (especially if it is very difficult) may keep us from moving forward to hope, joy, faith, and other positive qualities.

Most problems lead to negative consequences. However, there is one problem that honestly does not. If you (American or Westernized man) ever go to a foreign country such as Dominican Republic or Ukraine, you would learn that it is:

choosing just 1 attractive woman to commit or marry

Whether you go to a romance tour social or anywhere else in public, you are going to see many women with inner and outer beauty. Talking, dating, and connecting with them may lead you to indecision. If you want a monogamous relationship, you are going to choose a foreign woman whom you have a strong connection. But, if you want to have more time or stay single, then continue spending time with good-looking women temporarily.


We cannot deal with most things or people (especially typical American/Western women) who are out of control.

But, we do not mind being around foreign women who put our feelings first.

We can be ourselves around them 100%. We do not have to deal with ongoing:

We can feel more at home with foreign women in their countries. We have to return to United States or the Western world even if we are lonely or miserable (again). But, we can always go back overseas and find our potential foreign girlfriends or wives whom we can stay in contact.

I am still in touch with a Colombian woman (via Facebook and WhatsApp) I have not seen for 9 years.

Being happily committed or married to a foreign woman would distract you, me, or any other American/Western man from his current location.


4 American/Western men each with group of Colombian women – International Introductions (source)

If you are interested in seeing more information, visit:



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