Cowards versus Fearless Predators

I wish that more American and Western men would travel to foreign countries and find their potential foreign wives. But, I may have to wait a long time for that to happen because most men prefer to stay in the “Comfort Zone” currently. I am happy that international dating or marriage is increasing due to:

Hopefully, when more international couples are created, the number of these worthless men (who are divided into 2 main groups) is reduced:


Who are they?

Keyboard Romeos definitely fit this category. They come up with countless excuses so that they can remain home, fantasize or view online photos of foreign women, and write silly email letters for months or even years. According to Bud Patterson of “A Foreign Affair” business, only 3% or 4% of the men would stop what they are doing and go meet and bond with women overseas. It is sad that there is a shortage of Men of Action in this world.

Other 4 types of cowards are:

  • loners – comfortable or interested in staying single more than they are with being in serious relationships with foreign women
  • skeptics – choose to listen to hostile or ignorant people regarding foreign women or international dating instead of following their hearts; continue to have doubts or worries even though foreign women are real and genuine or international dating has brought happiness to many people worldwide
  • know-it-alls – think that they know everything despite that they have never gone to Ukraine, Colombia, Philippines, and other third world countries at all; speak or write something negative about foreign women, cultures, etc. without having any solid proof
  • snobs – think that they or American/Western women are better than foreign women are; ignore or do not care that international couples are happier than domestic couples and loners are

Why do they behave in a negative way?

If there is 1 reason I can say why cowards do not want to travel overseas, it is the screwed up American or Western culture. They believe what the dishonest or hypocritical media, society, families, friends, and others say. Cowards think that they are safer where they live than they are in other countries. So, regardless if they are actually protected or possibly victimized by locals, cowards want to be stuck at home for the rest of their lives unfortunately.

How can they change their actions?

If cowards are eager to travel around the world and build marital relationships with foreign women, cowards can always do the following actions:

  • Watch inspirational YouTube videos from international travel/dating/marriage experts.
  • Seek help or give their questions/concerns to the professionals via email, phone, Skype, etc.
  • Regularly visit websites such as,,, and/or
  • Google search for articles or blog posts about fear and other emotional issues so that they can learn how to overcome their problems.
  • Write about their thoughts and feelings on a notebook journal or blog.
cowards – The Good Men Project

Fearless predators

Who are they?

Unlike cowards, fearless predators are devoid of apprehension and remorse and selfishly go after who they want. Fearless predators do not care about the negative consequences of their evil actions or their innocent victims at all. Here are 4 examples of these human monsters:

  • sex tourists – go overseas and prey on mainly foreign women and children due to having no access to the local victims or refusing to be imprisoned for sexually abusing them
  • human traffickers – kidnap, lie, trick, or force women/children into sexual slavery; torture, rape, murder, and/or sell victims to customers or other predators around the world
  • drug smugglers – carry, hide, or send cocaine and other illegal drugs (by placing them in unsuspecting containers) to customers or other traffickers
  • military soldiers – go to countries (e.g. Afghanistan, Iraq, and Central African Republic) where war(s) may occur and targets women/children for rape, murder, or both; may have consensual or paid sex with women, get them pregnant, and abandon biological children especially in the Philippines

Why do they behave in a negative way?

First of all, because most authorities allow or condone the actions of fearless predators, those predators are going to continue victimizing many innocent women and children. Predators really consider themselves unstoppable and invincible. Another reason for their evil actions is perhaps justifying them to the authorities or offering money. Predators probably think that they are the smartest people in this corrupted world.

How can they change their actions?

Only God can change or help them overcome their lustful, selfish, perverted, etc. actions. After all, He has brought them into existence, loves them unconditionally, and knows all of their thoughts and ways. He already knows the solutions to their problems. Maybe you (American or Westernized man) and I know those solutions as well. But, like the predators, we can always turn to God for help. We truthfully know that their despicable and soulless acts against defenseless women and children would come to an end sooner or later.

heartless human traffickers – Detroit Free Press


Both groups of men may be worthless although they are totally different from each other.

Cowards have good hearts but take no action in finding international love.

The other group (fearless predators) is evil and very busy in destroying many human lives.

The only good thing about predators is their confidence. They do not care where their victims are. They do not care what other people including their family members and friends say or think. Do not be surprised if they do not care about going to prison. They probably think that they are going to get out because of bail (by lowlife friends, colleagues, or relatives) or “good” behavior. Then, they would revert to their evil ways and target their victims again. Unless predators are killed, paralyzed, or willing to turn their lives to the Lord God, they would never change.

If cowards can switch their fear for confidence from predators, this world would be a better place today.

More innocent women and children around the world would be alive (because so many are dead and gone), healthy, protected, and well.

More women in Ukraine, Colombia, Philippines, etc. would be happily committed or married to good men from United States, Canada, United Kingdom, etc.

Cowards would truly become Men of Action.

They would be taken more seriously than disgraced predators are.

Cowards would make our world proud.

They would make their future foreign girlfriends or wives prouder.

Then, no fear or other obstacle would ever come between them and destroy their relationships.

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