My Review – “Ukraine Romance and Adventure” Website

01/21/2019 UPDATE: What a way to confuse viewers and customers alike. Recently, owners and international couple Oleg (American) and Viktoriya (Ukrainian) have changed the name of their international dating company again. It is now called “International Love“. You (American or Western man) can shorten it for “iLove”. But, at least you can find the same information plus new one on their website. Their YouTube channel still has the same videos too. Regardless of the effects, you can still join the agency and fulfill your mission – pursuing a beautiful and available Ukrainian woman for friendship or marriage.

new ukraine romance and adventure website
new “Ukraine Romance and Adventure” website –¬†International LOVE


Thanks to the help, collaboration, and popularity of YouTube blogger Olga Reznikova, “Ukraine Romance and Adventure” (originally “International Romance and Adventure”) marriage agency has become successful. Since early March 2017, the international love business has been advertising through its YouTube channel and promoting its 9-day romance tour (which is located in Dnipro, Ukraine) to men from United States, Canada, Mexico, England, Australia, and other Westernized countries. The romance tour may cost almost $3,000 (Subtract $25 from that and you get $2,975 as a result.). But, it is worth every penny if you truly want to find a sincere, attractive, and faithful Ukrainian girlfriend or wife.

I am happy to see another good international marriage agency growing and bringing the good news about angelic foreign women to this world. They can no longer be overlooked because more American/Western men are becoming attracted to them and tired of loneliness or the disappointing dating scene in United States or the Western world. Foreign ladies especially the ones in Ukraine are constantly bringing happiness and other positive traits to men in general.

If you want to know about my opinion of “Ukraine Romance and Adventure” website, read it below:


  • YouTube channel
    • Despite that there is no linked button on the website, I am satisfied with the number of YouTube videos.
    • They are realistic, informative, and entertaining to watch.
    • You would see various types of videos such as:
  • inspiration from “Dream Connections” marriage agency
    • I think that Olga Reznikova has started “Ukraine Romance and Adventure” business because of her excitement that Mark and Anna Davis (owners of “Dream Connections” agency) only require face-to-face meetings between American/Western men and foreign women.
      • She is sick of online dating as I am.
      • Local dating is no different or better either.
      • Both types of dating are the main reason why many people around the world are still single.
    • YouTube videos from both international love businesses are:
      • real
      • unique
      • addictive
      • motivating
    • Like Mark, Anna, their previous/current customers, and their employees, the people of “Ukraine Romance and Adventure” business also:
  • Registration for Man” webpage
    • The online form is very detailed but easy to understand and complete.
    • If you wish to join the dating agency, you would have to answer these required sections:
      • tour date of your choice
      • “About Me”
      • your profile information
      • information about your ideal Ukrainian lady
      • “Help Guide our Marketing Efforts”
      • your documentation and photos
    • There is also an online form (in Ukrainian language) for an Ukrainian woman to fill out and submit as well.
    • Once a male (for you) or female online form (for her) is submitted, you or she have to wait for a Skype interview from a staff member.
  • large profile photos of marriage-minded ladies
    • When it comes to physical attraction, I love to see a big view of a beautiful woman from another country.
    • Most or all of the female members look good with different clothes and hairstyles.
    • Unlike “Dream Connections” and “A Foreign Affair” websites, you would see less profiles (on 6 webpages) of foreign women on “Ukraine Romance and Adventure” website.
    • But, you would be less overwhelmed and more decisive about the women you want to meet and date.

2 Dislikes

  • combination of English and Ukrainian languages
    • There is some confusion I face on the website.
    • Google Translate is highly recommended if you or another visitor have the same problem as well.
    • To make the website fully understandable, staff members or web developers need to:
      • separate both languages or choose just one (e.g. English) for the website
      • or create a different version of website for each language
  • broken or no Facebook page


The agency is better than “A Foreign Affair” company because American/Western men and Ukrainian women must be screened thoroughly in order to join “Ukraine Romance and Adventure” business.

In addition, it is also better than “Dream Connections” company due to a low price for a romance tour.

The downfall is that “Ukraine Romance and Adventure” company does not have many lovely female members as both “A Foreign Affair” and “Dream Connections” businesses do.

However, “Ukraine Romance and Adventure” is as successful as its 2 competitors are.

All 3 international marriage agencies are decreasing loneliness, local dating, and online dating that are destroying many human lives. They all have their own unique and informational YouTube videos. Each of their romance tours is worth spending money and attending. 1 American or Western man speaks to Olga about his perspective of all 3 companies on a YouTube video. If you want to know more information, do your own research and write a list of pros and cons of each marriage agency. The result is choosing which one you consider the best agency to join.

“Ukraine Romance and Adventure” website, in fact, needs to be improved.

But, the romance tour format (which is uniquely described on a couple of YouTube videos) is already perfect.

Whether you are shy, socially awkward, or sociable, you would still enjoy your time with the staff members and of course the incredible ladies.

If you wish to go to a life-changing romance tour, you would receive these 8 benefits:

  • 8 nights at an apartment
  • translator who would assist, guide, and be there for you daily
  • invitation to bowling, karaoke, cookout, or another special social event
  • many dates with amazing ladies
  • unlimited support from company staff
  • breakfast served for you daily
  • cell phone with wireless Internet service
  • transportation to/from airport and special event(s)

This company is worth joining because it is honest, safe, and respectful to everyone.

Change your life by going to a good country named Ukraine, meeting good people (staff members) who want you to succeed, and then pursuing your future wife.

Pour your heart to her.

Give her romance that she has not have for months, years, or ever in her life.

Let the adventure of your and her lifetime begin.

Ukraine Romance and Adventure website
“Home” webpage – Ukraine Romance and Adventure
Ekaterina2791 (URA #2791) – Ukraine Romance and Adventure
Kristina21034 (URA #21034) – Ukraine Romance and Adventure
Ukraine Romance and Adventure - YouTube channel
URA YouTube channel – YouTube

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