6 Reasons Why You Should Date the Same Women Overseas

The negative result of unlimited attractive women in Ukraine, Colombia, and other female overpopulated countries is unlimited men (regardless of their nationalities) who become:

  • confused
  • indecisive
  • unfaithful
  • overwhelmed
  • arrogant

No wonder many local foreign men reject marriage or have short-term relationships with the women. If biological children are involved in these conditions, those men may suddenly take off. Thus, women become single mothers who receive little help (from relatives, friends, and maybe other single mothers) or none at all.

Some men (whether they are Americans, Westerners, or local foreigners) are able to choose the women they want despite of many female options. Possibly, they may stay together for the rest of their lives. If you (American or Westernized man) wish to become a true Man of Action and find your future foreign wife, read below the 6 reasons why you should go on second, third, or subsequent dates with her plus 1 or 2 other ladies you really like:

You can visit different places.

If you go out with different women, expect to go to the same place(s). After my dating experiences in Odessa, Ukraine, I really do not want to enter another restaurant that is boring, fancy, and expensive. I want to go to an exotic beach, carnival, museum, movie theater, or any other fun place (that I would love to take photos and show you and other readers) in that city. I am curious about other cities such as Nikolaev (“City of Brides“), Kherson, and Kiev (capital). The only way I can make this journey come true is possibly dating Viktoria and Nadya again. Another option is meeting and getting a second or later date with a 3rd woman (whom I have never met) when I return to Odessa.

If you want to keep dating a different woman with a present translator for easy communication, prepare for disappointment. You are probably going to the same restaurant(s) you may visit again with other women. They may be tired after getting off work or coming a long way (through walking or taking taxi transportation) to meet you somewhere (e.g. the Opera House) close to the hotel you stay.

You can save money.

If she really likes you, the same woman (or women) you repeatedly date would help you keep enough money in your pocket. Her translator might give you a discount for her communication service as well. If you head to the beach or somewhere at a long distance with them, they would definitely make sure that taxi cab driver(s) does not rip you off. Instead of dating different ladies, facing possible restaurant scams, and wasting extra money, spend a small amount of money on a second or later date with a special lady. I cannot wait to do this if I see Viktoria and Nadya again.

You would have more time to connect and know each of them well.

Treat each foreign woman the same way you do with a friend, coworker, family member, or total stranger at home. Build a good and meaningful relationship with her. Prove to her that you are different from the rest of the men (who think highly about themselves) in her city. Show (instead of just talking) that you are:

  • caring
  • responsible
  • positive
  • patient
  • respectful
  • family-oriented
  • and so on

I am so drawn to Nadya. Therefore, I would be upset if I do not have another date with her. However, I know that I would see Viktoria again once I return to Odessa. Elizabeth (her translator and friend) has let me know how much Viktoria is interested in me. Despite that I am more interested in Nadya than I am with Viktoria, I do see a potential relationship (that can lead to marriage) with Viktoria more than I do with Nadya. Viktoria has a good heart and personality I cannot ignore.

If you are serious about international marriage, focus more on the heart of a foreign woman than you do with her looks (which can disappear sooner or later).

You can find the right woman easily or quickly.

On the other hand, if you continue to date different ladies, you are making your chance to find your potential wife very difficult. What if you meet 2 or more women who are so beautiful inside and out? What if you cannot make a choice because you do not want to break their hearts?

If you go out with the same woman twice, thrice, or more times and have strong chemistry with her, pursue a serious relationship with her. Tell her how you feel about her and see how she feels about you. If you sense doubt or lack of interest from her sooner or later, then move on to another woman to date continuously. Repeat until you do find the woman you want to spend the rest of your life.

Do not generalize all foreign women or give up on international love if your relationship with a particular lady does not last.

You can buy a souvenir or memorable gift for each special lady.

If you really want to remember your dates, give them something that describes United States, England, Australia, India, or any other Westernized country you live. You can buy them t-shirts, jewelry, shoes, hats, or other products that they might tell you what they like or collect. Do this activity when you return home and plan your 2nd trip to Ukraine, Philippines, or any other country where you have met the women. Once they see you again and receive their gifts from you, they are never going to forget you and what you have done for them.

Although I am unsure of what American or Western products I should buy for Nadya and Viktoria, I know that they are just going to be glad to see me again.

You can make every lady feel worthy and inspired.

Most women in Ukraine, Colombia, Thailand, etc. think that they are just like other beautiful women are or worse when it comes to men (who are outnumbered) in general. Do not be surprised if your dates feel the same way too. In order to give each of them hope, do any of these 8 unique and unforgettable things:

Even if you do not marry every woman you date, you are still inspiring her to endlessly find her potential husband. She knows that she deserves more respect, love, commitment, etc. than what she is receiving where she lives thanks to you. I hope that I have changed the lives of women I have dated. I want to especially make a positive difference in Viktoria’s life as well after learning (from Elizabeth) that she has been upset about not getting a 2nd date with me. Whether I build a monogamous relationship with Viktoria, Nadya, or another Ukrainian woman, I still want Viktoria to be happy and feel valued regardless. Maybe this blog would make her become popular and help her find true love if I do not marry her.


You cannot commit or marry all the attractive ladies you see in Ukraine, Philippines, Colombia, or elsewhere.

You cannot date all of them either.

It is also impossible to see all of them unless you are willing to spend much money and travel around the whole city or country for many hours.

However, you can date and know some of them well as I have.

You can only pick 1 remarkable woman (who stands out from the rest) for a serious commitment or marriage.

Instead of focusing on many gorgeous but different ladies (like I do sometimes), just pay more attention to 1 lady you like the most or have the strongest connection. It may be wise if you ask her to change her looks. She can wear more feminine clothes and have a new hairstyle that attracts you to her more. Therefore, you would be thinking less about other women. You would definitely see her as a rare and must-have treasure. I really hope that I can do the same with Viktoria or even Nadya.

You might grow tired of a monogamous relationship with your special lady.

But, you would gain more stability, peace, love, and other positive qualities from her than you do with different women who come and go.

Most men who date, sleep, or connect with different women go back to square one.

But, you should stay with the same woman because she always wants to be your number one.

Create many good memories with her because you cannot do the same with different ladies.

Change your appearance for her as she does for you.

Remain equal with her no matter how different you are from her culturally, physically, emotionally, etc.

Grow old with her although both of you would remain young at heart.

Let the undying love keep you and her strong, united, happy, and crazy about each other.

To represent this month (June), I provide you 6 photos of stunning foreign ladies below:

an attractive Ukrainian woman worth dating repeatedly – Facebook
Expectant mother on the beach
another date-worthy Ukrainian woman – Women-Ukraine.net
Natty (Bangkok, Thailand) – DC #0661895
sexy Mercedez (AFA? #171207) – Peru-Women.com


beautiful woman from Ethiopia – Facebook
Angela (Vinnitsa, Ukraine) – AFA #175589


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