Blue and Yellow

When I have arrived to Ukraine for the 1st time (through Odessa International Airport), I have fallen in love with its bicolor flag. Red (which describes passion, happiness, love, or cheerfulness of the Eastern European country) may be my most favorite color. However, I am beginning to like blue and especially yellow more. Seeing a tall and blonde woman wearing a yellow dress and high heels during my trip last month is a very good reason.

In the following 3 sections, you (American or Westernized man) would read information about Ukrainian nature, women, and emotions or characteristics.

Here it is:


Nature: This cool color describes the sky of Ukraine. What is the reason? Well, because the sky is high, the blue flag color is above the yellow flag color. In addition, ‘blue’ describes mountains (even though they are green, white, or another color) and streams. If you ever visit the country, you may appreciate ‘blue’ as much as I do.

Women: If you want to date or marry a Ukrainian woman with blue eyes, expect her to be confident and optimistic. According to AllTverLadies blog, she has inner and outer strength. She is not afraid to deal with difficulties such as taking care of children (including yours if you are already a father), working extremely long hours (because she is probably doing it currently), and do spic-and-span cleaning of your house (that she wants to turn into a home). Because she is also not scared to meet a man like you, you should not be scared to get on an airplane and meet her in her country as well.

Emotions/Characteristics: Ukrainians (including women) in general see ‘blue’ as a sign of inner peace. Their possible reasons are being content, being positive, and getting along with each other. They think that ‘blue’ also symbolizes purification (perhaps by drinking or using water for their bodies) and healing of sickness. Does this thought explain why they care so much about their weight and prefer to eat vegetables and fruits frequently? If so, then I cannot blame them. I consider them very smart for eating healthy foods at restaurants and cooking unhealthy foods (e.g. cakes, cookies, and fried foods) at home.


Nature: This hot color (which is on the bottom of Ukrainian flag) represents the fields of wheat. Just imagine that you are walking there and holding hands with your potential Ukrainian lady or playing ‘hide and seek’ with her. Other natural items that represent ‘yellow’ or have yellowish colors are:

  • stars
  • moon
  • gold
  • honey

Women: If you fall in love with a woman with blonde hair and vice versa, do not expect her to appreciate flowers that have a similar color (‘yellow’). She may be sad because she thinks that you are cheating on her with another woman or that you want to break up with her. Yellow flowers are perhaps well known for representing death or funerals in Ukraine. So, in order to prove how sorry you are and save your relationship with her, please give her an odd number of flowers (maybe in different colors or colors that are appropriate for her). Another option is doing something special for her birthday, Christmas, or International Women’s Day. The result is that hopefully she would forgive you and forget your mistake.

Emotions/Characteristics: Based on the “Proud of Ukraine” website, ‘yellow’ has 2 opposite meanings. I have mentioned that it makes many Ukrainians think about death or funerals. However, ‘yellow’ depicts life to the people as well. When they are exposed to the sun (during daytime) or moon (during nighttime) or have access to yellow fruits/vegetables, they feel like survivors. They can thus remain comfortable, happy, and healthy.

Blue and Yellow

Nature: Both colors prove the world how much Ukrainian people love nature. They enjoy walking and viewing the sky, trees, grass, and other things that God has created. During my trip to Ukraine, I have seen many pedestrians (men, women, and children) enjoying and hanging out whether it is daytime or nighttime. Unlike them, I really have to be careful when or where I go in United States. The rate of sanity (of most Americans) is just as low as the rate of safety is.

Women: Ukrainian ladies who definitely have blonde hair and blue eyes truly represent their country. I probably have dated a few (even though I am unsure that their eye colors are blue) there. Of course, I like blondes due to their fun personalities that most people in United States or the Western world claim. If the women have blue eyes, I may consider them as rare treasure. But, what matters to me mostly is their hearts and characteristics. The colors of their hair and eyes cannot surpass who they really are on the inside. Most men (especially Americans and Westerners) including myself and maybe yourself are going to focus more on how we feel about the women than we do with their looks. If we build serious and long-lasting relationships with them, then we definitely would.

Emotions/Characteristics: Both flag colors do bring a spiritual perspective to Ukrainians. If the people see ‘blue’ everywhere they go, they may believe in the infinite power of God. If they also see ‘yellow’ frequently, they may increase their faith in Him. They are just as patriotic about their country as other people (especially Americans) are with their home countries.


I find the Ukrainian flag just as attractive as I do with Ukrainian ladies.

I now value ‘blue’ and ‘yellow’ more than I have ever done in the past.

The flag may be 100 years old.

But, the women would always remain beautiful and ageless at heart.

Time can affect their appearances. But, it cannot change their traditions, beliefs, and personalities. Whether they are in their early 20’s or late 60’s, they are going to remain the same. So, you, I, and other American/Western men should not worry about our potential Ukrainian wives becoming Americanized. Instead, we men should enjoy our lives with the women regardless of cultural problems, possible family drama, etc.

Even though life is a temporary gift from God, many people choose to destroy it by committing suicide, not taking good care of their health, breaking the law, or remaining in misery and loneliness.

Do not join them.

Do not resent or become jealous of other people who have something (e.g. money, good relationships, peace, emotional stability, etc.) you do not have.

Instead, go to the other path that leads you to true happiness and paradise.

Look at the blue sky for inspiration.

Find joy with a beautiful and marriage-minded Ukrainian woman.

Then, get lost in the fields of yellow wheat with her so that no obstacle can find and break up the two of you.

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