Happy International Women’s Day

Women around the world celebrate International Women’s Day (IWD), this special day, on March 8 annually. They are honoring and recognizing historical and diverse women (e.g. Susan B. Anthony and Rosa Parks) who persisted and made positive differences in (American or foreign) economy, politics, society, gender equality, etc. IWD is so important especially to women in Ukraine, China, and other foreign countries; some foreign women may not celebrate Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day at all. Other foreign women, however, may combine all three holidays into one on March 8. What are other reasons why IWD is so important? Here are the following:

  • Honor and respect for motherhood
    • We should thank God for our mothers, sisters, female cousins, grandmothers, and aunts who all care about our well-being.
    • We need to also do the same for female teachers, soldiers, doctors, maids, housekeepers, nurses, cooks, and other professionals too.
    • What would happen to us, who would we become, etc. if our mothers or female role models are absent from our lives?
  • Existence of international dating/marriage
    • Foreign women who have bad experiences with their personal lives, jobs, local men, etc. deserve American/Western men who would bring joy and change their lives forever.
    • Some American/Western men date or marry foreign women who share the same traits with mothers of American/Western men.
      • Would you be with a woman, foreign or American, who reminds you of your mother?
  • Rights of women
    • God has created all people of all races, genders, ages, etc. equally, perfectly, and in His own image (Genesis 1:26).
    • He also loves, treats, and judges everyone fairly.
    • Therefore, women deserve the same respect as men do.
      • Women should be able to speak their minds.
      • If women want to play professional sports, work on cars, or do other masculine duties, they should be able to do so.
  • Beauty of women
    • Globally, diverse women are attractive.
    • Men in general cannot ignore or resist the temptation when it comes to women.
    • Modeling, images, videos, calendars, sexy clothes, etc. exist as results.
  • End of violence against women
    • Women and girls should always be protected and provided with shelter, food, and other needs if they are:
    • You should help or at least call 911 if you witness a woman or girl in serious trouble.
  • Your support for women

IWD is just as important as Easter and Christmas are. Women are God’s creatures besides men, animals, etc. Women are not put on this earth to be with men, have sex, give birth to children, and take inferior roles. They exist for making amazing and extraordinary things such as saving animals, changing the lives of impoverished children, speaking for women’s rights, and so on. The world therefore congratulates and finally gives them respect. Maybe that explains why American women are now favored and superior in United States today. They can easily find or keep an American boyfriend/husband even if they dress femininely and make themselves attractive. Why can’t foreign women do the same too?

Anyways, happy IWD, everyone. Let’s give thanks to women worldwide and the Lord God for creating them.


Diverse women – LifeCellSkinFans


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