The Seriousness of International Marriage

11/03/2018 UPDATE: Thanks to an American man who has lost his Russian wife, I can confirm to you (American or Westernized man) how serious international marriage is. He has let his full-time job and maybe other women (who are probably beautiful co-workers) distract him from his wife. She has become bored and felt alone and unwanted by him. She has therefore divorced him and returned to her country. He is filled with regret and promises not to ignore his next foreign wife. Like him, I choose to pay more attention to Viktoria despite of my busy job, return to school next year, online business, and even this blog. What good is it that we are successful with our jobs, education, etc. but we have no beautiful women to enter, love, support, and improve our lives?


My recent trip to Ukraine has really impacted me.

I am serious about building a monogamous relationship with an Ukrainian woman. The reason is that I have developed feelings for Nadya and Viktoria. I truly wish that I can be with both of them despite that I cannot. If any other American/Western man or I cannot decide who I want in a year or less, both Nadya and Viktoria (or 2 other Ukrainian women) might reject me and move on with their lives. I really do not want this to happen.

Like money, time, employment, or human connection in America, marriage comes and goes. Some couples face negative results after getting divorces. Those who stay married are honestly unhappy. Therefore, many singles want to remain unwed. If you want to be happily married or remarried someday, why should you not consider going overseas and pursuing a foreign woman like I do? Whether you are still skeptical, curious, or uninterested in international marriage, I give you 6 following reasons why you should take it seriously:

Domestic marriage is a joke or reject in United States or the Western world.

I always read or hear that most Americans/Westerners love to attend weddings. However, they avoid having their own weddings or getting married at all. Because they are single, they are free to become romantically or sexually involved with different partners. If they have to deal with any drama or negativity from their partners (like foreign men do with foreign women), single Americans/Westerners can easily end the relationships and move on with other partners. Married couples however cannot do the same especially if they have kids together. The fear of losing money, custody of kids, and everything else keeps most single or divorced Americans/Westerners from ever getting married or remarried. If you have this fear, you are not alone. If foreign women are not as beautiful, approachable, sincere, and worthy of marriage as they are today, I would remain single for the rest of my life. Marriage in United States or the Western world comes at a big price.

If you do marry a woman from Ukraine, Colombia, or another third world country, you are definitely going to be taken seriously by your family, friends, and others at home. They are going to be amazed. They are going to see and treat you differently. But, do not be surprised if some of them including married ones become jealous of your international relationship. Seeing how happy you are with your foreign wife may drive them to intoxication (if they are lonely or unhappily married), desperation to enter quick, meaningless, and short-term relationships (or marriages), or do something else careless. Then, there are others who want to befriend and know you and your lady (as an international couple) well.

Many foreign women do not believe or want to get divorces.

Once they find good men who want to marry them, those women want to spend the rest of their lives with them. Most foreign men do not want to marry or stay married to the women due to:

  • low income jobs
  • low self-esteem
  • relationship drama
  • ability to hook up with different ladies

So, when most women are rejected, of course they are going to continue dating, searching, or doing whatever it takes to find their future husbands. Based on their cultures, beliefs, characteristics, and desires, they value marriage more than they do with everything else (except their families who come first).

A potential wife from another country can stop you from thinking about divorce. Instead of possibly being scared of getting married like many Americans/Westerners are, you may be scared of divorcing or even having an argument with her. I cannot or do not want to see myself in a quarrel with Nadya, Viktoria, or another Ukrainian woman I choose as my wife. She is my inspiration. She can bring out the best qualities in me when no one else can.

You see how unhappy or bored many married couples are in United States or the Western world.

Mark Davis of “Dream Connections” dating agency has mentioned something about this on a YouTube video. Even though most single Americans/Westerners are happy for married American/Western couples, the singles refuse to follow their footsteps. I feel the same way regarding celebrity couples such as Catherine Zeta-Jones with Michael Douglas and Will Smith with Jada Pinkett Smith. I am happy that each couple has been married for (almost) 2 decades. But, both couples do not inspire me as much as international couple(s) does. Whenever I watch “90 Day Fiance” TV show or a YouTube video featuring international couple(s), I imagine a better life with Nadya, Viktoria, or someone else from Ukraine. Whenever I watch a typical American/Western movie, TV show, or online video featuring American/Western couple(s), I want to stay single.

You would never be in an unhappy relationship with a foreign woman. She is willing to do something for you or do something together with you. In addition, you would never be bored with her as well. You would have plenty of information to learn about her culture, background, and so on. The same thing applies to her regarding yours too. This is why I am promoting international marriage. It brings more positive results to people around the world than domestic marriage does.

You may grow tired of the single life.

At first, you may enjoy being single because of these benefits:

  • choosing what to do and where to go without telling someone (e.g. potential wife)
  • hooking up with different women
  • having time for yourself

Sooner or later, you may desire a permanent relationship with a good woman. You would want to love, hug, kiss, hold, etc. her. If you value her more than you do with your possessions or even other women you have previously been involved, you may want to marry her.

Most women in Ukraine, Colombia, Dominican Republic, and other third world countries want to be married, loved, and respected. If you consider going abroad and meeting foreign ladies like I have, you would see marriage in a positive way like I do. If you are going to stay in United States or a Westernized country (e.g. England) for the rest of your life, you may want to marry an incredible foreign woman and bring her home eventually. In a country where music, TV, society, food, etc. change (or become worse) over time, she would never change who she is regardless.

You would see marriage in a positive and desirable way after meeting lovely women overseas.

I have mentioned about this above. Foreign women are serious about marrying American/Western men (or truly good and faithful foreign men if the women can find them locally). I am very aware of the fact after going to Odessa, Ukraine. The hard problem is choosing Nadya, Viktoria, or someone else. That is why I am trying to help many lonely women find true love through my blog. If I can encourage more American/Western men to meet and connect with the women abroad, I can make international dating/marriage easier for the next generation(s) in the future.

If your potential foreign wife leaves you and returns to her country, you would probably be crushed.

What if she becomes homesick?

This case is something I want to avoid. No wonder it is so important to find the right woman overseas. Do not focus mainly on her good looks. They may fade sooner or later. Plus, if she realizes that she does not like United States or any Westernized country (e.g. Australia or Canada) you live, she may disappear as well. You are then faced with 2 tough choices:

  • Stay home and be single again.
  • Follow her and move to her country.

If you wish to stay home and find another foreign woman who would love to move to your country and marry you within the 90 day K1 fiance visa period, please ask her any questions and concerns she has. Communication is so important when it comes to international dating. Honestly, talking to her (whether she can speak English well or a translator is present) saves you both much disappointment.


International marriage gives me a new perspective. I cannot wait to pursue my future Ukrainian wife although I need to find a better job, make extra money, and get my own place initially. Then, I can create a comfortable and content life for her once she arrives in United States.

Many Americans/Westerners do not like domestic marriage even though they are happy for domestic or famous couples.

But, would those single Americans/Westerners have a second opinion about marriage if they are willing to go overseas and find true love?

I think so because they can find much happiness, peace, acceptance, unity, and other good qualities inside the hearts of foreigners. Like myself, those singles would not want to return to dating in United States or the Western world. Local dating or online dating can take them to a dark place them cannot easily escape.

International marriage needs to grow. There are countless men and women (around the world) who do not want to be single (or divorced) for the rest of their lives. They want to find true love regardless of their negative situations. They need hope and motivation from family, friends, and others who matter them.

These singles should fight for what they want as I do.

They should overcome their barriers, plan their trips, and go find international love like I have.

They are not getting any younger like I am not.

They cannot always depend on their loved ones like I cannot.

These singles would have to face the real world like I do.

But, having an international partner or spouse can make a positive difference in their lives, my life, or your life.

International marriage has already changed many human lives thanks to “A Foreign Affair” and “Dream Connections” companies.

Why can it not do the same for us?

It takes us seriously.

So, we should take it seriously as well.

After all, it makes the world a better place.

A man and woman from 2 different countries truly represent marriage today.

Ukrainian wife and Chinese husband – Asia One

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