Escape from The Disappointing American Dating Scene (DADS)

There are really good dads around the world.

But, I have created an acronym that reminds you (American or Western man) of them but has a different meaning.

It is DADS which stands for:

  • Disappointing American Dating Scene

If you are fortunate in finding the right woman locally or online, I give you praise.

However, if you are unsuccessful, you are honestly joining many other American/Western daters who are:

If you really want to succeed in dating and have a beautiful and kindhearted woman in your arms:

  1. pick a foreign city (e.g. Odessa, Ukraine or Davao, Philippines) of your choice
  2. plan your trip
  3. get on an airplane
  4. go

Have no doubt in exploring a different culture (you do not know) and meeting so many lovely women with good hearts and intentions. Also, have no regret by ignoring the words of your concerned family, friends, and others at home. The only regrets you would have are listening to them, staying in your comfort zone, and living the rest of your life without the woman of your dreams.

Unlike DADS, the international dating scene (IDS, another acronym I have developed) changes your life in a positive way (like IDS has done for me). You learn more information about yourself and possibly the women you date. You want to do something that you have been previously scared or uninterested in doing. Overall, you can become a new person by gaining any of these positive traits:

  • open-minded
  • generous
  • creative (like I am with this blog)
  • patient
  • eager to go back overseas
  • adventurous
  • stylish
  • fearless
  • not cheap
  • not lazy
  • not worried about the opinions of other people
  • more spiritual (but less materialistic)


If you want to follow the “happy” crowd, return to the DADS.

But, if you want to find real happiness, sincerity, peace, simplicity, freedom, and other good qualities, visit the IDS.

Life is short. Do not make it worse by remaining single even though you want to be committed or married someday. Do not just be with any woman (especially a local one) because your loved ones like and befriend her. If you feel no chemistry with her, do not date her again or worse – marry her. Being in an unwanted relationship is not much different from committing suicide.

Save your life or make it better.

Listen to your heart if it keeps telling you to find true love overseas.

Meet incredible foreign ladies individually or at a romance tour social.

Build long-lasting friendships with good people around the world.

Begin a new chapter in your life.

Start an international romance with a good woman.

Together, both of you can:

  • tell the good news (regarding the IDS) to the world
  • stop more people from joining or rejoining the DADS
delusional American man with his imaginary date – YouTube


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