My 7th Video Chat with Viktoria and Elizabeth

It is a snowy evening on Sunday, December 9. I am surprised because I have thought that I would go to Ollie’s outlet store today. But, that is not happening because of the thick snow and hard ice on the roads and driveways. I may be disappointed that I am stuck at home. But, writing “MGTOW Community verus the World” blog post and making slow cooked BBQ and Asian marinated chicken with broccoli and grain rice keeps me distracted from the unpleasant weather. I am also happy to have another video chat with Viktoria and Elizabeth as well.

Beginning of chat

Around 3:30 PM, I receive a video call from Elizabeth. I answer and see Viktoria with a somewhat unattractive sweater. I may not be fully happy to see her appearance. However, I am glad to see her digital presence again. The sweater may be what she has decided to buy thanks to the extra $20 I have sent to Elizabeth via Western Union online. I would have sent more money if I can avoid paying extra money for the transfer fee. I really want to help Viktoria buy winter boots for Christmas. But, maybe she has already bought them anyway or plans to do so in the future.

Both Slavic women tell me that it is also snowing where they are. I am not really surprised because their country (Ukraine) is located in the Northern hemisphere plus its Eastern counterpart (probably due to Ukraine’s connection with other Eastern European nations). But, I suddenly feel the opposite when they tell me about their celebration of Christmas on January 7. Can you (American or Westernized man) imagine celebrating the most popular holiday on 13 days after December 25 or even 6 days after New Year’s Day? If so, then you probably know that weirder things happen in this world.

Elizabeth, Viktoria, and I move forward to a social topic. They ask me if I hang out with friends. Initially, I am skeptical to give them an answer. I however tell them that I do not and that I am either tired or busy with my crappy job, online business, and of course this special blog. The reason why I stay mostly to myself or with my immediate family is because of the catastrophic American culture. You should already know how arrogant, materialistic, foolish, irrational, unpredictable, or despicable many people in United States (plus Westernized countries) can be. Why do you think that we cannot:

  • go to every public place we see?
  • befriend everyone we communicate?
  • even help or give advice to some people who are dealing with frustration or facing hard times?
  • let a woman or child go somewhere (especially at night) alone?
  • give someone a ride or hitchhike without a doubt?

I know that there are nice and innocent people in our country. But, the number of them is actually small. In fact, I have met more down-to-earth people overseas. You may feel the same and notice the differences between foreigners and Americans/Westerners if you go abroad too. If you do not believe me, then watch a YouTube video of male clients who have gone on Dream Connections quest tours.

7th Skype Chat 1
happy Viktoria (top) and me (bottom)

Middle of chat

Of course, I have to ask Viktoria about her job because of her nice hair. She replies that she puts makeup on her female customers, does their hair, and designs their fingernails. Her answer impresses me all of a sudden. I need to be with a woman (like her) who keeps herself clean, feminine, and stylish. I do not expect her to be perfect or even have all the characteristics I desire in a suitable girlfriend or wife. But, as long as she constantly cares about who she is, how she looks, and how she behaves, we would get along with each other always.

The main reason that Viktoria enjoys her job is helping like-minded customers attract good men. Evidently, there is a shortage of men (whether they are moral or immoral) in Odessa and the rest of Ukraine. Most of them lose interest or have none at all due to countless beautiful ladies. Being alone forever is not an option for females. Therefore, they have to turn to men from other nations for true love. Ukrainian women (plus their European, Asian, etc. counterparts) want to feel loved, respected, appreciated, and significant despite that the world often ignores them.

Both Viktoria and Elizabeth are curious about how I have learned so much about them as well as other women culturally. I tell them that Dream Connections agency (which is mainly located in Nikolaev) is the main source for my ultimate knowledge. After all, Mark Davis (owner and coach for American/Western men), his wife (Anna) of 11 years, and their international team have over 600 meaningful videos on their YouTube channel. Winston Wu of “Happier Abroad” website is another role model I respect too. I have taken many notes and written many topic ideas thanks to the many Dream Connections videos I have watched. The temporary ban of my “Happier Abroad” account (due to going over the limit of posts) has indeed inspired me to create this blog. If Mark, Anna, and Winston have not done everything they have done, you would not be reading this blog post right now.

Ending of chat

The Skype communication lasts almost 34 minutes. I wish that I have more time to talk to Viktoria and Elizabeth. But, it is late where they are. Their time is 7 hours forward from mines. Thus, they have to go to bed and wake up early for their jobs. I say goodbye, tell them that we would talk again next month obviously, and remind them that I plan to return to Ukraine in June or July of next year hopefully. I am saving money for my 2nd trip there like my life depends on it. I need to again get away from the everyday drama, BS, work, loneliness, and worries that I face here in Henderson, North Carolina. Just like remaining single is not an option for millions of foreign ladies, staying in the Comfort Zone is not an option for me either.


As far as I am concerned, I have already received my Christmas gift – communicating with Viktoria and Elizabeth for the 7th time.

Additionally, I am pleased that I have given Viktoria money so that she can buy something for herself. I wish that I have sent her more money. But, it is not my fate because I work at a low-paying job and need to save much money so that I can return to Ukraine and reunite with her peacefully. Plus, she is already satisfied with my gift and growing interest in her.

I now believe that I cannot move on without her.

I feel emotionally attached to her whether I marry her, marry another woman, or remain single.

Viktoria has a place in my heart forever.

She still cares about me more than Nadya, Mariana, and other foreign women (who stop contacting me or responding to my text messages) do.

If I can find another beautiful woman who shows much interest in me, enjoys talking to me on Skype monthly, puts herself in my situations, and has the patience to wait for our reunion, I may pursue her too.

Otherwise, I am just going to focus chiefly on Viktoria.

She is worth building a monogamous relationship and maybe spending the rest of my life.

7th Skype chat 2
another Skype photo of us

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