My Review – “The Princess Switch” Movie

To celebrate Vanessa Hudgen’s 30th birthday (which is December 14), I decide to write a review about her new movie on Netflix. In the movie “The Princess Switch“, she plays possibly identical twin sisters Stacy DeNovo and Lady Margaret Delacourt. Although they have different personalities, they temporarily swap lives with each other in hopes of finding peace, independence, and joy. They go back and forth to Chicago, Illinois and Belgravia, London, England. But, in real life, their portrayer Vanessa has been filming the movie mainly in Carei, Romania.

“The Princess Switch” movie poster – What’s on Netflix

The movie exemplifies romance, comedy, and drama. It is suitable for parents and children to watch together especially around Christmas. It is also proper to discuss in my blog because of 2 international relationships (Stacy (American) with Prince Edward (British), Margaret (British) with Kevin (American)) that have increased at the end of the movie. I am interested in the 4 characters so much that I can watch the entire movie repeatedly.

Anyway, here are my thoughts of the Netflix movie:


  • duchess Margaret
    • I find her attractive because of her:
      • maturity
      • honesty (despite that she has pretended to be Stacy for 2 days)
      • British accent
        • It has become a turn-on for me when she says that she wants to have hot chocolate and watch a movie with Kevin.
    • I am glad that she has asked Stacy about trading places with her.
      • Otherwise, each of them would not have found true love as a result.
      • Margaret has chosen to follow her heart regardless of the consequences.
      • Therefore, she has won the man of her dreams – Kevin.
        • At first, he has strong feelings for her identical twin Stacy because of their close friendship of 12 years.
        • But, once he learns the truth about the swapping between Stacy and Margaret and feelings that Margaret have for him, he reciprocates his feelings for Margaret as well.
        • Eventually, he proposes to Margaret for marriage at Stacy and Prince Edward’s Christmas wedding.
  • Olivia
    • She is the 9 year old daughter of Kevin.
    • As smart as she is, she learns that Margaret is not Stacy after doing the secret handshake with unaware Margaret.
    • Regardless of the switch, Olivia accepts and even encourages Margaret to be with her father Kevin.
      • Olivia knows that Margaret is just as genuine as Stacy is despite of their distinct personalities.
  • unknown wise man
    • Similar to Margaret and Stacy, he also changes his identity.
    • But, he still has the same good spirit.
    • He gives his advice about Christmas, life, and true love to them plus Prince Edward’s mother.
    • I wish that more people in this corrupted world are like the wise man.

3 Dislikes

  • Stacy
    • She is bubbly and sociable.
    • But, I sense a little annoyance and immaturity from her.
      • It gives me another good reason why she and Margaret have swapped places.
      • It has taken 2 days for Stacy to really grow up and take life (more) seriously by pretending to be Margaret and doing something very uncomfortable.
    • Stacy has let her unchanged heart help underprivileged children and win Prince Edward as her future husband.
  • baking competition in Belgravia
    • I also find it annoying as I do with Stacy.
    • Her former classmate and rival Brianna purposely cuts the cord of the electric mixer so that Stacy and Kevin cannot use it.
      • However, they find another way to combine the ingredients of their cake recipe.
    • As a result, they win 1st prize.
    • They also get more surprises on national/international TV:
      • Prince Edward tells Stacy that he is in love with her.
      • Margaret does the same for Kevin.
    • It makes me realize that a mistake or scheme (by Brianna) can produce amazing or unexpected results.
  • butler Frank
    • He is sneaky and relentless.
    • But, Prince Edward’s father has asked him to keep an eye on “Margaret” (who is really Stacy) anyways.
    • In addition, Frank is just as smart as Olivia is.
      • They both follow their instincts instead of believing what others say to them.
      • I agree with Frank and Olivia.
        • Otherwise, this blog probably would not exist.
    • Frank’s evidence (which is a few printed images of Margaret and Stacy in the same room) leads everyone to happiness at the movie ending.


I highly recommend the movie to anyone who wants to find true love.

True love can happen to anyone, anywhere, and anytime.

You (American or Western man) must be willing to open your heart to any woman who enters your life. You must be willing to go wherever she is. Time would let you know when it is right to pursue, kiss, etc. her.

Margaret, Kevin, Stacy, and Prince Edward have found true love throughout their journeys. They neither have expected it nor have chosen it. Initially, they (except Kevin who has deep feelings for Stacy) have assumed that they would have to be with someone they do not love, they just want to be friends, or they live in the same city. Fortunately, things have become much better for all of them.

This is why I have written this movie review.

International love is becoming popular.

It is spreading worldwide.

It is leading many lonely and unhappy people to better lives with better partners or spouses.

I give thanks to now 30 year old Vanessa Hudgens for starring in the unforgettable movie and supporting international couples around the world.

vanessa h nick sagal
Margaret (Vanessa Hudgens) and Kevin (Nick Sagar) – MovieBabble
Stacy and Edward
Stacy (Vanessa Hudgens) and Prince Edward (Sam Palladio) – same source

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