Why Do Many Americans Prefer to Date Locally?

Slowly or quickly, international dating is on the rise. Seeing the popularity of “90 Day Fiance” television series and the big number of couples whom Mark and Anna Davis of Dream Connections agency have created prove my point. I am so glad to know that more American/Western men (plus some women) are overcoming their issues at home, getting on airplanes, and finding happiness plus true love overseas. Like me, they realize how short and precious their lives are.

Despite of the success of Men of Action and international couples, many people in United States and possibly the Western world seem to remain in the dark. Most Americans/Westerners always discuss or go on dates with locals. The same thing applies to meeting and connecting with those from online dating websites too. If you (American or Western man) want to know why they (including your family members, friends, etc.) only stick to dating in their country, here are your 5 straightforward answers:

They want to stay in their comfort zones.

There is that saying “Home is where the heart is“. Unfortunately, that is the place most people want to stay physically and mentally. They do not want to leave where they know very well and enter a foreign country that is the total opposite. They do not even want to imagine that they are overseas. Instead, they can come up with illogical or unrealistic ideas at home. They can play violent video games, listen to crappy music, dance with no rhythm, watch meaningless television shows, and so on repeatedly. If they are blessed in finding their future partners or spouses locally, then of course they would be elated. If they end up remaining single and alone, then they would accept it as their fate. Do not waste your time in encouraging them to find true love in another country. You may just get negative reactions, lies (about foreign cultures, foreigners, etc.) without proof, and discouragement from them.

American couple dating at home – The Cut

They feel so safe with those they know or live in the same city, state, or country.

It is normal to connect with those who share the same race, culture, interests, etc. They can be themselves 100%. They can gain confidence, improve their social skills, and build successful businesses. But, what if they face those who are hostile, arrogant, or disagreeable? What if they unintentionally become involved with their cousins or worse – their (half) siblings? Incest is probably more frequent than we hear or read from the news. According to “Dating Beyond Borders” YouTube channel, Iceland is known for causing intimate relationships between those with the same blood or last names. United States is not obviously different from the Scandinavian country either. Hearing gossip or even seeing how close everyone is platonically, romantically, and/or even sexually may drive you to a foreign country without a doubt. Being with a foreign woman is way better than becoming involved with a local American woman who might be your cousin, sister, half-sister, or a lover of your friend or relative is.

couple who almost looks like brother and sister – IMDb

They do not believe or desire international dating.

Not every person is intended to go abroad and date foreigners. The sad part is that the number of those who reject international dating is actually higher than the number of those who accept it. Most Americans do not see its benefits or positive results. They do not care even if some people are in content and healthy relationships with foreigners. Like the Bible, the truth about international dating is ignored by many people who refuse to change their beliefs and actions. Even though they have a right to live their lives and be with whoever they choose, they are wrong for discouraging or telling you plus others to not go overseas and pursue international love.

man rejecting the wonderful truth – It’s High Time!

They want to keep others happy.

Some people care so much about their families and friends that they would sacrifice their freedom (by going to prison), happiness (by doing unwanted or uncomfortable things), or even lives (by dying or being killed) for them. Just because those people and additional ones have unconditional love for their relatives and friends, it does not mean that their loved ones are always right. Most families and friends need to stop thinking about themselves, having know-it-all attitudes, and saying what is best for those who are single or divorced. If you and some people are interested in remaining single or marrying someone from another nation, then families and friends should respect the decision. The main reason is that those loved ones choose their lifestyles and partners/spouses even if others disagree. Human beings need to be more fair and polite to each other despite of their differences.

man feeling afraid or pressured to date local women – The Modern Man

Overall, they have little knowledge when it comes to international dating.

Knowledge is power. In fact, there is a PlayStation 4 video game that has the same 3 words as the title. Many Americans truly do not represent the game or sentence. They (plus experts) assume that they know everything about dating and other relevant topics. But, how can they give professional advice to others if they have never left United States whatsoever? The words they speak or write are (almost) meaningless to me and other Men of Action. I can give you and other people facts or suggestions regarding foreign cultures, people, places, etc. thanks to my personal experiences in Colombia, Dominican Republic, and Ukraine. I also learn and collect information from Dream Connections business, A Foreign Affair business, other international dating companies, and other credible sources as well. This is why my amazing blog exists (for almost 2 years) and has now over 200 blog posts. The extra information you read is going to lead you to more wisdom, courage, and motivation to find happiness wherever it is.

clueless person – Thought Catalog


Regardless of the increase of Americans (or Westerners) who are dating or marrying foreigners, local dating or online dating continues to be the main topic in United States.

It does not matter even if some people have become victims of abuse, theft, murder, etc. after dating and connecting with locals. Other people are going to keep discussing, writing, and going on unpredictable dates anyway. It is sad how American society and culture has transpired today.

Many Americans who date those where they live usually end up in these 2 emotional places:

  • loneliness
  • temporary relationships with those who are not in love or interested in marrying them

Some people are fortunate to find true love locally. Many others are not. That is why they take pleasure in remaining single and independent, committing fornication, and becoming single parents.

They really think that they can be as happy as couples are or happier thereof.

But, they know that they are wrong because God has made someone for each of them.

I cannot live the rest of my life without seeking the woman of my dreams.

What about you?

Life is a gift.

Like Adam and Eve, we are meant to share ours with the right women.

Beautiful women in Ukraine, Philippines, Colombia, etc. are still waiting for us and many other good men to visit, date, and connect with them.

We men need to stop disappointing them, disappointing ourselves, and pleasing our relatives, friends, and others who can care less about our happiness.

Let the crowd of locals do whatever it wants and face whatever happens.

In the meantime, follow your heart, go your own way, become a Man of Action, and pursue happiness before it is too late.

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