My Perspective on “Introvert Spring” Blog

Being an introvert in an extroverted world can be so difficult. I still have trouble in opening up to people I do not know. Michaela Chung of “Introvert Spring” blog probably has the same problem too. But, we continue writing blog posts and communicating with others about our personal experiences regardless. The result is that our readers can make wise decisions and improve their lives.

I can relate to her blog 100%. After all, I am a shy and quiet man who needs guidance from anyone who can understand my pain. I also am her subscriber as well. Even though I sometimes find her email messages or blog posts annoying, I can learn so much about what to say to others, how to behave socially, and so on. You (American or Western man) can learn how I feel about her blog overall below:


her popularity on Huffpost, Lifehack, Chicago Tribune, Facebook, etc.

I am amazed that her 107,000+ Facebook followers and many others love her blog. I wonder how she has actually attracted them. Whether the main reason is her personality or her style of writing, I am still a little jealous of her. I wish that I can get more traffic to this blog. But, I am satisfied with the current results I already have. I would rather have 10 readers who take my words seriously, go overseas, and pursue international love instead of 100 readers who think that my blog is a joke or game, stay home, and continue with their mediocre lives.

her specific blog posts for introverts

Whether she has more blog posts than I do or not, she has drawing more readers to her blog posts anyway. She (plus few of her colleagues) discusses problems, suggestions, etc. that shy, quiet, and socially awkward readers should do. The reason why she connects with them is that she faces similar experiences that they do. I try to do the same with you and other readers as well. Nevertheless, after almost 2 years, I still have difficulty in attracting more people to my blog because they probably have no previous experiences or interest in traveling overseas, exploring different cultures, connecting with foreigners, etc. You and the remaining readers, on the other hand, do care what I have to say. If I have really motivated some of you to overcome your fears and visit other nations for everlasting happiness and perhaps true love, I would be forever pleased.

her definition of ‘introverts’

I totally agree with one of her sentences. “Introverts tend to write better than we speak” explains why I am so successful with my blog posts. I may continue to be uncomfortable around coworkers, supervisors, strangers, and distant family members socially. But, I do not let my timidity stop me from talking to you and other readers about my passions. I need to express how I feel and say what I know about international dating, foreign women, and other relevant topics. Then, you and others can use the information for your benefits plus those of your loved ones.

her autobiography

What she says about her own life is just as informative as mines. We want our visitors and regular readers to know who we are personally and maybe professionally. Like her, I want other people to understand my blog, help themselves and others, and do something unique and extraordinary. Life is short. Society, media, cultures, etc. are becoming worse. More people are becoming destructive to others as well as themselves. This is the time we need to improve or make a positive difference in the world. Our words and actions may actually save many human lives.

3 Dislikes

her somewhat helpful advice about communicating or connecting with others

In my opinion, I do not see many positive consequences from human connection. Unlike her, I do not want to force myself to bond with people I do not know or have anything in common. I can say a few words to them and then focus on what I need to do. If they still think that I am antisocial or uncaring, then I let them continue to do so. I stay true to who I am for the purpose(s) of God. I am not supposed to be like other people who honestly talk more and work less anyway. Otherwise, my blog probably would not exist at all and you definitely would not be reading this now.

my difficulty of looking for particular blog post(s) on her website

I know that I can keep clicking “Older Entries” text links or typing words in a search box. But, what if I am really interested in finding blog post(s) that concerns my issue(s) in a couple of minutes? Fortunately, my blog provides all of my blog posts on 1 long webpage whether you type the web address or click on the website name. You can easily and quickly scroll to the bottom of the webpage. Another option of finding what you want is choosing a linked archive (e.g. August 2017). You would see the total of blog posts I have written and published within that month. It is too bad that she does not have monthly archives on her blog. Simplicity is very important to most people (especially customers and readers) because they want to get something right away.

her decision to not discuss international dating, travel, etc.

Why does she not talk about her overseas travel and experiences often?

In addition, why does she choose to avoid uploading and sharing photos or videos of her foreign trips?

Whether she is scared or uninterested in foreign cultures, people, etc., I am obviously the opposite of her. I think that you and other readers (including those who are very shy, quiet, and socially awkward) should know more than enough information about the world we are living. This problem explains why many Americans are scared to leave United States. It also gives them the wrong opinion about foreign cultures, places, and of course women. I have to defend the innocent ladies in a particular blog post so that they would not be called ‘mail order brides’ anymore. Despite that I cannot stop the American media, society, and others from spreading lies about Colombia, Ukraine, Philippines, and other non-Westernized nations, at least my blog can help you and other readers in believing the truth and seeing the positive side of the countries and their citizens.


Introvert Spring” blog is good for introverts or extroverts who want to know how to connect with introverts locally.

But, it is not good enough for me due to its lack of information about international dating, marriage, cultures, etc.

Shyness or social awkwardness truly does not get you far in life in United States or the Western world. You may still be ignored, mistreated, name-called, rejected, and/or discouraged by others. If you want to prove them wrong and really gain confidence, you need to go overseas (or perhaps somewhere like Las Vegas or Miami) without a doubt.

Foreign places would take you to a place you have been dreaming since childhood.

Foreigners especially the women should help you see humanity in a better or different way.

Foreign foods may inspire you to cook amazing recipes (when you return home) and appreciate natural ingredients (e.g. fruits and vegetables).

Foreign culture(s) would make you want to learn everything and know everyone who is part of it.

Going to 3 countries has given me a better chance to open up to strangers than reading an introversion blog or seeing a local therapist ever has.

I have no regrets.

I do not want to listen to know-it-all experts who have never traveled abroad or think that United States is the only nation that exists.

Instead, I want to follow my heart and go overseas where no one cares that I am shy and quiet.

I can be myself 100%.

You can do the same as well.

Being an introvert in a foreign country like Ukraine, Thailand, or even Brazil is really going to help you come out of your shell, connect with others easily, and bring your imagination to reality.

home webpage - introvert spring website
“Home” webpage – Introvert Spring
Michaela Chung (creator of “Introvert Spring” blog) – Introvert Social Skills

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