19 Reasons Why You Should Meet Foreign Ladies

I am glad to celebrate 2019 and write another New Year’s blog post besides my previous one last year. Of course, I have to talk about beautiful women in Philippines, Sweden, Colombia, and other non-Westernized countries for the umpteenth time. They are still worthy of falling in love with them as well as telling others about them physically or online.

Whether you (American or Western man) are interested in finding your future wife or befriending attractive females who can build your self-esteem and improve your life, you can read the following bullet list that explains why you should turn to them overseas:

  • They are attractive.
    • Photos or even videos of them do not give them justice.
      • Seeing them in the flesh is way better than constantly viewing their online photos/videos at home is.
      • You may become (more) attracted to women whose photos/videos you do not like.
    • Why do you think that more men are traveling to Ukraine, Costa Rica, Brazil, Thailand, etc. nowadays?
    • Honestly, attractive ladies in United States and the Western world are either:
      • hard to find
      • or hard to have a normal conversation, ask on a date, and connect
    • Some men may be punished, fired, abused, or even killed for looking at pretty women.
      • In fact, a supervisor on my last job has been in trouble and probably written up for staring at pretty employee(s).
      • I admit that I have done the same thing he has done.
        • But, I make sure that I quickly turn my eyes toward something or somewhere else so that the woman or women would not be suspicious.
    • Based on my experiences in Colombia, Dominican Republic, and Ukraine, I can tell you that looking at attractive women is certainly not going to lead you to negative consequences.
      • Those 3 countries favor and focus on the wishes, needs, and feelings of men mainly.
      • You can find a foreign woman you desire and pursue a monogamous relationship with her if she feels the same way.
  • They are serious about commitment or marriage.
    • Because nearly all foreign men do not want to be monogamous, many foreign women put their focus on American/Western men.
      • The ladies hope to be loved, valued, respected, protected, etc. by their American/Western dates, boyfriends, or husbands.
      • Women do not wish to feel so alone, empty, and unhappy for the rest of their lives.
    • If you have been reading my blog recently, you would know how marriage-minded an Ukrainian lady (whom I chat on Skype every month) is.
      • Even though I have to heal her heart and prove to her (plus Elizabeth) that I am different from other men, I have developed some feelings for Viktoria because of the 7 Skype video chats we have.
      • Whether I marry her or not, I would make sure that she is happy anyway.
    • If you ever become tired of being single or having meaningless relationships with local women, you can always choose a country you want to go and pursue the woman of your dreams.
  • They have plenty of good characteristics.
    • Due to their machismo cultures, they have to be on their best behaviors and even compete with each other in order to attract the ideal men.
      • Women may have to wear clothes that are more feminine or provocative as well.
      • Therefore, their boyfriends or husbands would have no reasons to dump or cheat on them with other females.
    • I have felt like a king after talking and dating gorgeous ladies abroad.
    • You do not have to gain so much money and many materialistic things, perfect your looks, or do anything else extreme or impulsive in order to impress foreign ladies.
      • They are just concerned about the inner things (e.g. your heart, personality, feelings, so on) you have.
      • Make them believe that they can find international love 100%.
  • They respect men regardless.
    • Foreign women do not care so much about the races, skin tones, ages, nationalities, etc. of men as American/Western women do.
      • That is why most international couples are so successful and strong.
      • In my opinion, they bring a more positive influence on the world than most couples (including celebrity couples) from the same countries do.
      • Thanks to “90 Day Fiance” television series, international dating agencies/websites, and of course international couples, singles realize that they do not have to be alone, jealous, or become obsessed with others who are happy and united with their partners or spouses.
        • Singles can always go abroad and find their soulmates or significant others.
    • As a black American man, I feel relieved and inspired to create this amazing blog (that now has over 200 blog posts) thanks to the care and support from foreign women.
      • I encourage other men of color (including you if you are one of them) to really go to foreign countries and find who or what they have been looking for all their lives.
        • You are not going to find much joy, peace, unity, and love in United States, Canada, England, and other Westernized nations.
        • After all, the American and Western cultures are more focused on ego, pride, money, materialism, sex, drama, and other worldly things.
  • They accept you whether you are shy or sociable.
    • As long as you and other American/Western men have good hearts and intentions, foreign women are going to enjoy their dates and relationships (possibly leading to marriages).
    • I still have difficulty in talking or being myself around others in United States.
      • But, my problem reduces whenever I go to a foreign country.
      • I almost feel like a foreign man during a date or encounter with a beautiful lady.
      • The difference is that I want to find true love and share my life with her.
    • Other bloggers and experts are going to tell you that you need to communicate with others at home, visit local places, and participate in local activities/events in order to overcome shyness or social anxiety.
      • However, I suggest that you should go abroad like I have.
      • You would feel more alive, free, inspired, and extroverted because of the:
        • culture shock(s) you experience
        • cool places you visit
        • exotic food you eat
        • beautiful women who are interested in knowing you well
  • They care about their families.
    • That probably explains why they wish to marry and have children with American/Western men.
    • If the women do not love or have any closeness with their relatives and friends, the women may want to remain single and independent.
    • I have heard that someone says that the women would reject or cancel their dates for their families/friends.
      • It is understandable because you or I would do the same for mines too.
    • If you are seeking a woman who would truly care about you and your family/friends, just find her in a country like Philippines, Ukraine, or Ethiopia.
  • They enjoy cooking.
    • The main reason is their ability to manage their health and weight.
    • Even though some of them cannot cook well, you can teach and make any of them see how fun it is.
    • Whether I have dated women who can cook well or not, I know that several enjoy walking, sports, dancing, and of course socializing.
    • Regardless of what (e.g. anime or racing) you are interested or obsessed, you can find a foreign woman who feels the same or chooses to do so for your sake.
  • They want to work.
    • Because they work ridiculously long hours at their jobs, raise their children, and do household duties regularly, the ladies wish to continue being active.
    • They do not want to stay at home and do nothing if they move to the countries of their potential husbands.
    • If I marry Viktoria or another foreign woman, I need to have some work for you.
      • I would let her decide what to buy and put in our home together.
      • I may ask her about helping me with my online business.
      • Also, I might create one for her or hire professional(s) to do so.
    • To prevent her from becoming bored and moving back to her country permanently, you must have something she can do everyday.
  • They can bring something incredible in your life.
    • They can give you so much encouragement, unconditional love, faithfulness, respect, etc. that you may lose interest in American/Western women.
    • I no longer feel scared or alone thanks to Viktoria, Elizabeth, Erika (my Colombian-American friend), Desideria, Stefanny, and others.
      • Whether I am actually alone or around coworkers, locals, etc. who ignore me, I can take my mind elsewhere.
    • You would never really know how special foreign women are unless you go abroad.
      • Even foreign women who live in United States or your Westernized country (e.g. Australia or Ireland) cannot give you the same feeling.
  • They remain positive.
    • Honestly, their lives are no different from mines, maybe yours, and those of other American men.
      • Foreign ladies face negativity from their bosses, coworkers, friends, relatives, and rest of society like we do.
      • That is why we do what we do and try to make our lives better.
    • Even if I am sad or bothered with problem(s), I do not let it ruin my date with a foreign lady.
      • The same thing applies with my Skype video chats with Viktoria and Elizabeth as well.
    • Whether your life is good or mediocre, you can pursue a foreign woman who would always uplift and take you where you want to go emotionally.
  • They need hope when it comes to their solitary lives.
    • They may feel lost as I do.
      • They may think that their lives would never improve.
      • But, they would start believing in miracles if caring and marriage-minded men enter their lives.
    • I still feel sympathetic for Viktoria, Karina, and Mariana.
      • That is why I have written a blog post for each (except for Viktoria (whom I have discussed and shown Skype photos in the “My Video Chat with Viktoria and Elizabeth” series)).
      • I want to help each Ukrainian lady find true love with a good man.
      • The same thing applies to Viktoria if I do not build a serious relationship with her.
    • Just dating, communicating, and befriending foreign women are enough for their encouragement.
      • If you do not wish to get married, then stay single.
      • Being honest with yourself and others is way better than lying and being involved with someone you do not love are.
  • They do not want to be with dishonest and selfish foreign men locally.
    • That is why many foreign ladies choose to stay single or join 1 or more international dating companies.
    • If I can be with 2 or more foreign ladies, I would do so without a doubt.
      • But, to be realistic, I can only choose 1 of them for commitment or marriage.
      • I am doing my best in helping the others find their ideal boyfriends/husbands by giving my male readers excessive information about foreign cultures, women, etc.
    • Fortunately, more American/Western men are becoming Men of Action and helping lonely foreign women become emotionally strong.
  • They know how to act in public.
    • Unlike many women in United States and the Western world, countless foreign women are not going to embarrass themselves and their loved ones at local stores, restaurants, malls, movie theaters, and other places.
      • Foreign females care about their reputations as much as they do with their families, friends, and future husbands.
      • In fact, the women are raised and taught to be who they are due to their male-dominated cultures.
    • In all 3 countries I have traveled, I have felt so comfortable with the women I have dated, communicated, or walked on the streets or in public places.
      • I can relax with them more than I do at home (whether I am alone or with immediate family members).
      • I want to feel that way again when I return to Ukraine in a couple of months.
    • Even if you do not have the best behavior and they do not as well, foreign women are going to inspire and make you feel like a better man always.
      • Above all, they care about the opposite sex because of their paternalistic cultures and many female counterparts who are competing for male attention and companionship.
  • They care about what they wear.
    • They want to:
      • feel good about themselves
      • look good to others
      • attract the right men
    • Based on my experiences overseas, I admit that there a few foreign ladies who disregard their appearances.
      • The reasons are:
        • busy jobs
        • lack or no interest from men
        • low self-esteem
    • If you see a few women with sexy dresses or shirts and tight jeans like I have, you can approach and start a conversation with them.
      • If you dress as nice as they do, they may initially ask you for a date.
  • They give you a chance to speak.
    • Even those who love to talk are willing to respect and listen to what others have to say.
    • I love having a honest conversation with every woman I date abroad.
      • Too bad I cannot do the same with my supervisors, coworkers, and sometimes my own family at home.
      • I frequently worry about:
        • offending others
        • feeling uncomfortable
        • receiving strange looks
        • possibly being written up or fired from my job
        • possibly being kicked out and homeless
      • Lacking confidence and having no one to really speak your mind probably explain why more Americans are committing suicide.
    • Whether you are shy, quiet, socially awkward, or talkative, you can still be yourself around a foreign woman anyway.
  • They are so respectful to everyone.
    • Even if they are mistreated or ignored constantly, they still remain friendly, open, and helpful.
      • They do not let negative people and experiences change their traits.
    • I can probably say or ask about anything from anyone overseas.
      • But, I do not dare to repeat at home.
      • Although most people where I live are nice, I do consider some a little wild, irrational, or unstable.
      • No wonder it is so important to avoid eye contact with others.
    • You would feel like a king, celebrity, or actual human being if you go to Ukraine, Thailand, or anywhere similar.
  • They can help you gain more confidence.
    • Why do you think that nearly all foreign men plus American/Western expats are very bold around beautiful women?
    • Despite that I am still shy around people in general, I am not so afraid to talk or look at a woman I am interested.
      • At home, I know how difficult it is to win the heart of a gorgeous woman.
      • But, I can succeed well on that task overseas.
    • If you want to become more comfortable around strangers, you probably should go abroad like I have.
      • As a result, you would have a different perspective of life, people, etc. once you return home.
  • They are interested in knowing you personally.
    • To this day, they are always curious about American/Western men.
      • Even the women who are in international marriages still want to learn about their husbands 100%.
    • I do not mind talking about myself on every date.
      • However, I put more focus on who she is.
      • That is how I can find my future wife.
    • Please keep the conversation about yourself at a minimum.
      • Consequently, your dates would not deem you arrogant or uncaring.
      • You would be as fair to their feelings as they are to yours.
      • They may be so elated that they would tell their friends and relatives about you.
      • Furthermore, you may win second or subsequent dates with the same ladies.
  • Other men from your country have already gone overseas and met them.
    • Indeed, more American/Western men are overcoming fear, loneliness, and other obstacles so that they can pursue international love successfully.
      • They are rewarding themselves with beautiful and overjoyed foreign women as their girlfriends or wives.
      • The men deserve to be happy because of what they have to deal at home.
    • I am proud that I have gone abroad 4 times (twice in Colombia, once in Dominican Republic, and once in Ukraine).
      • I plan to go back to Ukraine in a couple of months.
      • I cannot wait to reunite with Viktoria.
      • I am also eager about dating other ladies too.
    • If you are still unsure or afraid to go to Ukraine, Philippines, or another country, you can do any of these options:
      • Talk to 1 or more Men of Action who have gone on romance tour(s).
      • Contact happily married international couple(s).
      • Watch YouTube videos of expat(s) or traveler(s) in a foreign nation.
      • Phone or email international dating/marriage experts.
      • Read plenty of blog posts from international dating blogs.
      • Read many of my other blog posts instead.
    • Hopefully, my advice would help you go after your dreams and become a Man of Action.

Altogether, I have given you 19 good reasons for introducing yourself and connecting with women in Ukraine, Thailand, or somewhere else you want to visit.

Whether I have said it prior or not, I tell you that extra information you learn is going to help you become wiser, more organized in your thoughts, and more motivated to travel around the world anyway. Still to this day, many people do not understand or even care about international dating, foreign women, etc. It saddens me because of how much I am love those topics. I want to help good people around the world find true love. In addition, I want to pursue a serious relationship with Viktoria or another foreign lady.

Human lives including mines and yours need to improve because we are either living in perilous times or about to face them someday.

We do not know what is going to happen tomorrow, next week, or next year.

Whether we go (back) overseas or stay in our country (or countries) for the rest of our lives, we can still face unexpected problems.

Honestly, I believe that negative consequences (e.g. loneliness, poor health, homelessness, etc.) may occur in my life if I do not go back overseas for the 5th time and find the woman of my dreams.

You should think about them too.

Living in United States (especially if you are single or divorced) is definitely far from easy thanks to the high rates of sexual crimes against children, suicide, foolishness, unemployment, racial discrimination, and so on.

But, having a woman who wishes to stay with you through thick and thin not only makes your life better but also helps you hope for the best and prepare for the worst to come.

beautiful model in Ethiopia – Kemis Designs
another photo of her – same source

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