My Review – “International Introductions” Website

Love is definitely in the air in Colombia. Another international dating website (besides “Manizales Cupido” website) that is called “International Introductions” exists thanks to its American male owner (Jamie) who is crazy about Colombian women. He has been running it for 16 years. The main location is in Barranquilla because of where he currently lives. Another reason is that his possible wife lives there as well. Therefore, they want to promote international love and bring their American/Western male clients plus Latin American female clients together.

I can look at “International Introductions” website all day. It is very informative and attractive due to its photos. You (American or Westernized man) can learn so much about Colombia, its culture, its female citizens, and so on. In addition, if you want to know my opinion about the website, please read the details below:


  • plenty of text and text links
    • You or any other visitor can read much information about the ladies, romance tours, fan mail messages, etc.
    • If you want to visit other webpages, watch videos, or look at any other external sources, just click on the text links.
    • The more information you learn from the website may lead you to (more) motivation to visit Barranquilla (like I have twice) someday.
  • medium and large images of gorgeous and ageless ladies
    • When it comes to women who are beautiful inside and out, I have to see them wide and clear.
    • In fact, I have seen some small or tiny photos of hot women on a few other sources.
      • I Love Latins” website is a great example for disappointingly small images.
      • But, it does have big ones that may be unclear or flat.
    • Once you see those images on “International Introductions” website, you may be urged to see extra ones and even go meet the women in person.
  • enough information regarding the Colombian culture, tourism, beaches, nature, animals, trip reports, testimonials, etc.
    • Even children or adults who cannot read well can understand this website.
    • You would probably think that you are actually there after consuming the words and viewing many images.
    • If all of the website information do not encourage you to get on an airplane and fly there, honestly what else would?

3 Dislikes

  • insufficient information about Jamie, his wife, and company staff
    • There are no photos of them online.
    • Thank God that the website has a “Contact Us” webpage.
      • You can find this:
        • Phone #: (305) 396-6436
        • Email:
    • Hopefully, you can reach them and get your concerns or issues solved.
  • no PayPal or credit/debit card payment accepted
    • He gives an explanation why he and his team reject those payment methods.
      • Just click any “Click Here to Order” text link.
    • The only ones they accept are:
      • electronic fund transfers (bank wires or perhaps Western Union transfers)
      • checks
      • money transfers
      • Zelle or Popmoney bank service
    • I would highly recommend that you contact Jamie and ask for identity proof before sending him money for a service electronically.
  • lack of evidence that the website is 100% real, safe, and legit
    • Despite that the website has more than enough information about Colombia overall, it does not have any certification logos.
    • However, it does have these text links/text that reassure you of its sincerity:
    • Jamie is clever for having a webpage for banners.
      • You can copy and paste the code(s) on your website(s).
      • The result is that many visitors/readers would be sure that his website is not fake and illegal.


I have known the website for 3 years. It is attractive and informative. If you like looking and downloading photos of hot women, you would be forever pleased with the website.

The payment methods are definitely not thrilling.

But, the services and profiles of women are beyond good.

I have once wanted to become a client of this international dating agency.

I however have found something better (e.g. A Foreign Affair business).

“International Introductions” company is still awesome, unique, and worthwhile.

Its logo proves my point.

Engage your exotic Colombian lady in Barranquilla.

Make international love borderless.

Let the whole world know about your amazing relationship so that other American/Western men can:

International Introductions website name
International Introductions home webpage –
Latin Women Profiles webpage
“Latin Women Profiles” webpage –
24 y.o. woman from Bogota, Colombia – II #13580
47 y.o. woman from Barranquilla, Colombia – II #6168
exotic Latin American lady – “Defending Your Right to Marry a Foreign Bride” webpage
gorgeous Colombian woman on a bed – “Colombia Apartments with Excellent Accommodations” webpage
beach in Cartagena, Colombia – “Photos of Cartagena Beaches” webpage
Colombian flower type (Bullhorn Wattle) – “Photos of Acacia Cornigera” webpage
previous male client with his Colombian bride – “The Colombian Marriage Agency…” webpage
another male client with his Latin lady – “Latin Matchmaking Introduction Service” webpage

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