Colors of International Dating

Truthfully, opposites attract.

An American/Western man can strongly connect with a foreign woman despite of their cultural, religious, etc. differences. Colors do the same act too. Not only do they bring meaningfulness to the world and everything else that exists but also they bring life to those that are dull or dead on the inside.

If you (American or Western man) are not interested or motivated to get on an airplane and meet beautiful women in Russia, Colombia, or any other country, then hopefully this blog post would help you change your mind. I want to discuss 7 colors that each have a significant tagline, paragraph, and photo. So, here they are:


Follow your heart.

Are you tired of being alone?

Do you wish to stop following the crowd?

Do you dwell in misery after seeing how happy everyone is?

If your answer to all 3 questions is ‘yes’, then take drastic action as soon as possible. Become a Man of Action by saving money, planning a trip, and joining an international dating agency like Dream ConnectionsA Foreign Affair, or something else. Choose a country, date, time length of your romance tour, price, etc. concerning the type(s) of foreign ladies you are interested. Pack your bags, head to the airport on the day you leave, fly to your foreign destination, and enjoy your 1st vacation regardless what happens. Even if you do not find the right woman at all, keep following your heart and going on subsequent trips until you do. She is waiting to meet you at the right time.

red heart as female icon – VectorStock (source)


The sky is the limit.

Do not restrict yourself to only local dating. Expand your dating pool by choosing to be introduced to additional women in 1, 2, or more countries. If you feel overwhelmed, nervous, regretful, or any other negative emotion after meeting and communicating with various ladies, just look at the sky for inspiration. In fact, I have mentioned about the sky in a previous blog post called “Blue and Yellow” anyway. The sky may give you unlimited options when it comes to lonesome, approachable, and marriage-minded foreign women. But, it may also help you narrow the list to 1 special lady whom you may want to spend the rest of your life.

blue sky including ladder –


Let (human) nature take its course.

God has created a woman (Eve) for Adam so that Adam would not be sad and alone forever. As a result, God has created someone for you too. If you want to find your potential girlfriend or wife at home, you may have to wait a long time for her. It can be very difficult to find a woman with enough positive characteristics in United States or the Western world. Fortunately, you can avoid much disappointment if you decide to pursue her overseas. You also do not have to worry about growing grey hair as well. Similar to Eve, she wants you to make the 1st move, woo her heart, and take her to paradise.

couple holding hands outside – P.S. I Love You


Face the unknown.

You can start a new job, take a job promotion, or do anything else uncomfortable without a problem. You can move to another city or state that you are definitely unaware. You can even take a vacation in Las Vegas, Baltimore, or any other American city that may be dangerous. So, why can you not visit Ukraine, Colombia, or a similar country, explore its culture, and find international love? If you are not interested in foreign women, then I understand 100%. But, if you are tired of being alone or going on bad dates, then consider putting all of your attention on beautiful ladies abroad. If they are willing to be themselves (even if it means being rejected by the opposite sex), sacrifice everything they have, and move to countries they do not know for the sake of their future American/Western husbands, then you should be willing to overcome your fear(s), meet them in person, and open your heart to them.

person walking toward darkness – Jordan Rimmer Sermons


Keep an open mind.

Do not end up like those who refuse to change their ways of thinking or admit their mistakes. Ignore them and follow the footsteps of Men of Action. Watch helpful videos, read motivational testimonials or articles, and even contact those who have gone abroad, dated foreign women, learned different cultures, and so on. Use that advice to your advantage(s). Go after what or who you want. Even if you do not face that special someone on your 1st overseas trip, you would not be the same person (you have been) again. Like my mind, yours would be forever exposed to the:

  • attractive women you date
  • other American/Western men you may encounter and communicate
  • buildings you see
  • food you eat
  • music you hear
  • and so on
door entrance/exit from human mind – pngtree


Age is just a number.

Of course, you cannot stop yourself from becoming older. Nonetheless, you can control your love life. You are able to decide who to have as your life mate once you go to a foreign country. In addition, you can choose how to behave around her and how to treat her as well. The drawback is that you cannot make her reciprocate her feelings. If she is not really interested in you, move on to the next woman who is. Whether she is actually younger or older and more attractive or less attractive, she would accept and love you as you are. She wants to grow old with you but remain young at heart. The result is keeping the international connection between you and her alive, fun, and successful.

ageless couple gazing at each other – depositphotos


You are worthy of (true) love.

Do not rob or live the rest of your precious life in loneliness, unhappiness, and regret. You deserve to be in an amazing relationship or marriage with an incredible woman. Let the invisible cupid bring you and her closer to each other. Whether she lives in another country or yours, chase her no matter how long it takes, how much money you need to spend, etc. True love never dies. But, you, I, and other humans would die eventually. If we do not follow our hearts and find who or what makes us content and complete, we may live even shorter than we expect.

2 golden hearts – bandsintown


Hopefully, you have learned so much information about the 7 colors that you wish to go find true love with a foreign lady.

Colors are different physically. They do different purposes. But, they have the same respect and harmony with each other as an international couple does.

If colors excite you, then maybe international dating can give you the same reaction as well.

Red tells you to find happiness whether it is with a beautiful foreign woman or within yourself.

Blue takes you to an enormous place (e.g. Bangkok or Medellin) that provides countless ladies who are eager to meet a good man like you.

Green helps you choose the right lady to be involved plus the right place where both of you can live peacefully.

Black shows you clues of what you are missing abroad as well as solutions to make your life better.

White eliminates your negative feelings and thoughts so that you can focus on a positive relationship with her.

Yellow gives you a new feeling and new life with her.

Gold always reminds you how special you are and how she feels about you.

So, now you should fully know what those 7 colors mean to you.

Appreciate them.

Travel to the country you would like to meet your future girlfriend or wife.

Start a colorful life with her.

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