Because Many People Fly to Vegas or Australia…

It is good to take a vacation. You (American or Western man) need to go somewhere to relax, enjoy your time, have fun, and so on. You need to get away from home temporarily. You also need to get away from your job. In addition, you need to get away from your co-workers, family, etc. who probably drive you nuts. Escape from the place that brings out the worst in you and enter the place (e.g. Miami, Florida) that would bring out the best in you. Restore your health and prolong your life.

I really hope this blog post encourages you (if you are afraid) to get on an airplane and head to a foreign country to meet gorgeous women. I keep hearing from Bud and John (on their YouTube videos) of A Foreign Affair dating company that the most men continue to be Keyboard Romeos or avoid getting on an airplane and meeting foreign women abroad. Also, I have recently learned that many people including other Americans travel everywhere frequently for personal or business reasons. John F. Kennedy airport (located in New York City) proves my point because I have walked and looked at different airlines and different flights onscreen after leaving Santiago, Dominican Republic. The number of people (from around the world) who probably visit Las Vegas by airplane is 42.9 million. That number may increase or decrease next year. The same thing applies to 37.7 million visitors who have visited Australia (in the previous year).

If the media, society, and everyone else say that it is okay for people (in general) to visit Las Vegas or Australia, then why do they discourage or badmouth single men (including myself) who visit Ukraine, Philippines, Colombia, etc. for meeting, dating, and connecting with foreign women?

Las Vegas, which is also called “Sin City“, is more dangerous than a foreign city (e.g. Medellin, Colombia) is. Las Vegas is filled with street prostitution, drugs, scams, mobs, escorts, human predators, etc. Not too long ago, I have watched a true life Lifetime movie (“Death of a Vegas Showgirl”) in which a pro dancer named Debbie Flores has been abused, murdered, and dismembered by a former boyfriend. So, if you ever go to Las Vegas, you would have to be extra careful who (e.g. a beautiful woman) you accompany, what you do, and where you go (especially during nighttime).

Australia, a Westernized country, is just past Ukraine, Thailand, China, and the Philippines (4 countries that has thousands of beautiful, available, and lonely women). If you travel to Australia, you may have to spend more money for airfare, hotel, etc. But, do not expect Australian women to be any different from American and other Western women. You may be disappointed with the dating scene as you already are with one in your country.

As long as this world still exists, many people are going to continue traveling anywhere they need or want to go. It does not matter if the city or country they go is safe or dangerous. They may risk their lives whether they know it or not. However, no one (except maybe close family and friends) is going to say anything or prevent those people from going. So, why is it a problem (with loved ones especially) if I or you want to spend time with a foreign woman in her country?

Because other people are freed or condoned to go anywhere around the world for any purpose (whether it is visiting friends, expanding a business, going to school, or doing sex tourism),

  • You have a right to go anywhere you are pleased.
    • Ignore the obstacles that stand in your way.
    • You are an adult.
    • You are not here on earth to do what someone wants you to do.
    • Enjoy your life while it lasts.
    • Have no regrets when you become older.
    • Be with a gorgeous woman (or women) if you wish.
  • You do not have to listen to the hypocritical media, society, etc.
    • If they give you actual news about a genocide or a natural disaster that is happening in a foreign country or city, then you should listen to them.
    • Otherwise, listen to your heart.
    • The truth matters more than what other people say.
      • If they cannot give you proof (or give you false proof instead), ignore their meaningless words.
        • What good can come out of hypocrites, liars, or those who cannot give you evidence?
  • You should be angry with those who are lying about foreign countries and foreign women instead of being scared or hesitant to go overseas.
    • I know that I would.
    • When it comes to someone or some people doing you wrong, you would care less about your possible fear(s).
      • You would want to get on an airplane, enter a foreign country, and meet foreign women who are capable of telling you the truth.
      • Then, the liars or wrongdoers at home may be very angry with you.
      • As a result, you (like myself) may lose respect for those people (even if they are your family and friends) who say or claim that they love you.
    • You would learn the whole truth if you go to Colombia, Ukraine, or another foreign country and meet/date foreign women.
      • Then, maybe you would be motivated to tell others (at home) about your amazing trip so they can be proved wrong.
      • Another option is starting an inspirational blog like I have.

The American/Western media, society, and even your family and friends would consider a US city (e.g. New York City) or a Westernized country (e.g. England) safe or appropriate. Most of them may not care if any of those 2 places are actually dangerous or have a high crime rate. They would still travel to any place that is a part of United States or a Westernized country. However, if you tell anyone about your possible decision to visit a third world country or a foreign country that is filled with available gorgeous women, you may be called or labeled a:

  • loser
  • pervert
  • human trafficker
  • another name that is unfair or sinister

Let him or her think whatever he or she thinks about you. Prove your point. Go on your trip anyway (like I have). If other Americans and Westerners can go wherever they want/need to go (without being condemned), so can you. What is fair to other people should be fair to you too.

Las Vegas – Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (source)
Australia – Oz Adventures (source)


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