Dominican Women versus Philippine Women

I am happy to do another comparison between 2 groups of women based on nationality.

Both Dominican Republic (which is attached to Haiti) and the Philippines look more like islands than they do as countries. But, they do produce women who look as real as they are. Who you (American or Westernized man) see in the profile photos (of dating websites) is who you are going to see in the flesh if you go to 1 of those nations.

Whether you are curious about beautiful women from both countries or undecided about who you like more, please read the details below so that you can make an easy choice:



Dominican Women

Philippine Women

  • biracial or multiracial (Asian, Spanish, European, African, etc. races)
  • part of Indonesian culture
    • light or dark skin complexions
    • short or large foreheads
    • high or large noses
    • thin or thick lips
  • part of Malaysian culture
    • medium heights
    • brown skin tones
    • dark eyes
    • flat noses
    • straight black or dark color hair
  • slim, petite, and attractive bodies
  • look similar to women in Latin America


Dominican Women

In my opinion, many Philippine ladies (also known as filipinas) resemble high school or college students. They are still attractive regardless of their ages though. But, Dominican ladies are prettier. Plus, they look more like real women (especially the ones who go to nightclubs) as well. They are not going to make you feel like a pervert or a child predator like Philippine women (who look younger although they are actually older) do.

gorgeous Florydania – AFA #172252


Dominican Women

  • dresses
  • structured or dress pants
  • tight but fitting blouses
  • nice shirts
  • tight jeans (as their Colombian counterparts wear)
  • skirts
  • high heels
  • short skirts or tight dresses with high heels (during nighttime)
  • formal clothing
  • bikinis or bras and panties (at beaches)

Philippine Women


Philippine Women

On “A Foreign Affairwebsite, they do have more attractive profile images than Dominican ladies do. You would see filipinas wearing a variety of sexy clothes such as dresses, shorts, jeans, shirts, bikinis, and so on. Obviously, they know and care more about fashion than Dominican females do. This fact probably explains why more American/Western men travel to the Philippines.

chic Angel Beth May – AFA #156386



Dominican Women

  • vivacious
  • friendly
  • seductive
  • proud
  • independent
  • feminine
  • docile
  • sexual
  • family-oriented
  • straightforward
  • outgoing (especially in Punta Cana)
  • educated (especially if they live in Santiago or Santo Domingo)
  • meek
  • respectful
  • warmhearted
  • open-minded
  • confident
  • relaxed
  • intolerant to men who are controlling, rude, or arrogant

Philippine Women

  • caring
  • responsible
  • hospitable
  • cute
  • family-oriented
  • modest or private about sexuality
  • faithful
  • patient
  • supportive
  • quiet (in order to avoid fighting or disagreement)
  • shy at first
  • strong-minded
  • submissive to potential husbands
  • beautiful inside and out
  • maternal
  • wise (when it comes to money)
  • hardworking


Philippine Women

They may be shy or reserved initially. But, once they get to know you well, they may turn into social butterflies. Unlike a Dominican female, a filipina might be scared to fight or correct you. If a filipina is not, you might be scared to do the same to her. Her girl-like appearance or sweet personality may be the reason for your inability.

nice Philippine ladies – Cebu Women

Feelings, Abilities, and Thoughts

Dominican Women

  • enjoy dancing
  • prefer men to dress well, have good hygiene, and take good care of themselves
  • probably care less about learning English well
  • willing to be intimate with men who have good hearts and intentions
  • consider American/Western men (especially those who are white) as superiors when it comes to wealth or money
  • able to save or spend money wisely
  • enjoy communicating or meeting good men in person or a trustworthy dating website (e.g. Dominican Cupid)
  • care about their children so much that they might steal, lie, or ask unsuspecting men for money or valuable items

Philippine Women

  • love singing, karaoke, or dancing
  • probably willing to give birth to many children if their men desire
  • prefer to build friendships with American/Western men before becoming serious
  • love to help those in need, teach students, or heal sick patients
  • enjoy smiling, remaining positive, and telling stories
  • able to speak English proficiently unlike other foreign women
  • do not like or feel comfortable being touched by men they do not know well
  • succeed in teaching, healthcare, engineering, computer, etc. comapnies
  • willing to stay in committed relationships or marriages with men who have morals, believe in Roman Catholicism, or go to church regularly
  • willing to date or marry white, black, etc. men as long as the men have good hearts and intentions
  • can cook, clean household, and provide needs of families regardless of busy careers or jobs
  • values and loves their families more than they love themselves
  • try to save or manage as much money as possible


Philippine Women

As much as I wish to pick ladies in Dominican Republic for this subcategory, I have to select filipinas instead. Philippine women have more capacities that attract many American/Western men. For example, the women can read, write, and speak English successfully. Therefore, the men can easily communicate and build monogamous relationships with them. Another example that helps the women win potential husbands is refusing to have sexual or physical contact with unknown or unmarried men. The females want to be respected, befriended, loved, and comforted by men who believe and serve God. Like their counterparts in Ukraine, Colombia, and other non-Westernized nations, most filipinas would probably remain single for the rest of their lives if they cannot find true love.

Larry (American) and Jenny (Philippine) (international couple from season 1 of “…Before the 90 Days“) – Pilipino News


Overall, filipinas defeat Dominican ladies by winning 3 subcategories.

Even though many women in the Philippines do look like teenagers or adults in their early 20’s, they have no problems in charming many young, old, extroverted, introverted, white, black, etc. men from United States, Canada, England, and the Western world. But, Dominican women do sadly. I know this unfortunate fact because A Foreign Affair company no longer has romance tours in Santiago, Dominican Republic. Apparently, most American/Western men have lost interest in the women there and other Dominican cities. Dealing with the same issue, Latin Affairs company has turned its website into an online dating type and My Dominican Love company honestly has no new information on its website.

However, you can still travel to Dominican Republic and meet ladies if you are interested. Just call or email someone from A Foreign Affair or My Dominican Love company. No one (except for maybe Mike Mertes who is the current administrator of Latin Affairs website) is available from Latin Affairs company though. But, the good thing is its website is currently under reconstruction. I cannot wait to see how it is going to turn out.

Also, you can click and watch this linked video from “Dating Beyond Borders” channel:

You Know You Are Dating a DOMINICAN Woman When…

If you want a woman with more inner beauty, go to the Philippines.

If you want a woman with more outer beauty, go to Dominican Republic.

If you are indecisive or truly interested in both Philippine and Dominican ladies, go to both nations.

I have gone to 1 of them plus Colombia and Ukraine.

I have no regrets at all.

Now, I know who (e.g. an Ukrainian woman) I want for a serious relationship or marriage.

You can do the same if you meet and date females in 2 or more countries.

Expand your international dating options so that you can narrow your list to 1 special lady whether she is Philippine, Dominican, or part of another amazing culture.

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