Protection of Foreign Women

Why do bad things happen to good people?

That is a question that many people want to know. I am already aware of the answer because of my faith in God and the Bible. However, I do not like the evilness that innocent people around the world regularly and unfairly face. My heart still goes out to the friends and families of these murdered foreign women:

Safety is very important to foreign women when it comes to international marriage and relocation. The women want to feel protected, valued, respected, important, etc. in United States or the Western world. If the men are willing to move to their countries, the women would be overjoyed. But, if the men choose to stay at home, the women would respect their decision as long as their husbands put them first.

If you (American or Western man) want to know whose lives are in jeopardy, please read the information regarding these 3 groups of foreign women below:

women dealing with forced or arranged marriage issues

Obviously, no one wants to marry or even date someone who is unattractive, boring, egotistical, or abusive. But, most women in especially China and India are given no choice because their cultures, societies, etc. respect and favor men more. The women who are interested in remaining single or focusing mainly on their higher education, jobs, or businesses may be continuously pressured and targeted for gossip, glaring, repulsion, name-calling, and ridicule. No wonder some of them commit suicide or go into deep depression. Meanwhile, others risk their reputations, freedom, and even lives by opposing their loved ones and communities and fighting for their rights. Chinese women are very popular for speaking their minds about arranged marriage nowadays. Hopefully, their counterparts (in India, few other Asian countries, the Middle East, and Africa) that also deal with sexism (Please click on that link and read the strong opinions of women around the world.) gain more courage to do the same too.

innocent girl forced to marry sick and perverted man – Rebel Circus

women suffering from human trafficking, murder, rape, and other misogynistic crimes

As long as this world still exists, hatred toward women would never go away. Most women in United States, Canada, Australia, and other Westernized nations are given much respect regardless of their personalities, backgrounds, experiences, etc. Some of them are even treated better (due to fame, fortune, fashion, and so on) than the opposite sex is. If you do not believe me, ask the MGTOW community. However, many females in Moldova, Cambodia, Haiti, and especially Honduras are still mistreated, abused, and killed no matter who they are and what they do. Hiding or escaping to another country is not an option because they may be deported or caught and punished severely by their enemies. The only things that women can do for survival plus safety are:

murder of a foreign woman – Thar She Blows! 

women involved with controlling, arrogant, or unreasonable American/Western men

International dating or marriage is more successful because more American/Western men with good hearts and intentions are traveling overseas and bonding with like-minded women. Most women are happy and satisfied with their international relationships or marriages thanks to Dream Connections, A Foreign Affair, etc. companies. But, there are some who may feel trapped, belittled, or threatened by their boyfriends or husbands. Iana Kasian (who has been pregnant with the unborn child of her murderer/boyfriend) and Nina Sharanova have experienced something worse and lost their lives consequently. I would not be surprised if there are hundreds of more victimized ladies (like them) who also have been murdered and have gone unreported. That is why I like this planet less. It is despicable and dehumanizing what is happening to many innocent and beautiful women worldwide.


abused and scared Philippine woman – CharismaNews


Marriage to American/Western men is what most foreign women want due to lack of interest from local foreign men.

But, protection is what the women definitely need when it comes to moving to unknown countries or marrying men outside their cultures. They would rather be safe and alone in their own countries instead of being in unsafe and unhappy relationships or marriages elsewhere. Foreign women deserve and want to be treated as equal as American/Western women are.

More women in China, Ukraine, Honduras, etc. are tired of being ignored, attacked, name-called, and discouraged by their peers, family members, friends, and other locals.

The women are willing to take a stand and get themselves killed for their beliefs.

Some choose to stay quiet, scared, calm, and neutral.

Regardless of their actions and consequences, foreign women can always turn to God for help with their ordeals.

Plus, they can receive enough support from nonprofit organizations and of course American/Western men who are seeking true love.

I am so glad that international dating/marriage is increasing and that more foreigners are becoming outspoken about their personal, cultural, etc. issues.

Now, the world is becoming more aware of foreign women and more willing to keep them safe, happy, and healthy.

Hazel (Philippine) and her savior American boyfriend Tarik (“…Before the 90 Days” Season 2) – Reddit

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