Going to Dominican Republic

It has been 2 years since I have last been in Santiago, Dominican Republic. I am still delighted that I have started the 1 week vacation there on my 31st birthday (Nov. 2). Money, food, or even expensive items (that I have received on previous birthdays) cannot replace the experiences I have there. Therefore, I would remember that particular birthday forever.

Dominican Republic is an awesome country to explore if you (American or Westernized man) want to visit exotic places and of course meet beautiful ladies. Unfortunately, A Foreign Affair dating company does not provide romance tours there anymore. If you however still wish to travel there, please read my thoughts regarding my trip for inspiration (below):


  • Matum Hotel and Casino
    • It is a nice and comfortable hotel with an attached casino and nightclub.
    • Truly, I have felt very safe there thanks to the hospitable hotel staff, guests, and other customers.
    • You may feel the same way if you choose to stay there.
  • hotel employee who almost resembles my Colombian-American friend Erika
    • I have been a little surprised when I have seen how much the hotel employee looks like Erika.
    • The difference is that Erika is easier to talk.
      • Why do you think that she has been my friend for 10 years?
    • The hotel employee and another have helped me solve a debit card issue.
      • As a result, I can pay for a room for a couple of nights (on Nov. 3).
      • To avoid the mistake I have made, please make sure to fill out a travel form or let your bank(s) know about your overseas vacation schedule, etc.
  • few empanada(s) I have eaten
    • I have definitely enjoyed the cheese flavor more than I have with the beef type.
    • I would like to make a recipe of cheese empanadas someday.
    • If you want delicious Dominican food like them, go to a street restaurant.
  • Latin American celebrity who has performed at a casino I have visited on Saturday night (Nov. 5)
    • The famous female singer still remains unknown to me.
    • I would have probably gone nuts if Shakira has taken her place instead.
      • In fact, I do wish to attend a concert where Shakira sings and dances.
      • She is so unique and irreplaceable.
    • I have enjoyed the unforgettable performance from the anonymous celebrity and her backup singers/dancers anyway.
    • You would never be bored if you go to a Dominican casino.
  • the last woman (Desideria) I have met and dated
    • I consider her the main reason why I have not become so disappointed with my trip.
    • She is a 20-something mother of 1 son.
    • Her occupation is unknown to me.
    • Unlike the other 3 women I have been introduced at the AFA office, Desideria is the only one I have a date.
      • On the same day (Nov. 7), I have met her twice and have gone to a nightclub with her.
      • I would never forget that incredible evening with her.
        • We have listened to some hip hop music and have danced with each other a few times.
      • Indeed, she has made my trip worthwhile.
    • I still stay in contact with her on WhatsApp and Facebook.
    • Although our relationship has not increased, we are happy where we are now.
      • She definitely enjoys her culture, lifestyle, and role as a mother.
        • Her photos are obvious proof.
      • I enjoy writing for this unique blog, growing my online business, and deepening my relationship with Viktoria.
    • If you want to date or marry a beautiful, simple, and dark-skinned woman like Desideria, go to her country without hesitation.

5 Dislikes

  • my lousy translator Argelis
    • He is the #1 reason why I have not returned there.
    • He has lied, broken promises, and conned me into giving him money.
    • He would not let me go on actual dates with any women (except Desideria).
      • The reason is that he wants to keep the money I have given him.
    • I have become suspicious of him even from when (Nov. 3) I have initially met him.
    • When I have returned home, I have:
      • ended my friendship with him
      • stopped communicating with him
      • reported him to John Adams (CEO of “A Foreign Affair” company)
        • I may not have been the first or only customer he has targeted for money.
    • Hopefully, Argelis has been fired as a result.
      • But, even if he has not been or if he has been rehired because of his female cousin (manager at AFA office in Dominican Republic), he is not getting any customers to milk extra money.
        • Again, romance tours no longer exist there.
    • Thank God that all translators who work for international dating agencies are female.
      • Like myself, you would feel:
        • safe
        • guided
        • respected
        • persistent to find the woman of your dreams
  • nightclubs I have gone
    • I honestly do not like the music they have played.
    • The music is too loud.
    • The nightclubs are crowded every night or so.
    • The advantage is meeting and possibly connecting with beautiful females.
      • In fact, I have seen more attractive ladies there than I have done at the malls, streets, and other places I have visited.
    • So, if you have a bad date or even a cancelled one, you can always attend a nightclub in order to lift your spirit.
    • Fortunately, I have a good date with Desideria at a nightclub.
      • I would never forget that night (Nov. 7) I have spent with her.
  • terrible breakfast food at the hotel
    • That is why I have only eaten it for 1 day.
    • I can relate to Tarik, Angela, and Larry from “90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days” TV series regarding their disgusting experiences.
    • I may not understand, see, or taste what foreigners (or even other Americans) do regarding exotic food.
      • But, I must show respect to their cultures regardless of my feelings.
    • At least I have enjoyed the cheese empanadas I have eaten.
      • I also have eaten tasty Chinese food and fried chicken from a KFC restaurant.
    • As disgusting or unhealthy most American food is, you should consider eating some food from other nations.
      • You do not have to worry about weight gain, diabetes, and other health problems so much consequently.
  • losing a chance to date the first 2 ladies I have met at AFA office
    • Thanks to Argelis, I have never seen them again.
    • But, I have only seen Desideria and another woman (Jansislandia) twice.
    • I have spent most of my time:
      • in my hotel room alone
      • hanging out with him
    • I would never go through those negative experiences again.
    • If you go there or elsewhere, demand or keep asking your translator or his or her manager that you want to go on as many dates as you desire.
  • staying at the hotel for the majority of my trip
    • If I want to be by myself or stay at home all or most of the day, I can easily do that in United States.
    • I have been scared of leaving the hotel and going somewhere alone.
      • Not speaking or understanding Spanish is my first reason.
      • However, I have felt the total opposite in Odessa, Ukraine.
        • I guess that many Ukrainians know some English anyway.
    • Another reason is that I have always gone somewhere with someone (Erika) on my last overseas trip (which is Barranquilla, Colombia on August 2009).
      • But, my next vacation in Ukraine would help me gain confidence.
    • Do not let someone (e.g. a skeptical loved one or an unreliable translator) or something (e.g. fear) keep you from:
      • traveling to a foreign country
      • meeting lovely women
      • having the best time of your life
      • inspiring others to do the same


Dominican Republic is a nice and old-fashioned country to visit.

It produces gorgeous dark-skinned women (who are difficult to find in my country or the Western world).

Dominican Republic also has amazing beaches as well.

But, I cannot go back there unless I can find a trustworthy company or person to hire.

I would also need to know the Dominican culture and language (Spanish) well. But, do not let my problems stop you from going there or any other foreign nation. You can find much happiness, respect, freedom, and unconditional love with a good woman.

If you do not go overseas, how can you truly know what or who is missing from your life?

I ask this question because of my experiences in 3 countries I have traveled. Colombia has given me a lifetime friend (Erika). Dominican Republic has given me a chance to visit a nightclub, meet beautiful ladies, and remain safe. Ukraine has rewarded me a growing relationship with Viktoria.

I have no regrets at all.

You should have none either.

Take a trip to paradise and change your life for the better.

Share it with a Dominican, Colombian, Ukrainian, or any other foreign woman by your side.

Here are a couple of photos I have taken in Santiago, Dominican Republic.

Please give me your thoughts below.

Hotel Matum and Casino – where I have stayed
back side of hotel
back side of hotel (again)
front side of hotel
hotel sign
my hotel room
looking outside the hotel
famous building in Santiago
another street
a 3rd street
famous building again
entrance to hotel
concert at casino (Nov. 5)
concert at casino again
anonymous celebrity performing for fans at casino
anonymous celebrity again
fan taking photo of unknown celebrity
street sign of “Del Monte” product
Desideria at AFA office
me and Desideria
me and Desideria again
outlet mall
3rd photo of famous building
walking toward the famous building
me on stairs
me again
4th photo of famous building
5th photo of famous building
arrogant con artist Argelis
Think long and hard if you hire this sorry excuse for a translator.

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