As the World Shrinks

I am inspired to write this blog post due to a video from Dream Connections YouTube channel.

Many people already know how big our planet is. Some people are also aware of how large their dating pool is thanks to international dating companies/websites. However, as more American/Western men go overseas and pursue international love yearly, they begin to realize that the world is smaller than it looks. That awareness should motivate them and their potential Ukrainian, Thai, Dominican, etc. wives to do these 5 results:

sharing their love stories to everyone

Honestly, why are most international couples (as opposed to Mark and Anna Davis of Dream Connections company) shy or secretive about their happy relationships?

The world needs to hear or read more positive information because of its growing rates of poverty, human trafficking, disappointment, drama, murders, etc. Plus, there are many people who are single, cynical, and lonely as well. International couples can really encourage them to follow their footsteps. Uploading photos, videos, or both is a great way to help singles realize that true love does exist and that they can find their potential spouses abroad regardless of their obstacles.

encouraging or helping others connect with each other

Because an American/Western man can build a strong relationship with a foreign woman, they together can reciprocate for their in-laws, family members, friends, etc. When loved ones see how caring, loyal, respectful, and solid the international couple is, loved ones realize that they have to accept them and become united. Truly, the international couple gets more attention from other people in general than a domestic couple (unless they are famous or rich) does. One good reason is that everyone is always curious about the man and woman from 2 diverse cultures. Neither is the international couple bored with each other nor are they considered boring to others.

creating a global community with other couples and singles alike

Whether they are online or offline, international couples should reach out to many who need guidance on true love. Domestic couples, singles, and maybe few other international couples who are facing constant issues may need instructions on improving their relationships. After all, international couples like Mark and Anna as well as John and Tanya Adams of A Foreign Affair agency are excellent role models of happy and successful marriages. Not only has each couple been married for over a decade but also they are responsible for creating hundreds of other international couples. This fact alone should tell everyone that their community is growing while the world is diminishing.

promoting or bringing peace, unity, and respect between friends and foes

Loved ones may discourage an international couple (e.g. Jonathan and Fernanda of “90 Day Fiance” Season 6) from getting married. Enemies may badmouth or threaten the lives of the couple (e.g. Jay and Ashley from the same season) before, during, and/or after the wedding. But, the couple must remain inseparable and correct those who are against their beliefs. Regardless of their differences and disagreements, the couple needs to support and love each other always. Then, whenever other people (no matter who they are) look at them publicly, the people would know that they are as adhesive as glue is. The couple may also be compared to honey due to their sweet hearts and healthy respect for each other and the rest of humanity.

putting an end to racism, loneliness, hate, etc.

If there is anyone who can get rid of the negativity in this world, international couples are the answer. Interracial couples (especially the ones from the same country) can probably do the same thing too. Nonetheless, international couples are more successful in changing the world positively because of their:

  • permanent connection with 2 nations
  • chance to speak about their negative experiences from both haters and concerned loved ones
  • fearlessness to overcome all obstacles and travel around the world
  • ability or willingness to have biological children as products of international love
  • dedication to become good parents and remind their biracial/multiracial kids who they are 100%
  • physical or digital proof such as love letters, photos, text messages, or concert/event/movie tickets


Domestic couples and those who have never left their home countries may consider the world so huge.

However, international couples and singles who have traveled around the world know how small it is.

As a result, they can gain extra confidence to do something impossible or extraordinary. For example, they can create blogs (like I have) so that they can write unbelievable facts, link text to credible sources online, and upload photos of amazing foreign places, people, foods, etc. Readers would have no choice but to believe what they see. Hopefully, they would be so motivated to go overseas and pursue happiness too.

The world we live is probably how we view it.

If we think that it is enormous, then we need to travel often.

But, if we start believing how small it is after visiting different nations, then we need to make the most from it.

We have to improve our lives and those of our loved ones nowadays.

We want to receive more than what we are getting at home.

We must fight for what is right and what we deserve.

No one is going to do the work for us.

No one really cares.

But, I do.

Maybe you (American or Westernized man) feel the same as well.

If so, then follow your big heart wherever it takes you.

Let the world continue shrinking while you gain enough information (e.g. photos, videos, recorded conversations with foreigners, etc.) that you need for your own blog or business.

Stop the reduction of the world once it becomes tiny and helps you seek happiness within yourself or with the right woman.

holding small world – Delta2020

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