My Review – “Ukraine Is Not a Brothel” Documentary

Between 2012 and 2013, Australian-Ukrainian filmmaker, director, and writer Kitty Green produces an intense and unforgettable movie called “Ukraine Is Not a Brothel“. She wants the world to know about the injustice, physical abuse, destitution, and sexual objectification of Ukrainian women. She covers the issues in of course Ukraine plus Belarus and Turkey. The reason is that her protagonists (otherwise known as the FEMEN organization) take political, venturesome, and nude (or should I say semi-nude) action against the patriarchies of those 3 European nations.

I am happy to watch this powerful documentary for $2.99 (plus tax) on YouTube. I recommend that you (American or Western man) also see it if you are so interested in gorgeous Slavic ladies. The FEMEN group represents them except that they are more confident. However, the FEMEN group is still not as extreme as their American/Western counterparts are. If you want to learn more information about the organization, please read my likes and dislikes below:


  • outspoken behavior of FEMEN group
    • Indeed, the beautiful women make sure that their voices are heard to the Ukrainian government, society, media, and the rest of the world.
      • To this day, the group continues to fight for its rights and those of other innocent Ukrainian ladies.
    • The group may be punished and imprisoned for a couple of months or even years consequently.
      • What I find despicable is that the police and the rest of the justice system are willing to keep the ladies in prison so that the government can welcome unsuspecting travelers in its nation and host special events for them.
    • Unless the group is willing to risk its freedom for good or move to another country, it should realize that constantly protesting for rights of women is not going to lead it to total success.
  • non-FEMEN ladies
    • They may not know, agree, want, or have the confidence to join the controversial organization and do uncomfortable actions.
      • They would rather stay quiet and keep peace around them.
      • I cannot blame them one bit.
      • Obviously, no one wishes to be arrested, abused, exiled, or even murdered for expressing his or her opinions publicly.
    • Non-FEMEN ladies may be okay in remaining single or being involved with abusive, unfaithful, dishonest, etc. local men.
      • They accept both sad options due to their culture or according to the actions and beliefs of family, friends, society, etc.
    • Thanks to the heart and success of Dream Connections, A Foreign Affair, Match Guaranty, and other international dating agencies, more women are awarded with happy relationships with American/Western men.
      • Unlike the FEMEN organization, the women are somewhere that gives them protection, unconditional love, and joy.
  • financial support of the group
    • Indeed, it has received donations from mostly men around the world.
      • A FEMEN member confirms to the interviewer (who is possibly Kitty) that a Philippine male has contributed $1000 to her and the other members.
    • Despite of its monetary success, it still faces problems with the unchanging government, indifferent society, and disrespectful men.
      • If you want to draw many people to your business, blog, or group, you must have these 7 characteristics:
        • charming
        • patient
        • positive
        • accepting
        • consistent
        • cordial
        • well groomed
    • If the group spends its money wisely and helps other people in need, the government, society, and rest of the world may show more respect to the group.
      • After all, it is better to give than it is to receive.
      • As long as the FEMEN members continue to be selfish, greedy, uncaring, etc., they would keep being arrested, imprisoned, threatened, or forced to go their separate ways.

4 Dislikes

  • topless behavior of the organization
    • Unfortunately, the women are just proving to the world that they are like prostitutes, escorts, or strippers.
    • Therefore, most people do not care so much about the FEMEN members.
    • If they want to stop being mistreated, sexualized, and ridiculed, they need to wear clothes that cover their whole bodies or suit the needs of others who dress properly.
      • How we dress is how we are treated by others.
        • My mom reminds me of that fact often.
  • failed attempts to improve Ukraine and its womanhood
    • No thanks to the FEMEN organization, Ukraine is still the booming nation of sex tourism and mail order brides.
    • The group is left with these 3 options:
      • disbanding and giving up its duties
      • continuing with its protesting and nudity and facing negative consequences
      • relocating to another country and continuing its work
    • Only the Lord God knows the answers or has the solutions to all cultural, political, etc. problems.
      • So, the group should turn to Him for guidance and winning respect from others.
  • rejection of unattractive women who are interested in joining the organization
    • According to the words of Irina, the group refuses to accept women who are not pretty or willing to follow its rules (e.g. dress code).
      • No wonder it regularly faces difficulties with everyone.
    • Irina and other non-FEMEN ladies are truly doing well without the organization.
    • Because the FEMEN team does not want women who fit to its standards, the government, society, and the rest of the world dismiss and treat the group as a laughingstock.
      • The female members would not be taken seriously unless they change their ways.
  • Victor Sviatsky as patriarch and male leader of the group
    • At first, I think that he is a loser.
      • During his interview with Kitty, he wears a rabbit mask and seems to be a coward in my point of view.
      • He is also accused of taking money from the women as well.
    • But, I see a different side of him after he removes his rabbit mask.
      • He confesses how and why he has started the organization.
      • He belittles his female members and probably the rest of woman in general.
    • Eventually, he is eliminated from the group.
      • I think that a woman has replaced him as its leader.
      • I do not know the reason(s) for his termination.
      • Hopefully, he is doing better things for his life and those of others today.


Generally, the documentary is worthy of watching so that you can understand Ukrainian ladies.

It is somewhat dark and intense. But, you would not feel scared or disturbed throughout the movie. There are no abusive and murderous scenes at all.

Instead, you would see adequate scenes of FEMEN members who constantly shout, scream, show their breasts with writings or paintings, and get themselves threatened, dragged into police cars, and thrown in prison.

You may become tired of them as most people around the world are.

Somehow, the FEMEN group is failing in drawing or getting many others to see its way of thinking.

The women may need to change their thoughts, actions, and appearances as a result.

Even if they get less or no charitable organizations, they might get more respect in return.

Above all, it is better to be broke and treated as valuable human beings instead of receiving money from perverted strangers and being labeled whores or gold diggers.

Like the MGTOW community, the FEMEN ladies have a long way to go if they want to be taken seriously.

While the FEMEN members are ruining their reputation, remaining single and independent, and flushing their lives down the toilet, other Ukrainian women (who are normal) are:

documentary photo – Magnolia Pictures
member of FEMEN organization – same source
abused FEMEN member in public – same source
crappy place where FEMEN members live – same source
sad FEMEN member – same source
logo of FEMEN organization – Wikimedia Commons
3 FEMEN members – Le Point
documentary creator Kitty Green – Indie Wire

Tell me your opinion about the documentary video, the FEMEN organization, Kitty, 8 photos I provide above, or anything else in the following ‘Comments’ section:

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