5 Myths about Foreign Women

Have you (American or Westernized man) ever dreamed about entering paradise and encountering exotic ladies?

Are you tired of staying home, being alone, doing the same everyday things, and seeing how happy everyone else is?

If your answer to both questions is “yes”, then change your reality and become a Man of Action. Make the fantasies of beautiful foreign women come true as well. Whether you build a serious relationship with 1 of them or remain single, you can still give many of them hope for a better life and a chance to pursue true love.

Good news about international dating, foreign countries, etc. is often ignored in United States and the Western world. Many people are filled with so much ignorance, worry, or anger toward Men of Action that they would often try to encourage the men to date locally. The people may keep the ugly consequences of local dating or online dating hidden so that the unsuspecting men would stay home forever. Nevertheless, the people are willing to eternally spread this false information about innocent women abroad:

They are desperate.

Just because they meet and date American/Western men, it does not mean that foreign women are going to beg for commitment or marriage. In fact, some foreign women may quickly lose interest in the men or even international love entirely. This truth relates to a previous blog post I have written and published 5 months ago. Also, in “Going to Ukraine” blog post, I have discussed my rejection by “L” and some other Ukrainian women I have chosen to date but never met at all. So, if you or any other man wants to become monogamous with a foreign woman, he must show his love and loyalty to her. Otherwise, she is going to move on to someone else or remain single and independent.

several Colombian ladies with 1 American man – International Introductions

They want to live in United States or a Westernized nation.

According to Bud Patterson of “A Foreign Affair” agency, they prefer to stay in their own countries with their family members, friends, colleagues, and of course future husbands. I also explain something similar to his comment(s) in “Mail Order Brides Do Not Exist” blog post as well. Despite of what we think, we know that most people in United States are going to have their own opinions. To prove them wrong, most foreign ladies (except for some like Leida of “90 Day Fiance” television series) would probably be bored and depressed in United States and the Western world because they cannot legally work right away. Plus, they have no friends, hobbies, etc. to distract them. That is why their potential husbands need to create housework and other daily activities for them. The result is that the women would not be urged to end their marriages and return to their countries permanently.

foreign woman holding U.S. green card – The Baladeur

They are poor.

They may not earn as much money and gain as much wealth as most Americans and Westerners do. But, countless women in Ukraine, Philippines, Colombia, etc. are not going to give up their lives for rich American/Western men as their future husbands. The women are raised and taught to believe that love, respect, joy, unity, and other positive traits are more valuable than physical and materialistic items are. After all, the non-Westernized cultures confirm who they are in a moral way. However, some women who are influenced by the American/Western culture or motivated by money, greed, materialism, etc. are already given a bad reputation. It would not be a surprise if they are facing difficulty in attracting men in general.

probably middle class ladies in Philippines – efilipino Women

They are dumb.

There is no mention of African and Latin American females in the “25 Countries with the Highest Average IQ” article. Thus, maybe most Americans/Westerners are right about those ladies in 2 separate continents regarding lack of intelligence. On the contrary, its author Petr H. does state that United States ranks lower than many European nations and some Asian nations do. So, how can people from a country that has an average IQ of 98 claim that all foreign women are stupid? Those people indeed should worry about their own children or younger generation(s) who is unable or unwilling to read. For confirmation of what I have said, click on this video link regarding the illiteracy in United States.

3 Russian women looking silly – YouTube

They want rich, charming, handsome, etc. men only.

Sadly, this is part true. Only a small number of foreign women are seeking monetary or materialistic gain from the opposite sex. Vita of Match Guaranty agency does talks about the fact. Mark Davis of Dream Connections agency also mentions about his negative dating experience with a gold digger (who is probably unmarried today) in a previous YouTube video. But, he is probably forever thankful to her because he has later met and married a better woman (Anna). Together, they have built their successful international dating company and have taken human connection and marriage to the next level. Innocent and monogamous foreign ladies and American/Western men can consequently pursue each other and grow their love for each other.

Furthermore, read about an Ukrainian woman (Gala) who has rejected a rich American man, has returned to her country, and has fallen in love with her middle class Canadian husband of 5+ years in:

Brazilian ladies smiling for cameras, fame, and possible true love – Twitter


Whether American/Western women are praised or badmouthed, they are still the center of attention anyway.

But, if the same thing happens with Ukrainian, Philippine, etc. women, they are either ignored or treated like criminals. In this blog, I keep defending them because of their good hearts and intentions toward the opposite sex. There are plenty of facts to prove to you and other men that the majority of women is:

  • genuine
  • loyal
  • marriage-minded
  • family-oriented
  • caring
  • authentic

If you or any other man wants to find enough women who are desperate, willing to move to wealthy cities, poor, dumb, or materialistic, he would do so well in United States or a Westernized nation. All I have to say to him is good luck in building a long-lasting relationship with one of those women. But, if he desires certain characteristics in his ideal girlfriend or wife, he can always go overseas. He would have no problems in finding her.

The truth about foreign women would set us men free.

We can choose who we want or remain single.

We do not have to be lied, manipulated, pressured, threatened, or kept in the dark anymore.

We must voice our feelings, beliefs, and wishes to know-it-alls at home.

We need to persistently go after who or what we want.

Our mediocre lives depend on it.

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