My Review – “Match Guaranty” Website

In 2002, Canadian native Joe Rickards has created “Match Guaranty” business. His main purpose is to help thousands of women in Ukraine, Russia, or both Slavic countries win American/Western husbands. He also wants to expose international dating companies who mainly focus on letter writing services or consider all foreign women as mail order brides. To get much attention and trust from potential customers, he and his staff members actively participate in their YouTube videos. The YouTube channel has currently gained over 34,000 subscribers as a result.

The videos are more informative and less entertaining in my opinion. I cannot enjoy watching them the same way I do with those from “Dream Connections” or even “” YouTube channel. Nevertheless, I feel the opposite with the “Match Guaranty” website. So, here are my likes and dislikes:


  • 5 benefits for creating an account
    • If you register on the website, you receive the following 5 advantages:
      • “Scammer Check” service
      • private coaching call on Skype
      • chance to meet 10 chosen Ukrainian ladies
      • ability to send a limit of 30 email messages to them
      • another Skype call with a special woman
    • I highly recommend Skype or a similar software to you or any other man who is skeptical of international dating.
      • Based on my experiences regarding Viktoria, I can tell you that seeing and communicating with a foreign woman on your computer screen is so much better.
      • Chatting or writing email letters to her continuously is probably not going to motivate you to get on an airplane, fly to her country, and see her in person.
  • contact information of company
    • You can easily find email address, phone number, etc. on the bottom on each webpage.
      • They would reassure you that the website is legit and sincere.
    • Feel free to call, text, email, or schedule a Skype video chat with Joe or his staff member.
      • He wants to know you well and help you succeed.
  • profiles of diverse women
    • You can look through 940 profiles on 79 webpages.
      • You would see each of their images, names, ages, cities, job information, information about possible children, and heights.
    • The drawback of visiting a profile webpage is not seeing her full details.
      • You are required to sign up or log in so that you can have access.
      • However, the images of an attractive woman may help you decide whether or not you are interested in her.
  • wise dating coach Vita
    • On the YouTube channel, she gives her advice to men who are seeking the right women overseas.
      • You can learn various topics such as single mothers, city types, country types, gold diggers, and so on from her, other staff members, and even past/current clients.
    • If you want to communicate with her, you probably have to wait for her next live chat.
      • Another option is writing a comment on 1 of her videos or using any of the contact information that is provided on the website.

3 Dislikes

  • majority of YouTube videos
  • More Info” webpage
    • There is not enough information of the blog.
      • But, you can definitely find more than enough information on mines though.
    • There are only 3 pages of the blog overall.
      • I would expect over 100 pages because the international dating website has existed for 17 years after all.
    • You may be more satisfied with the YouTube channel than you are with the disappointing blog.
      • The videos are going to give you much information to learn.
  • no photos, testimonial videos, etc. from international couples
    • I can only guess these 2 reasons:
      • The couples want to remain private about their identities and relationships.
      • Joe and his staff members are more interested in other topics such as sex, scamming, myths about foreign women, etc.
    • If you are interested in reading or hearing love stories from the couples, select 1 or both options:
      • Wait to see new videos on the YouTube channel.
      • Get in touch with Joe and his staff members.

Overall, “Match Guaranty” website is good if you want to email or have a video chat with a foreign woman before visiting her country (Ukraine). You would be reassured that you can find true love with her or another Ukrainian lady. Joe, Vita, and other “Match Guaranty” employees do not want you to spend the rest of your life in loneliness and disappointment.

Today is a day after International Women’s Day (March 8).

If you are interested in reading my 2 previous blog posts (“Happy International Women’s Day” and “8 Cities Where You Can Meet Sincere Ladies“), please click any of those links.

For my 3rd time in celebrating the special day, I am determined to help each beautiful female member of “Match Guaranty” website attract and build a serious relationship with a good man from United States, Australia, or another Westernized country.

Due to my growing attraction toward Viktoria, I want you and other single men to seriously consider international dating as well.

You are guaranteed to find your match as long as you keep going abroad like I do.

Home webpage
“Home” webpage – Match Guaranty
Natalia – Match Guaranty #2023
Inna – Match Guaranty #1491
Anna – Match Guaranty #1502
Match Guaranty YouTube channel
“Match Guaranty” YouTube channel
Match Guaranty Facebook page
“Match Guaranty” Facebook page

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