Women of Asia

Last year, I have enjoyed researching, writing, and uploading images of breathtaking ladies in eastern Europe, northern Europe, and Africa. Now, I want to repeat for their Asian counterparts. If you (American or Westernized man) are interested in finding your potential bride from an Asian country, please read the information about 10 female groups below:


Country: Cambodia

Appearances: Thanks to human traffickers and sex tourists, Cambodian ladies are well-known for their silken skin. Most of them have long black hair, almond shaped eyes, skinny or average weights, and tall heights. If they successfully can attract many perverted and abusive men around the world, the females should have no problem(s) in doing the same with their future boyfriends or husbands (with morals) as well.

Personalities: Somewhat influenced by the American or Western culture, Cambodians are able to see through men who just want to sleep or exploit them. Despite of being disrespected, discriminated, and victimized, the women remain positive, open-minded, humble, and available to the opposite sex. They may be shy at first when it comes to dating or meeting American/Western men. Nevertheless, the ladies overcome their fears and other weaknesses so that they can succeed at school, work, and home. In fact, some are employed or responsible for making popular clothes for Gap, Marks & Spencer, Adidas, H & M, and so on. For their diligence, submission to heartless employers and authorities, devotion, and passion for marriage and motherhood, they plus other females should be awarded with more respect, support, and unconditional love from the world.

Activities: Here is advice that teaches you how to win the heart of a Cambodian woman:

  • Entertain her with jokes, a sense of humor, etc.
  • Let her know that you are there for her emotionally especially if she is overworked and underpaid.
  • Respect her feelings, characteristics, and religion (Buddhism).
  • Give her space if she is confused about what she truly wants or overwhelmed with everything she has to do.
  • Take her to a crowded restaurant, mall, or another place for her comfort.
  • Do not embarrass her in public or ruin her reputation.
  • Win enough respect and trust before becoming intimate with her.
  • Engage in fun activities such as singing karaoke, watching music videos, seeing movies, texting with heart emojis and other symbols, etc. together.
  • Always tell her the truth.
  • Dress appropriately.
  • Show interest in learning and introducing yourself to her family.

Good Cities to Meet Them: Phnom Penh (capital); Kampong; Cham; Chbar Mon; Sihanoukville; Krong Battambang; Ta Khmau Municpality; Angkor; Serei Saophoan; Siem Reap

Good Dating Websites to Visit: Rose Brides; International Love Scout; AsianDating.com; Khmer Friendly; Cambodia Redcat

sexy Cambodian women – International Love Scout


Country: China

Appearances: What they share in common with their Japanese counterparts is their slim weight, tall height, small bones, and ageless beauty. The difference is that Chinese ladies have rounder and flatter faces plus yellow skin complexions. Because they are not entirely happy with their looks, they turn to professional and expensive plastic surgeons for improvement. The females also maintain or better their skin by staying away from the sun as much as possible.

Personalities: Although many are shy, single, and lonely, they refuse to be socially pressured into unwanted and arranged marriages. They know that the majority of married local Chinese men (plus some from nearby countries) is responsible for abusing, cheating, and killing or causing their wives to commit suicide. Therefore, single Chinese women take legal action against the cultural problem(s) by planning an unforgettable community event. Click on this link in order to see the YouTube video.

They may become more outspoken than they ever have. But, they still choose to be caring, patient, and attentive. They may do anything for anyone without expecting or wishing for something in return. Whether they are teachers or not, they can help you find a good job, start a successful business, and enjoy cooking overall. You may feel complete if you decide to commit or marry one of them.

Activities: Overall, respect her religion no matter if she is a Taoist, Buddhist, or Confucian. Take interest in her culture, personality, family, activities, etc. Explore such places like the Himalayan mountains, Window of the World, and so on. Make her feel wanted, needed, appreciated, confident, and unconditionally loved. Wear clothes as nice as she does for you. Be yourself and speak your mind in a positive way.

Good Cities to Meet Them: Beijing (capital); Chongqing; Shanghai; Tianjin; Wuhan; Shenzhen; Nanjing; Harbin; Zhengzhou; Changsha; Shenyang; Guilin; Dalian; Dongguan

Good Dating Websites to Visit: loveme.com (A Foreign Affair); International Love; eHarmony; AsianDating.com; Jiayuan; ChinaLoveCupid.com; DateInAsia.com; Badoo; Chinese Kisses; hongkongcupid.com; Cherry Blossoms; trulychinese.com; Tantan; Momo; Tinder; International Cupid

Wenqin – AFA #179340
Feiyan – AFA #125707


Country: India

Appearances: Whether they are part of Native American race or not, they are still as beautiful as other Asian women are. Indian females however come from many nationalities such as Greek, Mongol, Arab, Turkish, French, Portuguese, etc. They are known for having black or dark hair plus dark brown or olive eyes. Their skin complexions are either brown or a light color. Their body shapes are petite. So, they can wear saris, other traditional clothes, or even those that look like what American or Western women wear.

Personalities: Because they are possibly targeted by abusers, child predators, gang rapists, abductors, and murderers, countless Indian women may blame the late Gandhi (Father of India and perhaps Father of sex addiction) for rise of violence against them. Another cultural issue that they face is obsession with white skin tone. Therefore, they may be insecure about their looks if they are dark. But, they know that their hearts and characteristics matter more to American/Western men who are interested in them. The women indeed are:

  • religious when it comes to Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, or Buddhism
  • sincere
  • serious about monogamy and motherhood
  • wise when it comes to sex tourism, yoga, eating healthy foods, relationships, etc.

Activities: To gain the trust of an Indian lady, you must do any or all of these actions:

  • Communicate with her on an online dating website before meeting in person.
  • Avoid hanging at a street, inside or outside the mall, or around a bus.
  • Take things slowly even if she says that she wants to be with you.
  • Let her family know how responsible, respectful, and serious you are about her.
  • Skip a steakhouse because she probably respects and sees cows as valuable animals.
  • Accept her emotions, characteristics, and flaws.
  • Have a honest conversation regarding child marriage and other cultural issues.
  • Be encouraging if she has doubt about her dreams, goals, career, job, etc.

Good Cities to Meet Them: Mumbai; Bengalur; New Delhi (capital); Chennai; Kolkata; Hyderabad; Ahmedabad; Jaipur; Surat; Lucknow; Chandigarh; Indore; Varanasi; Agra; Bhopal; Kanpur; Nagpur; Patna

Good Dating Websites to Visit: AsianDating.com; Indian Cupid; AsianBeautyOnline.com; AsianLadyOnline.com; Badoo; Tinder; Azar; Moco; TrulyMadly; Woo; Happn

Seema Bardia – The Japan Times


Country: Indonesia

Appearances: They may be anonymous to many people worldwide. However, Indonesian females are considered to be the thickest ones in Asia due to their large breasts and butts. They are still small in waist, tall in height, and model-like in their overall looks. Most are dark-skinned (probably because they have some Arab blood) while others have light skin complexions because of their Chinese roots. Regardless of their DNA, they all wear burkas, hijabs, or other traditional clothes. For attending parties, dancing at nightclubs, or visiting other fun places, they wear dresses or skirts with high heels.

Personalities: If you are Caucasian and interested in traveling to their nation, be prepared to be called a “Bule” by them. However, it is an appropriate word because they may consider you moral, responsible, and handsome. If you are a different race instead, you can still win their hearts anyway. Although 87% of them are Muslims, they are looking for men in general who share the same traits they do:

  • liberal
  • outgoing
  • sexually active behind closed doors
  • active in shopping, walking, or exercising
  • traditional when it comes to gender roles
    • A man is supposed to lead while his girlfriend or wife follows and does what he wants or expects.

Activities: According to Sebastian Harris of “Global Seducer” blog, here are successful ways of attracting the right Indonesian woman:

  • Take her dancing, drinking, and/or somewhere fun and safe during nighttime.
  • Always be friendly by smiling and saying ‘hello’ to her.
  • If you meet her online, ask for her extra photos so that you can avoid disappointment of seeing a different side of her in person.
  • Avoid the nightclubs as much as possible due to women who may be Westernized or only interested in taking selfies, getting drunk, sleeping with random men, and/or using them for money and materialistic items.
  • Approach her if she is not wearing a headscarf.
  • Compliment her beautiful skin tone so that she feels better about herself.
  • Date her at a Warung (street food stand) or especially a mall.
  • Learn a little amount of her language.
  • Let her go home around her curfew so that her parents would not get upset or angry.

Good Cities to Meet Them: Jakarta (capital); Bali; Surabaya; Bandung; Makassar; Medan; Semarang; Palembang; Semarang; Padang; Batam; Bogor; Tangerang; Bekasi

Good Dating Websites to Visit: AsianDate.com; Indonesian Cupid; Muslima; idateadvice.com; Tagged; DateInAsia.com; Love Habibi; Asia Friend Finder; Best Asian Brides; International Cupid

Aldira Chena – Two Eggz


Country: Japan

Appearances: Usually, the ladies are skinny and pale-skinned. They have big eyes and medium or long black hair. Whether they wear glasses or not, they are still youthful despite of her ages. For fashion, they fall into these 3 categories:

  • Category A – plain professional clothes for their high-paying jobs
  • Category B – provocative clothes for modeling, fashion, nightlife, etc.
  • Category C – maid outfits or boring clothes for their low-paying jobs

Personalities: The women in general are healthy. They maintain their weight by limiting the amount of food they eat regularly. They also protect their skin by using creams or lotions or staying away from the sun. Some may go to extremes by getting plastic surgery in South Korea. They really want to attract the opposite sex even if they may not wish to get married and have children right away or at all.

Here are several facts you need to know about each group of females:

  • Category A – very educated, career-oriented, middle or high social class, professional, very active in shopping and going to movie theaters, proficient in English
  • Category B – popular, very attractive, less educated, less interested in learning English, less interested in dating or marrying American/Western men, very influenced by American or Western culture, sexually active
  • Category C – average-looking or unattractive, unpopular, less educated or uneducated, successful in working at low income jobs (e.g. cashiers, waitresses, etc.), very family-oriented, submissive to men

Activities: Expect competition with local Japanese men if you are especially interested in a woman from Category B. Seek expert advice on how to truly woo her heart. Avoid discussing sexuality or touching her in public even if she wears sexy clothes. During your date, take joy in walking and talking to her. Keep your conversation with her as light and positive as possible. If your relationship with her progresses and possibly leads to marriage, explore Mount Fiji, revered temples, and other exotic places together.

Whether you already have good social skills or not, improve them necessarily because you may have to greatly impress her loved ones.

Good Cities to Meet Them: Okinawa; Tokyo (capital); Yokohama; Nagoya; Kyoto; Osaka; Hiroshima; Fukuoka; Sapporo; Kobe; Sendai; Shinjuku; Nara; Kitakyushu; Hamamatsu; Saitama

Good Dating Websites to Visit: AsianDating.com; AsianDate.com; Bumble; Omiai; Tapple; eHarmony; TrueLoveJapan.com; Myedate; Asia Friend Finder; Japan Cupid; Zapmeta; Tinder; Pairs

Fatima – AFA #143969


Country: Malaysia

Appearances: Comprised of Chinese, Indian, and Malay descents, the ladies are thin and tall. They have medium or long brunette or black hair. Their skin complexions are either white or pale. Because many of them are Muslim, they may have to wear full clothing and headscarves.

Personalities: Indeed, they are not scared to speak their minds when it comes to something they want, disagree, or disbelieve. They however remain traditional, warm, nice, beautiful, and caring to the opposite sex. They may be very curious about sexuality. But, they may wish to have physical contact plus intercourse with their potential boyfriends or husbands only and privately.

Activities: If you wish to succeed in dating or developing a serious relationship with a Malaysian female, please:

  • avoid free dating websites that can lead you to scammers and insincerity
  • have enough money always
  • learn plenty of information regarding her, other women, their country, and so on
  • do not kiss, touch, or do anything else physical with her due to possible imprisonment
  • be honest with her online and offline
  • make sure that she shares the same interests you do
  • be charming, polite, and gentle with her and other ladies
  • do not send her money until you meet her face-to-face
  • take her to KL Bird Park, Zouk nightclub, and other fun places for unforgettable memories
  • chat with female employee(s) at information desk in Suria KLCC shopping mall

Good Cities to Meet Them: Kuala Lumpur (capital); Johor Bahru; George Town; Malacca; Kuching; Ipoh; Kota Kinabalu; Petaling Jaya; Shah Alam; Kuantan; Seremban; Kulai District

Good Dating Websites to Visit: International Love; Malaysian Cupid; AsianDate.com; Muslima; AsianDating.com

Benjamin and Divya
wedding of Benjamin and Divya – “Creative Chisel” YouTube video


Country: Mongolia

Appearances: Numerous ladies may be 5 feet tall or above and athletic. But, they definitely have medium or long black/dark hair plus a smile that can charm many men in general. Wearing modern clothes or those that are combined with traditional ones and included with bright colors and fabric are another advantage for the women as well.

Personalities: Thanks to the weather that is probably cold throughout every year, they are mentally and physically strong. As a result, they can adjust to challenges or changes that occur in their lives. Being poor or broke is another problem they can overcome. After all, they have been taught to become responsible, mature, and independent during childhood. They also do not believe or want divorces from their current or future husbands. They are very serious about marriage or committed relationships. They deeply care how they look and behave to the opposite sex. If they have to buy extravagant clothes, take a job or career in fashion, and/or build (more) romance with the men of their dreams, the women may do so.

Activities: The following reasons why you might want a girlfriend or wife from Mongolia are:

  • her love of meat, cheese, and dairy products
  • her survivor skills due to unpleasant weather and lack of money
  • her appreciation of living a better life with you in your country
  • taking an unforgettable trip together in Singapore
  • her wish to communicate and know you well online before meeting in person
  • her desire that you meet, get along, and respect her parents as much as she does
  • her preference that you save enough or extra money

If you are Chinese, expect possible rejection from her and possible threats from her family. They may blame your ancestors or those from China for taking over Mongolia centuries ago. However, most Mongolians justify or ignore Russians despite that their ancestors are responsible for killing many Mongolians in the past. If you are still interested in being with her, be persistent, patient, and honest with your character and intentions always. Help her family see you in a positive way so that they can approve your relationship with her.

Good Cities to Meet Them: Ulaanbaatar (capital); Erdenet; Darkhan; Moron; Choibalsan; Khovd; Olgii; Nalaikh

Good Dating Websites to Visit: International Cupid; Izito; Rose Brides; AsianBeautyOnline.com; AsianLadyOnline.com; Asian Dating

woman in capital of Mongolia – Livingly


Country: Philippines

Appearances: Prominent for their exotic looks, they are mixed with Chinese, African, Hispanic, European, and other races. They are usually thin, petite, and ageless as their Chinese counterparts are. Most filipinas have long and straight dark brown or black hair plus black or dark eyes. They as well as others remain gorgeous regardless of their various skin complexions. If you want to read about their fashion and why they resemble high school or college students, please click the following blog post:

Personalities: They are so serious about getting married and having children that they would turn to men who can pass as their fathers or grandfathers. Filipinas may be considered immature for international relationships or marriages due to their ages or looks. However, they prove the world wrong by staying mature, faithful, family-oriented, optimistic, sincere, healthy, and physically active. Their only known weakness is being shy. Hence, they are scared or unwilling to discuss sex publicly.

Activities: Visit a beach, mall, or another fun place with your possible Philippine date, girlfriend, or wife. Enjoy walking, exercising, and communicating with her as well. Take her on a boat ride. Be curious, understanding, and respectful to her family and friends if you are serious about her. Be willing to have kids with her especially if she is not a single mother. Let her stay in touch with her loved ones via phone, email, and video chat always. Learn additional information about her culture, background, etc. Prolong your vacation so that you can create more amazing memories with her.

Good Cities to Meet Them: Manila (capital); Davao; Cebu City; Quezon City; Makati; Cagayan de Oro; Pasay; Zamboanga; Caloocan; Valenzuela; Muntinlupa; Bataan; Talisay City; Luzon; Visayas; Urdaneta

Good Dating Websites to Visit: loveme.com; Filipino Cupid; International Cupid; AsianDating.com; Christianfilipina.com; DateInAsia.com; Tagged, Truly Filipina; Cherry Blossoms; Cebuanas; Bumble; Tinder; Happn; Pinay Romances; philippine-singles.com

Josephine – AFA #143000
Reza – AFA #135435

South Koreans

Country: South Korea

Appearances: Although it is at odds with North Korea, women from both rival nations do share some similarities. They typically have slim body shapes, white porcelain skin, long legs, and long black or dark brown hair. The difference is that South Korean ladies have voluptuous lips and a S-Line which means a perfect hip to waste ratio. They care so much about their looks that they would probably get plastic surgery repeatedly.

Personalities: They may be obsessed about what others say or think of them and how they view themselves in the mirror. But, females are less concerned about who they are dating. In fact, they like being matched to men regardless of their looks. Possible reasons are seeking boyfriends/husbands who are as educated, persistent, loyal, caring, religious, etc. as they are and creating better lives abroad. The ladies may wish to escape or move to other countries because they are inferior to the opposite sex, controlled and maybe victimized by the patriarchal government and society, and forced or pressured to do things against their will. They want to be free, safe, happy, in love, and forever tied to good American/Western men.

Activities: To make a South Korean woman feel special and connected to you, you must do any or all of these things:

  • Take her to a fancy restaurant.
  • Lead the relationship so that she can be guided and led to happiness, etc.
  • Gain (more) confidence regarding your future with her.
  • Have enough money so that you can provide what she needs.
  • Expect her to be on her mobile phone often for checking her social media tasks.
  • Accept her for who she is personally, culturally, and religiously.
  • Prove that you are not a womanizer or cheater.
  • Obtain the approval from her parents before you take the relationship to the next level.
  • Give her jewelry, flowers, and/or other valuable gifts for her birthday or a holiday.
  • Journey together around her country or the world.

Good Cities to Meet Them: Seoul (capital); Suwon; Jeonju-si; Changwon; Seongnam; Busan; Incheon; Goyang; Daegu; Ansan-si; Pohang-si; Gwangju; Ulsan; Daejeon

Good Dating Websites to Visit: Korean Cupid; Badoo; AsianDating.com; Ublove; Plenty of Fish (POF); Asia Friend Finder; Amanda; Noon Date; Tinder

fashion model – Pinterest


Country: Thailand

Appearances: Truly, the “Land of Smiles” has produced 2 types of ladies based on region. The northern side of the nation is home to predominantly those who are light-skinned and part Chinese. But, their fellow sisters who are dark-skinned and maybe mixed with Middle Eastern or African race live in the southern side. Overall, both groups are tall and skinny. They have black, brunette, or orange hair. They wear appropriate or impressive clothes that can attract numerous American/Western expats and travelers.

Personalities: Honestly, some Thai ladies are not trustworthy whatsoever. If you see their hanging at streets, wearing provocative clothes, and asking or demanding escorting or call girl services, avoid them at all costs. They are more concerned about money, materialism, and other benefits than they are with the men they date, have sex, or connect. Do not be surprised if they are unable to read, write, and speak words clearly or unwilling to get college education, better jobs, and so on.

If you want to find a woman or women who are suitable, dress appropriately, and highly educated, go to the mall, grocery store, and other safe places. Another option is seeing them with friends and relatives. It should tell you that the women are caring due to their close relations with loved ones. Also, females possess these traits that you perhaps desire in your future girlfriend or wife:

  • supportive
  • traditional
  • respectful
  • peaceful
  • compatible
  • shy
  • approachable
  • dependent
  • submissive
  • private when it comes to kissing, touching, hugging, etc.

Activities: If you wish to become the Farang (if you are Caucasian) or man (if you are part of another race instead) of a lady’s dreams, treat her with respect always. Greet her properly. Be patient and understanding if she deals with some personal issues or needs time for herself. Learn basic words of her language so that she can sense your wish to bond with her. Take her to a beach, mall, museum, and/or a restaurant or street stand where both of you can eat rice, meat (e.g. chicken, fish, or beef), and vegetables together. Make sure that she is not a bar girl, stripper, escort, or prostitute.

Good Cities to Meet Them: Bangkok (capital); Pattaya; Chiang Mai; Phuket; Pak Kret; Nonthabun; Thani; Phutsanulok; Lampang; Chonburi; Sakhon Nakhon; Beung Kan

Good Dating Websites to Visit: Dream Connections; loveme.com; Thai Cupid; Thai Friendly; Thai Romances; Cherry Blossoms; International Cupid; ThaiFlirting.com; Date In Asia; Farangdate.com; ThaiJoop.com

Noon – DC #0662335
Pui – AFA #158816


I hope that this long blog post has satisfied you with sufficient information about Asian women in 10 nations.

Hopefully, you are encouraged to travel to any Asian country and seek your potential girlfriend or wife. She and her many counterparts are hoping to find international love someday. They are too attractive to remain single, lonely, and unwanted for the rest of their lives.

Thai and Indonesian ladies have nicknames (“Farangs” and “Bules”) for the white men of their dreams.

Filipinas disregard age so that they can build marital relationships with good men regardless of race, nationality, etc.

Indians prefer to meet and connect with their future boyfriends/husbands at areas or places that do not lure creeps, perverts, and other bad guys.

Japanese females are indifferent to whoever or whatever is not part of their culture.

The other 5 Asian groups nevertheless show much interest in American/Western males in order to feel relieved and protected from their toxic cultures.

Like their fellow sisters in Europe, Africa, and Latin America, Asian women in general are waiting to encounter extra good and marriage-minded men sooner or later.

The ladies would thus value the opposite sex as much as they do with their loved ones.

map of Asia – Infoplease

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