3 Words that Foreign Women Think

I always love watching an interaction between an American/Western man and a foreign woman (or women).

If you (American or Westernized man) click on this link, you would be led to a YouTube video that describes what I have just written. The 3 shown Ukrainian ladies are overjoyed to introduce themselves to Rocky and vice versa. They want to know him well and other Dream Connections male clients well despite of short time. But, like their numerous counterparts in the same country, Russia, Thailand, Peru, etc., the 3 females are probably concerned about these 3 words when it comes to an international relationship with the opposite sex:


It indeed brings a male and female together. She needs to be attracted to him based on both his looks and personality. Therefore, he has to wear his best clothes, have good hygiene, keep his hair neat and clean, and do other necessary duties for improvement of his appearance. For the spiritual part, he must be positive, open-minded, caring, loyal, honest, etc. to her. He may have a difficult time in wooing her heart if he does not care how he looks, what he wears, and how he behaves.

Whether you are average-looking or below, you can still get a gorgeous foreign woman in your arms. Strengthen your communication with her like I do with Viktoria. Develop feelings for a special lady if you believe that she is right for you and she reciprocates. Create memories together even if you do not get married. Thus, you should not experience loneliness, regret, and unhappiness in your life anymore.


Depending on the time to come, a couple either grows or ends its relationship. Because most foreign ladies stay with their American/Western husbands regardless of their obstacles, she wants to reciprocate for her potential man. Even if both of them are just dating, she may be willing to do whatever it takes in order to take their relationship to the next level. I sense the same feeling from Viktoria. Even though I am not ready for marriage, I still want to pursue her. Letting her go is not an option when it comes to my difficult life.

If you want to make sure that your life becomes better, you can always pursue a lady who feels the same about hers. She may not be totally happy about her current life, job, etc. as you may not be with yours. Once she meets you, gets to know you well, and realizes if you are serious about monogamy, she may become ecstatic and optimistic in planning her new possible life with you.


An international relationship is like a shared bank account. The American/Western male and his foreign girlfriend/wife must put each of their trust, unconditional love, safety, respect, etc. in their connection. The result is reassuring each other that they are inseparable and everlasting.

If you want to save your relationship with the opposite sex, you need to give her your heart and vice versa. Continue to treat her well. Talk to her about something that makes you happy or depressed. After all, she is your best friend, confidante, protector, and so on in just 1 person. You would never find anyone else like her.


It is important and justifiable that most foreign women have thoughts or concerns about international dating/marriage.

Becoming exclusive to American/Western men might mean that the ladies have to move to United States and other first world countries. Fortunately, women are willing to do so in order to make themselves plus their future husbands happier. If females choose to stay in their own countries, they expect to remain single and lonely for the rest of their lives.

Those 3 words I have discussed give hope to not only most women overseas but also many men in United States, Canada, and other Westernized nations as well.

Chemistry can create an undeniable attraction and connection between a man and woman from different cultures.

Future can promise them that it is going to strengthen their relationship as long as they keep putting each other first.

Security can protect their relationship from haters, worried loved ones who just want to promote local dating to them, obstacles, and other negative influences.

The international couple is going to face more challenges than a domestic couple does.

I say this fact because of my relationship with Viktoria whom I feel more connected than I do with anyone else at home.

I am willing to fight for her regardless of what my family and other locals say/think plus how my mediocre life evolves.

You must have the same attitude if you are interested in committing or marrying an amazing foreign lady.

Follow your heart which gives you words of encouragement, guides you to the place you may wish to stay, and helps you find a remarkable human connection that is missing where you live.

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3 Ukrainian women meeting Rocky
3 Ukrainian ladies meeting with Rocky (American) – “Dream Connections” YouTube video

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