My Review – “You May Not Kiss the Bride” Movie

In 2009, writer and director Rob Hedden has produced a movie called “You May Not Kiss the Bride“. Not only does it include a mixture of romance, action, adventure, and comedy but also it features an all-star cast such as Dave Annable, Katharine McPhee, Tia Carrere, Mena Suvari, Kathy Bates, Vinnie Jones, and Rob Schneider. Of course, it has taken place in Hawaii because most or all of its scenes show a beach, forest, or exotic background.

I am not fully aware why Hedden has made the film. But, my guess is that he wants to explain to viewers and the rest of the world that true love can happen between any man and any woman. International dating or marriage proves that the couple cannot resist the attraction, connection, trust, and love they have for each other. They refuse to let their different cultures, various backgrounds, worried loved ones and difficult obstacles break them apart.

I provide you (American or Western man) the following details regarding how I feel about the unforgettable movie:


  • Bryan Lighthouse (Annable)
    • He is a professional photographer of pets.
      • He snaps images of dogs, cats, and other animals whether they are wearing clothes or not.
    • Being patient with difficult customers and doing a job that most men probably feel uncomfortable in doing tell me that he candidly has a good heart and much respect for women.
      • Even though his mother (played by Bates) is somewhat domineering and adamant about becoming a grandmother, she empathizes with his feelings and treats him fairly.
    • Therefore, he deserves a better woman than the one (Tonya) he has been previously involved.
      • Tonya moves on to Ernesto (Schneider) at the middle of the movie.
      • After all, she may be too promiscuous and overbearing for Bryan to constantly deal and possibly marry.
  • Masha Nikitin (McPhee)
    • She is the daughter of a rich and powerful mobster.
    • She is either a college student, professional dancer, or both.
    • Whether she has been born in United States or Croatia, she is still considered a foreign woman legally due to her need for a green card.
      • Thus, her father turns to Bryan as a solution to her problem.
    • She is wise, approachable, and undeniably attractive.
  • front cover(s) of movie
    • The one you see below is hard to ignore.
      • Just looking at it makes me wish to see the movie again.
    • There is another cover that you may like as well.
      • Click on this link for viewing.
    • The 3rd and final cover is on this URL:
    • All of them are worthy in downloading, collecting, and saving on your computer, flash/hard drive, or CD-R/DVD-R disc.
      • So, if you want to watch the movie (again) or something similar, take another look at the memorable cover(s).

3 Dislikes

  • forced marriage between Bryan and Masha
    • They have to wed each other for these reasons:
      • keeping her from being deported to Croatia
      • protecting his life
      • owing debt(s) to her father
    • In addition, the couple is prohibited from having physical contact.
      • It is understandable that they want to kiss, touch, and make love.
      • They do not know each other well at first.
      • However, they build a stronger chemistry with each other than they have ever done with previous partners separately.
    • They break the rules and give in to temptation after risking their lives and fleeing from their enemies.
      • Indeed, a negative or hellish experience can turn rivals into friends or lovers.
      • At the ending of the movie, they plan to get married for the 2nd time.
        • The difference is that they choose to do so.
  • Brick (Jones)
    • He is her former boyfriend plus her father’s employee or colleague.
    • His name certainly fits his personality.
      • He is strong, relentless, intimidating, and dangerous.
    • He initially seems caring and overprotective of her.
      • But, he shows his true colors after her kidnapper calls and informs him about her escape.
    • Fortunately, he is defeated and killed after trying to harm/kill her and Bryan.
  • Tonya (Suvari)
    • She is Bryan’s former girlfriend.
    • She has worked with him in his photography business.
    • She is impulsive, outspoken, and seductive.
      • I understand why he just wants to work and sleep with her.
    • Honestly, she is not wife material as Masha is.
      • But, maybe Tonya can encourage her playboy boyfriend Ernesto to commit or marry her.


If you want to see a happy ending, watch this movie. It may be silly to some viewers and critics. But, it does have some serious and unforgettable scenes. It also promotes international love whether Hedden has intended this to happen or not.

You can view it online for a low price or even free.

Another option is buying a DVD or Blu-Ray Disc on eBay or Amazon.

Regardless of your decision, watch the movie repeatedly, get plenty of inspiration, and relentlessly pursue the woman of your dreams like Bryan has done with Masha.

front cover of movie – Cineplex Store
Masha (Katherine McPhee) and Bryan (Dave Annable) – AceShowBiz

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