My 9th Video Chat with Viktoria and Elizabeth

Originally, my 9th Skype meeting with both Ukrainian women is supposed to happen a few weeks ago. But, I thank God that it is occurring today (Mar. 10). Demanding jobs, worrisome family and friends, and of course unexpected problems in life can get in our ways and cause us to doubt our unique connection. They can truly destroy a good long distance relationship between a man and a woman. However, I refuse to let those obstacles ruin mines with Viktoria.

So, here is the following details of my belated Skype video chat with her:

Beginning of chat

I am calm despite that I am happy to see her on my computer screen again. Not working properly, the video camera does not show my face. But, the audio is good fortunately. I can hear her voice, see her appearance digitally, and vice versa.

A few days ago, I have thought that my relationship with her has come to an end. The reason is that she has seemed distant or uninterested in me. Nonetheless, the truth is that I have gotten a few misunderstandings from Elizabeth on WhatsApp. She has been working additional hours at her job while Viktoria probably does the same with hers. Plus, Viktoria has been visiting her parents recently. At least she still values her relationship with her family as much as she does with me.

Middle of chat

So tired of my mediocre life and crummy job, I let them know that I wish to return to their city (Odessa) soon. They are excited to hear and see how thrilled I am. I want to see them again in person. I remember the first time that we have met last year. I have been lost at some street (with unidentified businesses and difficult street signs) and thus contact Anna (manager of A Foreign Affair company) for guidance and location where she works. I may have received a little success. But, Viktoria and Elizabeth have found my whereabouts and directed me to a restaurant for our date.

I also tell them that I am trying to get a better job. After all, I need extra money so that I can get my own place, pay my student loans, and become financially responsible of Viktoria if I apply for a K1 fiance visa and marry her in United States. I may still enjoy my freedom and have important things to do. But, I do not want to stay single for the rest of my life. As a result, I would probably feel the same way in the future as I do today.

Ending of chat

Before the closing of our 36 minute Skype communication, she asks me what I think of her hair and fingernails overall. I consider her hair okay. It honestly looks no different than it has on a few previous video chats we have. I would like to see her with a curly or short hairstyle. Consequently, I may find her more attractive. I am also not crazy about her multicolored fingernails too. I ask Elizabeth if she can ask Viktoria about polishing her nails with a solid color (e.g. red). Viktoria agrees and promises to do it when I return to Odessa this summer. Even if she forgets, I would be overjoyed to see, hug, talk, maybe hold hands, and hopefully spend a day or 2 with her.


I realize how much I want to pursue her after thinking about the rest of my life without her.

Of course, I plan to meet and date other women on my upcoming vacation overseas. I do not want to bore myself by staying at a hotel or apartment all day. Another reason is not wishing to walk and look at many stores, restaurants, pedestrians, etc. for many hours per day again. I want to spend as much time with the opposite sex as possible.

Even if I become more attracted to another woman (or more women) I date, I believe that I would not have the same connection with her as I do with Viktoria.

Would I have a regular Skype chat with the anonymous woman?

Additionally, is she going to send me her digital photos on WhatsApp occasionally?

Would she do as much as Viktoria has for me?

If the answer for all 3 questions is ‘no’, then I would not be surprised.

Most of the women I have dated have moved on with their lives.

Whether they are still single or involved in marital relationships, I may not have another chance to see and date them again.

I am nevertheless fine with that impossibility because I can focus on my connection with Viktoria.

She has become a valuable person in my life besides my relatives.

Viewing her various photos indeed proves how much I am interested in her, how much I respect her, and why I want to become closer to her.

Other attractive women including my past and future dates come and go.

But, whether Viktoria and I become a solid couple or go our separate ways, she is always going to have a special place in my heart.

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