Russian Women versus Brazilian Women

What do Russia and Brazil share in common together? Honestly, both nations are so popular with men around the world thanks to their super feminine citizens. If you (American or Western man) are curious about the irresistible ladies in the 2 biggest countries of this world, please read the differences between them below:



Russian Women

  • average height of 170 cm or 6 ft
  • very fit or slim weights
  • tall heights
  • usually blonde or dark hair
  • small hands
  • long legs
  • Caucasian and maybe Asian skin complexions or features
  • similar Slavic features with their Ukrainian counterparts
  • green or brown eyes

Brazilian Women

  • average height of 5 ft and 2.5 in
  • dark-skinned, biracial, or multiracial (53%)
  • tall heights
  • curvy or skinny bodies
  • asymmetrical faces
  • predominantly African, Portuguese, and/or Japanese races in southwestern or northeastern Brazil
  • mainly German or another European race with blonde hair, tanned skin tones, and tall heights in southern Brazil
  • native Brazilians or Amerindians with olive skin tones, dark hair, and black eyes in northern or midwestern Brazil
  • wavy hairstyles
  • well known for their big hips
  • partial to Portuguese, Italian, German, Ukrainian, English, and even Russian nationalities


Brazilian Women

If you want to meet and connect with a variety of females, go to Brazil. You would have access to countless light-skinned, dark-skinned, Asian, etc. women with similar physical features and personality traits that you desire in a potential girlfriend or wife. You may not become bored with them as you may do so with Russian ladies who seem like clones or biological family members.

gorgeous Afro-Brazilian model Clara Paixao – Black Women of Brazil


Russian Women

  • combined dresses
  • model-like clothes
  • stockings and mini skirts or short skirts during winter season
  • makeup
  • earrings
  • clean and polished nails
  • nice hairstyles
  • fur coats
  • form-fitting wool or leather coats
  • heeled boots
  • hoses
  • fur hats
  • scarves
  • gloves
  • graphic T-shirts during summer season
  • tight jeans
  • high-heeled sandals
  • casual, practical, or less stylish clothes for those who live in rural areas

Brazilian Women

  • bikinis or thongs at beaches
  • “dental floss” or “fio dental” bathing suits
  • trousers
  • shorts and stylish tops
  • miniskirts
  • sandals
  • jeans
  • T-shirts with designs, logos, and/or phrases
  • Baiana dresses
  • Bermuda shorts
  • beach-style shirts
  • sunglasses
  • synonymous clothing with vibrant colors, printed and floral patterns, or both
  • boas
  • simple dresses and pantsuits with hoses and dark shoes for business purposes
  • high heels
  • facial paint for natives
  • traditional tunics
  • jeans with sequins or beads
  • Carnival bikinis with feathered and jeweled adornments
  • khakis
  • smock-style dresses
  • short or medium-sized skirts with hems
  • jackets or sweaters during winter season or cold weather
  • cultural dresses with vivid colors and accessories
  • beaded necklaces
  • bracelets
  • white cotton shirts
  • long skirts
  • head scarves


Brazilian Women

Of course, I have to pick them again. They are not only so beautiful to stare nonstop but also so experienced in wearing seductive clothes. Unlike their Russian counterparts (whose clothes make them look rich despite that they are broke), most Brazilian females have no problems in attracting more men whether they are American/Western or local Brazilian, young or old, and marriage-minded or interested in only sexual intercourse. Just visit a beach or carnival where you would be amazed with the beauty of the Brazilian ladies. You may also be surprised if you encounter several or many single or divorced men from United States and the Western world there.

GQ cover of 5 Brazilian bikini models – Pinterest



Russian Women

  • passionate
  • stunning
  • creative
  • opinionated
  • maybe multi-talented
  • smart
  • educated
  • monogamous
  • trustworthy
  • positive
  • loyal
  • confident
  • astonishing
  • supportive
  • maternal
  • youthful
  • very healthy
  • charming
  • very active
  • political
  • open-minded
  • adventurous
  • independent
  • competitive
  • responsible
  • reliable
  • extroverted
  • very feminine
  • approachable

Brazilian Women

  • diverse
  • seductive
  • very sexual
  • fashionable
  • inspirational to singers, songwriters, producers, writers, other experts, and onlookers around the world
  • very charismatic
  • fairly traditional
  • sociable
  • very active physically
  • approachable
  • straightforward
  • comfortable with hugging or kissing in public
  • lighthearted
  • flaky
  • inconsistent
  • open to strangers
  • curious about American or Western culture and especially football
  • healthy
  • respectable
  • honest
  • competent in art, dancing, etc.


Russian Women

I think that they are more serious about commitment or marriage than Brazilian females are. After all, most Russian women have extreme difficulty in seeking or keeping any men (whether they are good or troubled). Another reason is that the ladies outnumber the men as well. Thus, the women have to join international dating websites or agencies in order to be noticed and distinguished. Their other option is traveling or relocating to another country (e.g. Ukraine or United Kingdom) where more men are available.

2 happy Russian women looking for international love – iDateAdvice

Feelings, Abilities, and Thoughts

Russian Women

  • enjoy drawing, dancing, walking, and other fun activities
  • may be downgraded or mistreated by society for their loneliness or losses of marriage
  • do not believe or agree with feminists in United States and the Western world
  • see family as their #1 priority
  • can speak 2 or more languages
  • able to solve problems and those of their potential boyfriends or husbands
  • prefer to eat mainly or only fruits and vegetables
  • frequent in gyms or similar places for exercising and reducing weight
  • like having and raising children
  • dress to impress their men regardless of cold weather
  • enjoy meeting and communicating with strangers
  • occasionally or regularly attend parties, clubs, spas, bars, concerts, festivals, etc.
  • willing to comfort and even become mother figures to their potential boyfriends/husbands
  • possibly attract the wrong men due to their sexy appearances
  • avoid being alone or dating local alcoholics or troublemakers
  • prefer to work less hours for more money

Brazilian Women

  • prefer men who focus mainly on their hobbies, activities, education, etc.
  • show pride for their multiracial or multicultural backgrounds
  • have no concern that they do not resemble professional models
  • enjoy exercising, losing, or maintaining weight
  • prefer to make eye contact with the opposite sex before starting the conversation
  • probably able to speak both English and Portuguese languages
  • like physical contact or compliments
  • enjoy kissing random men during celebrations (e.g. carnivals or World Cup events) or after 10-15 minutes of first meetings
  • say words that do not really mean anything
  • have fun in playing or throwing footballs with new friends
  • participate in Brazil Cupid or Tinder website for true love
  • expect American/Western men to be different or better than the ones in their country are


Russian Women

If you want more stability, happiness, encouragement, etc. in your life, choose a Russian lady for a marital relationship instead. She may not be as exciting as her Brazilian sister is. Nonetheless, a Russian woman may convince you that she is always going to be supportive, loyal, and honest with you. You do not have to worry about her involvement with other men because she comes from a country that has a shortage of them anyway. Plus, she may not be as homesick as her counterpart is. Russia frankly does not have the year-round pleasant weather, remarkable beaches, special events, and other benefits that Brazil has.

single Russian lady Lisa –


So, there is a tie between Russian and Brazilian women.

Each group has won a category (or should I say 2 subcategories).

If you care more about good looks and sexy clothes, just focus on ladies in Brazil.

But, if you want to pursue a woman who is going to take you more seriously, put your needs plus desires before hers, and call your home hers, head to Russia instead.

Like Colombia and other similar nations, Brazil has thousands or millions of women who are interested in dating or marrying American/Western men. The difference is that Brazil has tropical weather, crowded beaches, popular cultural events, and many entertaining places to distract the women from international love. Some women may lose interest in American/Western men eventually and decide to remain single or date local Brazilian men only. Meanwhile, other women may go through temptation or even receive enough attention from locals or American/Western expats/travelers who want to flirt and have sex.

Many Russian women do not have to worry about obstacles that are keeping them in their country.

Unless they are really close to their family and friends or happy with their mediocre lives, the women might want to leave there permanently.

Seeking an American/Western man for marriage is a huge advantage for them.

The women can hence start better lives with better men at better places.

happy Russian woman with her American/Western husband –

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