Why are there too many lovely women in Europe, Latin America, Asia, and especially Africa?

Why are they so lonely, genuine, and interested in dating or marrying American/Western men?

Why do many of the men refuse to go overseas, meet, and connect with the ladies?

If you (American or Western man) do not know the answers to the questions above, do not worry. I have fortunately come up with 5 reasons why numerous foreign females are constantly ignored, ridiculed, badmouthed, falsely accused, and/or name-called by the opposite sex:

  • They are too different.
    • They think and behave in ways that most men from United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and other Westernized nations do not understand or want to do so.
      • The women are who they are due to their:
        • cultures
        • upbringings
        • experiences
        • so on
      • However, no one (except racists or those who discriminate) says anything negative or makes a big deal about diverse ladies in first world countries though.
    • Even though I have gone to Colombia, Dominican Republic, and Ukraine, I have still dated wonderful women regardless of their skin tones, ages, personalities, etc.
      • When it comes to foreign ladies in general, I mainly see the positive side.
      • If they are not as friendly, honest, and respectful as they are, then I may not be the same person I am today.
    • If you wish to date a variety of women abroad, please be open-minded.
  • They are too easy.
    • They seem to make themselves available for any men who is interested.
      • However, some ladies are going to be honest and choose to stay single until they find men who are suitable for them.
    • Although I have dated some women who have lost interest in me and others whom I am no longer attracted, I have still enjoyed my time with all of them.
      • I can reassure you that it is so simple to talk, date, and connect with a foreign woman who is not really interested in you.
      • Too bad we cannot do the same with local American/Western women.
    • Do not assume that you can have any lady you wish abroad.
      • Just like a local American/Western woman, the foreign woman may also be difficult to build a relationship.
      • However, you can succeed more with the foreign female than you do with her American/Western counterpart.
  • There are too many of them.
    • The reason why they outnumber the men is:
    • The women may have to compete with each other in order to attract or keep boyfriends or husbands.
      • For continual success of their relationships, the ladies may have to keep wearing sexy clothes, doing household chores, and so on.
    • At first, I have been excited and overwhelmed with the quantities of them.
      • But, after dating a couple of women and not really having much chemistry with each of them, I realize that meeting more of them would probably lead to the same negative results.
        • I plan to date several ladies when I return to Odessa, Ukraine.
          • I do not want to stay at an apartment or hotel all day.
          • Plus, I do not want to walk around the streets by myself either.
        • However, I am willing to cancel my dates if Viktoria can take more time from her job and spend more time with me.
    • If you want a girlfriend or wife, then pick a woman whom you develop strong feelings.
      • Realize that there are beautiful ladies everywhere.
  • They do not live or visit United States or the Western world.
    • Truthfully, most foreign women cannot legally enter United States unless they:
    • The same thing probably applies with Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and other first world countries.
    • Fortunately, some foreign women are allowed to travel to United States or the Western world based on their incomes, close relationships with Americans/Westerners, etc.
      • They unexpectedly can find true love with certain men at certain places.
    • Originally, when I have learned about foreign females (especially the ones in Colombia) in 2006, I have wanted to email and then invite one of them to my country.
      • However, a few months later, I have changed my mind.
      • Going overseas and meeting them in person is way better than staying home and often communicating with them online.
      • Plus, I receive more joy, confidence, and other benefits when I travel to other nations as well.
    • Whether you want to find the woman of your dreams or just date her plus other sexy women, you must be willing to go abroad.
  • They do not talk to men outside their countries.
    • Indeed, most foreign ladies do not or cannot call or have video chats with American/Western males.
      • Language barrier is not the only reason.
      • The women are usually busy with their jobs, schoolwork, kids, and other priorities.
    • The women (small number of them) who do communicate with men who choose to stay home and continue writing letters are probably scammers from international dating websites that provide no romance tours whatsoever.
      • Most likely, the same women are going to call, chat, or text other men for money as well.
      • Other ladies (those who are genuine and caring) are going to stop communicating entirely if the men do not plan to meet them abroad.
        • If I do not ever go back to Odessa, I might as well say goodbye to Viktoria permanently.
    • In fact, I have emailed Erika (my former translator/tour guide and current friend) a few months before entering her country (Colombia) for the first time.
      • Meeting and getting to know her well are way better.
      • The same things apply to the previous women I have dated as well.
    • So, if you successfully wish to build an international relationship, pick these 2 options:
      • Have a Skype video chat with a foreign woman (you have never met in person) frequently or once a month like I do with Viktoria.
      • Just go overseas so that you can physically meet her and start your regular communication during the first date.
    • Emailing, chatting, or sending text messages to a woman you have never met may forever keep you at the same place – where you live.

Although the rest of the world chooses to disregard innumerable beautiful and innocent ladies who reside in non-Westernized nations, I am obviously doing the opposite. I see something better or greater in them than I do with the ones in United States or the Western world. I am so crazy about foreign females (including Viktoria) that I have actually written over 220 significant blog posts for this blog.

I can also relate to them because I am mainly treated like a ghost or nobody in my own culture too.

People who have so much money, popularity, fancy homes and vehicles, charm, and other desirable things are definitely not going to be overlooked.

Nevertheless, those who have less, have nothing, or lose everything may be rejected by friends, relatives, other locals, and/or even those who are in the same predicaments they are.

Regardless of what happens, God is in complete control.

His good characteristics which exist in the hearts of countless single and available women around the world are being shown to more American/Western men who are:

Once an ignored man follows his heart, goes overseas, and builds a marital relationship with an ignored woman, they are not ignored anymore.

Both of their relatives, friends, and other locals would make sure of that fact.

But, what matters more is that the international couple is finally seen and respected after overcoming their obstacles, proving everyone else wrong, and making their love for each other grow.

African woman
overlooked African model – iAfrica
Andrea – AFA #156772
Daniela – Manizales Cupido #1206
John (American) and his Ukrainian wife (Julia) – Mordinson

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