My 3rd Wish – Hiring Translators, Tour Guides, and Other Experts around the World

I want to return to Colombia, Dominican Republic, and of course Ukraine. I also wish to travel to countries I have never been such as Costa Rica, Philippines, Cape Verde, Japan, etc. But, I have to confess my fear of entering those countries because I may become stranded and alone. The thought of having no one to pick me up at the airport, support, protect, and/or guide me abroad is frightening. I totally understand why a few people on “90 Day Fiance: The Other Way” have panicked overseas.

So, I have come up with a solution to my problem: employing 1 or more people who are experienced in speaking 2+ languages, traveling around foreign cities or nations, providing specific information about different cultures, people, and so on. I would feel better if I can find them from a similar website to Airbnb. Therefore, I can trust and recommend them to you (American or Western man) and other skeptics who wish to travel abroad.

If the ideal online company ever exists, it can make a positive difference in this world with these 5 positive results:

More customers would feel comfortable in traveling around the world.

Indeed, the media, society, family, friends, fear, and other obstacles are constantly keeping many Americans/Westerners at home permanently. The result is that they continue having negative opinions and lacking evidence to verify their words when it comes to foreign countries, foreigners, and so on. In order to stop assuming the worst and begin learning the truth and living the lives they truly want to live, more people in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and other Westernized nations need to be open-minded. The hypothetical company website can help link them to international translators, tour guides, and other experts who can communicate with them via email, text chat, or video chat. Plus, the professionals can show videos/images of their cities, exotic places they go, foods they eat, and so on. Hopefully, you and other Americans/Westerners would have the courage to go on your dream vacations overseas.

More professionals from the global online business would provide accurate information about themselves.

If the translators, tour guides, and other experts want to be taken seriously and build their reputations, they must be honest with their visitors and potential customers. Putting their actual phone numbers, email addresses, social media links or buttons, collected customer feedback, and other details on the same webpages is a big advantage. Consequently, you and others would be able to trust the specialists and have less problems in giving them your personal, financial, etc. information.

Everyone would be able to depend and respect each other more.

The world is filled with plenty of negativity. But, the company can make a positive difference with its integrity. As long as the experts and customers have realistic expectations and do not keep secrets from each other, they can retain their amazing relationships. The more you and other Americans/Westerners talk to foreigners may prompt you all to save money, plan your trips in advance, pack your suitcases, and get on airplanes that are going to take you to your foreign destinations.

The customers would become curious of the unknown instead of ignoring or being scared of it.

It is normal to be afraid of meeting stranger(s) or going somewhere you do not know well or at all. But, sooner or later, we have to face the painful reality in order to survive. The same thing applies to visitors or potential customers of the theoretical website. Its experts can help them gain confidence and go on their trips abroad by doing the following things:

  • Discuss foreign cultures, places, people, etc.
  • Teach them how to read, speak, write, and understand foreign languages.
  • Upload photos/videos of their families, friends, homes, etc.
  • Recommend them to helpful tourists, expats, international couples, and/or singles who have dated internationally.

Frankly, extra information is going to help you and others see the positive side of the unknown as well as inspire you all to experience something that is outside your country and comfort zone.

The professionals would be willing to help both repeat and new customers save money, frustration, etc.

We usually expect less or nothing from those who do not know or even like us. But, we would be surprised if specialists voluntarily give us more than what we want or need. If they really love to communicate, encourage, meet, advise, and lead their customers to the right direction, they would reciprocate for gaining additional customers to the imaginary website. Spending less money on good services, building meaningful relationships with foreigners, and making smooth progress concerning your upcoming vacations may motivate you and other Americans/Westerners to explore the world and create unique blogs, books, YouTube channels, etc. that would make a big impact on both current and future generations.


This world would seem safer to me, you, and other Americans/Westerners if more genuine, reliable, competent, and professional people from most or all countries reveal themselves, their cultures, etc. to us online.

It would be great if those experts can find the website through social media (e.g. YouTube or Facebook) or a search engine (e.g. Google or Yahoo!), join the ideal website, verify their identities, credibility, and other details, and provide their contact information to us.

The rise of loneliness, depression, murder, boredom, rejection, and other issues in our culture(s) should drive us abroad or maybe somewhere like Las Vegas or Miami.

I do not know about you because most people choose to stay in their comfort zones.

But, I am ready to go back to another country (e.g. Ukraine).

I want to reunite with Viktoria.

If we become serious and get married in the future, I want to take her to other nations as well.

I truly want to be happy again.

Life is short.

No one (including us) is getting any younger.

Therefore, more people need to do more things and go to more places before it is too late.

If they lack motivation, then translators, tour guides, and other specialists from the imaginary online business can assist them in gaining (or regaining) it.

If the global website ever exists, it can truly help countless customers:

  • understand my point of view regarding foreign countries, international dating, and other relevant topics
  • realize that the rest of the world can offer them more joy, freedom, comfort, etc. than where they live does

Irina and Liza of Dream Connections agency 1

Irina and Liza of Dream Connections agency 2

Irina and Liza of Dream Connections agency 3

3 Screenshot Photos of manager/translator Irina and romance coach/translator Liza – “Dream Connections” YouTube video

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