International Dating 101

Are you (American or Western man) curious about attractive women in other countries?

If not, then do you want to learn, meet, date, and/or build lasting relationships with them?

If your answer is ‘yes’, then you are on the right blog post.

I am going to pretend that this is an introductory online course, that you are a student, and that I am your teacher.

Read below the step-by-step process (which is broken into 3 numbered lists) that can help you successfully plan your 1st overseas trip, date lovely foreign ladies, and seek the woman of your dreams:

Stage 1: Planning and preparing your trip

  1. Investigate and collect more than enough information.
    1. Do online research.
    2. Watch some YouTube videos.
    3. Get in touch with:
      1. international dating/marriage experts
      2. international couples
      3. Men of Action who have dated or connected with foreign women successfully
    4. Get a notebook and take notes regarding:
      1. the country or countries you want to visit
      2. the types of ladies you are interested in meeting
      3. where (e.g. hostel, hotel, or Airbnb apartment) you choose to stay
      4. whether you want to join an international dating agency, use an online dating website, or go solo abroad
      5. who is going to take you to the local airport
      6. who is going to pick you up overseas
      7. and so on
  2. Save money through 2 options.
    1. Open a separate account with a bank or credit union for just depositing and/or transferring money.
    2. Once or a few times per week, withdraw a small amount of money (e.g. $50 or less) from your existing account for groceries, bills, and other necessary items.
      1. The less money you spend can help you save more money for your upcoming vacation.
  3. Plan your trip in 2 or 3 months in advance.
    1. Write a list of things you are going to need to take.
      1. Please mention your:
        1. passport
        2. driver’s license or some other type of ID
        3. debit or credit card(s)
        4. universal travel adapter (if you are not going to Central America or South America)
        5. clothes (of course)
        6. mobile phone (for emergency)
        7. health product(s) (if you are dealing with a sickness or pain)
        8. flight schedule or electronic airline tickets (for confirmation)
    2. Please make sure that your bank or credit union know that you are traveling overseas so that it would keep allowing you to use your debit or credit card(s).
      1. Submit an email message to staff member(s).
      2. Call him or her on your phone.
      3. Another choice is completing a travel notice form.
    3. Write another list regarding tasks you need to do before going to your local airport.
      1. Like me, you can therefore save enough frustration.
      2. If you have other important duties to focus such as work, school, etc., you can return to them easily.
    4. If you are joining an international dating agency, buy either a group or individual romance tour.
      1. Record or print the details of your purchase.
      2. Stay in touch with staff member(s) so that you can continue receiving help with the progress of your upcoming vacation.
      3. Select the ladies you wish to meet/date and tell the staff member(s) about them.
    5. Buy your airline tickets on a reasonable airfare website.
      1. Here are several websites that can give you a convenient flight schedule for a good price:
        1. Expedia
        2. Orbitz
        3. Kayak
        4. Ovago
        5. TripAdvisor
        6. Travelocity
        7. Priceline
      2. Please print your flight schedule, receipt, and other information after paying.
      3. If you are joining an international dating agency or planning to meet someone through an online dating website, please contact and inform her or him when you are going to arrive to the foreign country.
    6. Make a reservation of the place you are going to stay.
      1. If you wish to save money and stay with others, then pick a hostel.
      2. If you are willing to spend more money for privacy, hospitality, etc., then choose a hotel.
      3. But, if you want more benefits plus feel that you are at home abroad, staying at an Airbnb room or apartment would grant you them.
        1. You can find plenty of apartment rentals that suit your needs, desires, or both on the Airbnb website.
      4. After deciding on your ideal place and paying for the nights you want to stay there, do the same as you have done for your flight schedule.
        1. Another option is writing your order number(s), contact information of host(s) or owner(s) of place you plan to stay, its mailing address, and so on.
  4. Gather and pack items in your suitcase(s).
    1. Follow the list of things you need for your trip.
    2. Go shopping for new clothes, shoes, and/or anything else that is going to help you do well or impress the ladies you date abroad.
      1. It does not matter if you go to local stores, visit eBay, Amazon, or another website, or do both sorts of shopping.
    3. Put everything you need in 1 or 2 suitcases.
    4. Finish the list by crossing out what you have in your suitcase(s).
  5. Have everything done before heading to the airport.
    1. Cross out and complete the list of things you need to do.
    2. Again, repeat for the list of things you need to take.
      1. Forgetting something (e.g. passport) that is required can ruin your trip and cause you to spend extra money if you have to delay it.
    3. Please write all contact information of your family, friends, bank or credit union, etc. for any emergency purposes.
    4. Get ready for your vacation.
man packing and leaving for trip
YouTube blogger packing and heading to airport – “Alex Costa” YouTube video

Stage 2: Starting and enjoying your trip

  1. Enjoy your flight to paradise.
    1. After arriving at the airport, go to the area that includes a TV screen describing your foreign destination.
    2. Show your passport, ID, flight schedule, and other requirements to employee(s) who can provide your flight tickets and guide you to the right gate for your upcoming flight.
    3. After saying goodbye to loved one(s), head to the gate (e.g. D34) so that you would not be late.
    4. If you have extra time:
      1. buy a meal or snack
      2. use the bathroom
      3. recharge your phone and/or other electronic items
      4. do anything else that you cannot really do on an airplane
    5. Again, show your requirements to different employee(s) so that you can access to the airplane that is going to take you to the next airport (according to your flight schedule).
      1. But, first, you have to wait for previous passengers to exit the airplane and an employee to say that you and other patient passengers can enter it.
    6. Once you enter it:
      1. find a seat
      2. either put away your bag or keep it next to you
      3. relax
      4. watch videos, play music, talk to others, or say nothing and take a nap
      5. wait for flight attendant(s) to serve free food and drinks
    7. If you have to use the bathroom, I would highly recommend that you have antibacterial wipes and perhaps disposable gloves (which you should keep in your bag) for cleaning the toilet.
      1. One reason is that many people in general are lazy and uncaring.
      2. The other is that you can feel more comfortable and less disgusted as a result.
    8. Whenever you arrive to the next airport(s), repeat the previous steps I have discussed.
    9. Once you arrive to the airport in the foreign city you wish to stay, wait for the retrieval of your suitcase(s) and look for staff member(s) from dating agency or someone you have met online near the exit of the airport.
    10. If you choose to travel and meet foreign women on your own, I would give you these tips:
      1. Ask airport employee(s) for support regarding your transportation, tour guidance, etc.
      2. Do not leave the airport with anyone regardless.
      3. Take your belongings everywhere you go.
      4. If you do connect with a total stranger and decide to leave the airport with him or her, make sure to get enough information about him/her as possible.
      5. Otherwise, rely only on airport employee(s) and wait for the right person or people (who is considered well known and trustworthy) to pick you up and take you where you are going to stay.
  2. Follow the rules, clean, and respect the place you are staying.
    1. You can avoid more problems if you do what is right.
    2. If something (e.g. wireless Internet service or soap) is missing or needed, then let the owner(s) or whoever is in charge know about your issue.
    3. If you do not like the place overall, then let him or her know that you wish to stay somewhere else.
    4. Please let the manager(s) from the international dating agency know about your problem if you are a member.
    5. If you are satisfied with where you are, then unpack your bag/suitcase and stay there until your vacation comes to an end.
  3. Appreciate and delight in accessing and spending time with amazing foreign ladies.
    1. Take a walk and watch their behaviors, fashions, etc.
    2. Talk to them despite of language barrier.
      1. If you can speak a few words of their language or they can speak English well, then you should have less or no difficulty.
      2. If you are unaware of their language, then learn its basics online.
    3. Wear appropriate clothes and shoes especially for your dates.
      1. If you have to go shopping, please do so.
      2. Get support from translator(s) or another staff member if you need it.
    4. Follow great advice from international dating/marriage experts.
      1. Watch particular YouTube videos.
      2. Read your notes from the online research you have done initially.
      3. Listen to your translator during each date.
    5. Remain positive.
      1. Smile.
      2. Be open-minded.
      3. Do not discuss anything too negative, personal, or intense.
      4. Have a light conversation.
      5. Be yourself in a honest and optimistic way.
    6. Give your dates hope.
      1. Focus on them more than you do with yourself.
      2. Ask each of them what she likes, where she works, what kind of man she wants to marry someday, and so on.
      3. Do not be cheap.
        1. Be willing to spend extra money for their meals, gifts, etc. so that they would feel valued and cared.
      4. Take photos of them for unforgettable memories.
        1. Join each of them for photo gatherings as well.
        2. Let her take images of you too.
      5. Explore the rest of the city (e.g. Kiev or Medellin) or visit exciting places with them if you go on second or third dates.
        1. If you find the woman of your dreams, then return overseas and surprise her with a trip to another foreign city or country.
        2. I would like to travel around Europe, Latin America, or even Asia if I become closer to Viktoria.
      6. Ask for their contact information.
        1. Stay in touch with them on WhatsApp, Facebook, email, Skype, etc.
        2. If you can become closer to any of them, then plan to see and do something special for her on your next trip.
        3. If you lose interest in them or vice versa, then take another vacation there, in another city, or in another nation and meet/date new females.
          1. Do not give up on pursuing your future wife or girlfriend.
  4. Pack and verify that you have everything in your bag/suitcase before leaving the place you stay and going back to the airport.
    1. On the day before your departure, start packing your items in your bag and suitcase(s).
    2. Create a list of things you need to do.
    3. Make sure that everyone knows when you are leaving.
    4. Say your goodbyes.
    5. Cross out what you have done and finish the list.
    6. Look around the room or apartment for anything you have forgotten.
    7. Confirm that someone picks you up on time.
    8. Check out from the place you stay and ride to the airport.
American man picking up Colombian woman
American man picking up his Colombian date – “” YouTube video

Stage 3: Ending your trip and returning home

  1. Enjoy your flight back to your home country (e.g. United States or Australia).
    1. At the foreign airport, do the same steps you have done at the airport where you live.
    2. Relax during your flight.
    3. Do not rush to go back home.
      1. Continue enjoying your trip like I do.
      2. Once you return home, you may become homesick for Ukraine, Philippines, or any other country (that have countless gorgeous women) you have departed.
        1. In fact, some men stay longer on their trips overseas in order to:
          1. spend additional time with foreign ladies
          2. explore foreign cultures more
  2. Once you go back home, begin having regular communication with the ladies you have dated.
    1. Text, email, or call any of them possibly.
    2. If you want to have a video chat with her like I do with Viktoria, ask her if and when she is available.
    3. If you become closer to her and wish to reunite with her, then plan your next trip abroad.
      1. She would become ecstatic to see you in person again.
      2. You would truly become a Man of Action like I am.
American man talking to Ukrainian manager at home
American man (Josh) talking to Ukrainian manager (Irina) at home – “Dream Connections” YouTube video


So, hopefully this fake 101 course inspires you to become a real Man of Action and find an authentic woman to call your:

  • friend
  • girlfriend
  • confidante
  • wife
  • soulmate
  • lover
  • equal (when it comes to both of your characteristics, likes, interests, feelings, etc.)

Many American/Western men are beginners because they are scared or uninterested in going to non-Westernized countries and connecting with foreign women. If the men read this blog post, they might be encouraged to travel overseas and find their second halves. The result is that the men can motivate their lonely and frustrated brothers, fathers, cousins, colleagues, and others to do the same too.

Due to numerous blog posts I have written and published, I have decided to create and take this blog post to the next level.

Whether I actually become a teacher in the future or not, I am going to still provide additional useful information to you, other males, and even some females who are (more) curious about international dating.

Thanks to the rises of crummy jobs, ignorance, and destructive behaviors, continuing education should be more important to us than it ever has in the past.

It is time for more men to learn as much as they can so that they can better their lives.

If they are not very motivated, then maybe finding their potential wives overseas can do the trick.

Then, they all can become as wiser, more triumphant, and happier as many other international couples are.

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