A Video Chat App Project

If I have not met and hanged out with Sasha during my second trip to Odessa, Ukraine, I probably would not be writing this blog post. His fake business opportunities has inspired me to come up with mines. After all, this blog of 2 years is doing well with you (American or Westernized man) and other readers. My clip art membership website is going to take more time in attracting more customers. However, the third and imaginary online business (that I might create or disregard) may really lead me to quick and satisfactory results.

So, please read the specific information about it below:


Foreign Chat Web


Communicate with a foreign woman. Meet her overseas. Take your relationship to the next level.


desktop or mobile application (app)


ongoing communication between American/Western men and foreign women; development of feelings for each other; mutual love and respect for each other spiritually, culturally, etc.; international marriages

Target audiences:

single, lonely, divorced, rejected, or frustrated men from United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Australia, and other Westernized countries; like-minded women from Ukraine, Russia, Philippines, Thailand, Ethiopia, Colombia, and other non-Westernized nations

Compatible version(s):

Windows; Mac; Android; iOS

Products or services:

10 day membership ($10); 1 month membership ($20); 6 month membership ($50); 1 year membership ($100)


Skype; Google Hangouts; WhatsApp; Viber

What I would do:

If I am really interested in doing this project, I may hire experts on Fiverr website to complete it. I may have to wait over a year and spend an expensive cost as a result. However, I believe that the ideal video chat app can help me gain much financial success. I may promote it through Google Ads, a Facebook page, YouTube channel, Pinterest board, and tweets on Twitter. In addition, I may ask Denis, Sasha, Elizabeth, and certain others for their participation with the project. We might become rich and popular for creating international couples consequently.

What you and other visitors would do:

  1. Visit “Foreign Chat Web” website and search and click the download button for downloading/installing the app to your computer or mobile device.
  2. Open the software.
  3. Click the “Join Now” or “Register” button.
  4. Fill out registration form including full name, phone number, email address, zodiac sign, year of birth, and so on.
  5. Continue to the next webpage and and upload scanned file of your ID card for verification.
  6. Wait for approval from a webmaster (me) or staff member.
  7. If your information is accepted, then you can proceed and buy a membership.
  8. Skip steps 4 through 5 if you instead wish to register and link your Facebook account.
  9. Get a confirmation email message.
  10. Check your email inbox, read it, and verify that you are a member.
  11. Start selecting the foreign woman or women you wish to communicate.
  12. If she or they are interested in you, then ask her or them when she or they are available for video chatting.

Other information:

Reading a blog post from Elena’s Models website has encouraged me to provide these 3 options if you face a language barrier with a lady from another country:

  • Pay extra money for a human translator who can exchange both of your words.
  • Hire a present translator or ask the foreign female to do so.
  • Pay extra money for a chat text form (which would be located on the bottom of the video) so that you can type and translate words into her language (e.g. Spanish or Ukrainian) and vice versa.


I love thinking outside the box.

However, if I do not go forward and bring the “Foreign Chat Web” video app to life, then maybe you or another reader are interested in doing something similar.

I love communicating with foreign ladies on my computer thanks to my previous video chats with Viktoria and Elizabeth. Therefore, I have connected and felt comfortable around them when we have gone to a catacomb, farm, beach, and food court together in Odessa. I am usually awkward when I am around people I do not know well.

Now, I plan to bond and learn more information about Irena and Nadiia on Skype.

I highly recommend video chatting to you or any other American/Western male who wishes to develop a relationship with a foreign female before meeting in person.

You would have a chance to see and talk to her virtually while you are at home.

You may believe that you are actually with her like I have with Viktoria.

But, if you go overseas and have offline communication with her, then you would know where the relationship is taking both of you.

American/Western man virtually communicating with foreign woman – Ukraine Brides

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