20 Foreign Ladies who Can Inspire You

I wish you (American or Western man) a happy 2020 plus a new decade.

For your New Year’s gift, I provide you information about 20 outstanding women around the world.

So, without further ado, here are their names, facts, and images:

Ana Beatriz Barros (Brazilian)

Born in Minas Gerais, Brazil, 37 year old model Barros has been raised in Rio de Janeiro for most of her childhood. She has light brown hair and green eyes. She is 5 feet and 11 inches in height. She is linked to celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Alessandra Ambrosio, Miranda Kerr, and Adriana Lima as well as famous companies such as Victoria’s Secret, Sports Illustrated, and bebe. Through them, Barros has inspired the world with her exotic beauty, youthfulness, and urban style. 4 television roles, 2 movies, and a 3 year marriage later, she now mothers 2 children with her husband.

Barros – Ana Beatriz Barros.Photos

Catalina Sandino Moreno (Colombian)

She is another Latin American lady who represents fame, originality, diligence, and success. Because of her birthplace (Bogota, Colombia) and fortunate parents, she drives herself to become an advertiser, actress, producer, and entrepreneur. She is definitely not afraid to expose her tan complexion, black hair, and dark eyes to the world. Other reasons for her boldness are beating 900+ ladies for a lead role in a movie project and earning Academy Award nomination(s). Today, she is the chief executive officer (CEO) of El Delirio Productions. Although she is satisfied with both of her personal and professional lives, she still remembers, values, and respects her culture wholeheartedly.

Moreno – “Theophania Films” YouTube channel

Clara Helms (Australian)

This Aussie native is multi-talented when it comes to her singing, acting, modeling, and presenting skills. She is so kind and caring to those in need that she has created the Belief Beyond Bullies organization. She values many human lives as she does with hers. Her persistence, passion, reliability, and generosity are living proof. So, if you wish to keep blessing the unfortunate as she regularly does, learn additional information on her website, Facebook page, Instagram page, Twitter page, or YouTube channel. Send her an email message which she might respond.

Helms holding product – “Clara Helms” Facebook page

Fryat Yemane (Ethiopian)

Not only does Ethiopia produce irresistible ladies but also it has introduced some of them to the world. Yemane has risen to fame for her acting performance in her first movie (“Gudegna Nech“). A few music videos that she has appeared have helped her reach more success. But, becoming a television host and starting international fashion and food businesses are indeed helping her stay in the public eye for good. Pursuing a woman like her for a marital relationship may lead you to great results and zero regrets.

Yemane – Tewnet.com

Geisha Montes (Dominican)

She describes her culture through her acting, writing, modeling, linguistic, and hosting work. She can play various characters whether she is on television, film, a music video, or a YouTube video. She can write words that touch the hearts of countless people worldwide. She has the inner and outer beauty that can support her entrance to many beauty pageant competitions. Whether she wins or loses, she still gains extra success, fame, and confidence. She is hence proud of who she is and what she has accomplished.

Montes – Pinterest

Heyden Adama (Sierra Leonean)

If you ever read “Women of Africa” blog post, you would absolutely see a photo of this gorgeous female. She fits very well in the music and modeling industries. She puts her heart and soul in her songs. She has the exotic appearance that make her look good in any clothes she wears. Despite that she currently lives in United States, she would always remember her nation. Her music and perhaps clothes confirm that fact.

Adama – Model Mayhem

Heidi Emad (Egyptian)

She has hazel eyes, dark brown hair, a petite body shape, and a height of 5 feet and 1 inch. She is able to speak 3 languages (Arabic, Spanish, and English) fluently. Therefore, she can participate in plenty of international commercials, music videos, runway competitions, etc. If you are interested in viewing her sexy images, please visit this link:


Emad – Twitter

Ingrid Marie Rivera (Puerto Rican)

She clearly lets the world know about her nationality by earning these 4 pageant titles:

Perhaps her beautiful smile, personality, brown hair, and blue eyes are the main reasons why she deserves to be a winner 4 times. However, she has lost the Miss Universe 2008 competition which is the final one that she has participated. She still remains a winner in the hearts of numerous fans, her loved ones, and citizens throughout Latin America. She may be a soap opera actress in Mexico currently.

Rivera – Wikimedia Commons

Irina Tkachenko (Ukrainian)

This Slavic lady does not have the fame and fortune that other ladies on this blog post do. But, she certainly has the body, beauty, and brain that fit her in the same category. She keeps herself ageless and elegant by appearance. She is nice, charming, and easy to talk and befriend. She uses her passion and applies her leadership, management, and relationship coaching skills to her current position (Vice President of Operations) with Dream Connections agency. She is indeed responsible for creating happy and everlasting marriages between American/Western males and Ukrainian/Thai/Colombian females. Thus, if you wish to contact her or get more information about the international dating business that she works, visit her webpage.

Tkachenko – “Irina Tkachenko” Facebook page

Johana Riva (Uruguayan)

The winner of the Miss Uruguay 2014 pageant has blonde hair, blue eyes, and a height of 5 feet and 8 inches. She can speak Spanish, Armenian, and English well. In addition, she improves her modeling talent in order to enter as many beauty contests as possible. Another reason is being involved in popular catalogs, commercials, and fashion shows. Obviously, she does not let shyness, mediocrity, or negativity stop her from pursuing her dreams. She is hoping to compete and even win the Miss Universe pageant eventually.

1118full-johana-riva-garabetian (1)
Riva – Listal

Johanna Vala Jonsdottir (Icelandic)

This 33 year old woman truly deserves a spot in every beauty competition. She has the same hair color and eye color that Riva does. The difference is that Jonsdottir is 2 inches taller. Based on her photos, she seems outgoing, approachable, and adventurous by nature. Going to Sanya, China for the Miss World 2007 pageant is a very good example. She has won it consequently. What she is doing now is unknown. Nonetheless, you can look at her photos and videos though.

Jonsdottir – whosdatedwho.com

Kaci Fennell (Jamaican)

Becoming Miss Jamaica Universe 2014 has helped this short-haired female win unlimited fans, job or career opportunities, and an ability to host live television shows. She is so amicable that she willingly tells Lindell Douglas of “Jamaicans.com” website about her secrets. One of them is her excellence in cooking. She enjoys it as much as she does with reading and modeling. If she experiences depression, opposition, or complication, she uses smiling or remembers the wise words of her mother for her encouragement. Today, she wants or expects other females especially those under 18 to do the same for themselves. Her desire to teach and cook professionally is an inspiration. Being happily married for 5 years is a big plus.

Fennell – Pinterest

Karina Ramos (Costa Rican)

Not only is this tica so patriotic regarding her culture but also she is so motivated to succeed in hosting and modeling. She has started feeling this way since her early childhood. Thus, she deserves to be the face of her nation. Becoming a Miss Universe Costa Rica winner is good enough. However, starting her own modeling business and school for buoyant girls as well as pursuing a public affairs career in order to better her communication skills are more beneficial to her and everyone else.

Ramos – Wikifeet

Lee-Anne Summers (South African)

Naturally gifted, she has done well in college and has graduated with both acting and psychology degrees. She has received some praise for playing in a few small films. However, her triple role in the 2007 movie (“Big Fellas“) has taken her to the next level. She is given much money and other necessary items so that she can create her own production company. She uses her good looks for entering fashion shows and special events. She generously donates and supports diverse organizations in hopes of saving many human lives. If you want to know additional details about her, watch her movies which she has done in her country, Australia, United States, or all of them.

Summers – Wikifeet

Luisana Loreley Lopilato (Argentine)

Candidly, why are her full initials LLL?

Maybe the reason is that she:

  • is lovely as her appearance is
  • has a ladylike attitude
  • likes to learn so much about herself when it comes to her acting, singing, and modeling skills

Anyway, she has an awesome website that you may like. Not only would you see her stunning images and videos but also you can contact her through an email form and follow her on social media. She and her famous husband (Michael Buble) of 8 years may appreciate it.

Lopilato Buble – Luisana Lopilato

Rojin Ulker (Iraqi)

She may have come from nothing. But, she has truly made a name for herself during high school. She has played diverse characters so well on theater stages. She has also succeeded in her classes. After graduation, she has traveled to Europe in order to advance her theater and music careers. She has recorded her first album in 2000. 15 years later, she has created a subsequent album in the English language only. Furthermore, she begins her own music business. If you are interested in viewing her unforgettable music videos, visit the “RojinVEVO” YouTube channel.

Rojin music video
Rojin – “Rojin” YouTube channel

Sila Naseela (Thai)

She brings enough sex appeal between her nation (Thailand) and its neighbor (Singapore). She has a nice fit body with dark brown hair and eyes. She enjoys wearing swimsuits, lingerie, dresses, and sportswear. She loves being photographed plus showing her photos on Facebook and Instagram. So, if you wish to visit her gallery, you may be impressed and drawn to her confident and easygoing personality.

Naseela – That Model Magazine

Sirene Sutton (Philippine)

Despite that this charming filipina has lost the Binibing Pilipinas 2017 contest, she is still a winner nationally. She is not afraid to show who she is and how she looks on a ramp or runway. She can enter another beauty pageant and know that many fans and followers would give her much love and support. Whether she joins it or not, she permanently remains in a good place thanks to her:

  • self-confidence
  • college degree in marketing management
  • collaboration with fashion, skincare, and cosmetic companies
Sutton – Cosmo.ph

Snoh Aalegra (Swedish)

Due to her connection with a popular American actor (Michael B. Jordan), the native of Uppsala, Sweden is more prominent internationally. They have recently done a music video together. She is of course charismatic, seductive, and romantic to him. In some way, she looks like famed singer Sade. Here are details that both ladies share with each other:

  • sharing some African blood
  • passion in writing and performing original songs
  • having divorced or separated parents
  • remaining close to their mothers
  • being estranged from their fathers

The difference is that Aalegra has never created or joined a group at all. She can only use her talent and experiences for self-promotion and financial success. Since 2014, she has collaborated with Common, the late Prince, and particular other celebrities for extra growth and wisdom.

Aalegra – Getty Images

Zeta Makrypoulia (Greek)

This last female celebrates her birthday on the last day of July. She is proud of her birthplace which is the capital (Athens) of Greece. She may not be entirely thrilled about her stardom concerning its drawbacks. Nevertheless, she remains positive and fulfills her destiny. She is now and forever known for:

  • acting on famous Greek television shows, movies, and theater plays
  • singing
  • playing recorded music at popular radio stations
  • presenting awards to other celebrities
  • modeling for photo sessions, etc.


Makrypoulia – Wikfeet


So, now you should learn enough facts about these 20 pretty foreign ladies. I have enjoyed researching their biographies plus searching and downloading their images from different websites. I hope to repeat this for a future blog post.

2020 is a new year.

It starts a new decade.

So, if you want to start a new life with a woman like the ones I have described above, expand your dating options and consider dating in another country.

There are plenty of females who are beyond your league and eager to meet and connect with you.


  1. Salut trésor jolie très très jolie bz je veut une femme sage d’où imble simple plaines de visions du discernement une qui la crainte du seigneur qui marche dans la crainte du seigneur. Une femme qui le foyer (le marinage la famille les enfants) je veut ma femme a moi seule la femme de ma vie la mère de mes enfants la femme qui va être tout pour moi la lumière et le miroir de toute ma vie qui serait ma reine une qui va se mariée avec moi ma femme moi seule je la marie de vent le seigneur et devant les hommes. La femme qui reconnaît sa valeur dans l’univers ou lumaniter je la veut merci pour tout……….


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