Body, Beauty, and Brain

Thanks to a recent blog post I have read on “Angels of Passion” blog, I have to write this blog post.

If there are 3 things that currently draw more American/Western men to foreign women, they are:

  • body
  • beauty
  • brain

You (American or Westernized man) cannot ignore the 3 things of a Ukrainian, Colombian, Philippine, or another foreign woman anymore. They make her who she is. They also make her more noticeable and more valuable than she has ever been. You can find more good qualities in a woman like her than you do with a local woman at home.

If you want to learn the differences about each thing, here they are:


1 Corinthians 10:31 discusses that you can glorify God by properly eating, drinking, or doing anything else that keeps your body clean. So, this Biblical verse probably explains why most foreign women (who are considered Christians on their online profiles) are always happy and healthy. Even if they do not find their potential boyfriends or husbands ever, they would still be in good shape.

attractive Dominican woman held by friend – Facebook – Evening Shades


According to 1 Samuel 16:7, people think of beauty as a physical thing. However, God only sees true beauty when He views a person’s heart. If He sees so much beauty within the hearts of Colombian, Ukrainian, Philippine, etc. women, then that possibility explains why more American/Western men are going overseas in pursuit of international love. Like the men, you can easily find a woman (who is beautiful inside and out) in a foreign country that highly respects and favors men.

Taisiya – beautiful Ukrainian woman – DC #380664


Not only does your brain exists for thinking rationally but also it exists for showing love as well (Luke 10:27). If you have enough love for God, yourself, and your enemies, then you can have the same for your potential girlfriend or wife from another country. Treat every foreign woman (who you date) the same as you do with your mother, sister, ex-girlfriend (or ex-wife) or another local woman at home. Think outside the box when it comes to success and happiness. Therefore, your heart would lead you to the right woman and a better life with her.

Xiuxiang – smart Chinese woman – AFA #177642

Your body can lead you to good health.

Your beauty can draw a good woman.

Your brain can help you make good decisions.

You can live a desirable life with a desirable woman if you use your body, beauty, and brain wisely. For your body, she would cook you healthy and delicious food that is based on her culture. For your beauty, she wants to:

  • talk
  • hug
  • kiss
  • hold hands
  • do an activity with you
  • or watch a movie with you

For your brain, she would continue to be loyal, caring, and understanding to your feelings, needs, etc.

After all, she is your second half.

She is your biggest supporter.

Without her, can you truly enjoy the rest of your life?

Also, would your body, beauty, and brain really improve?

If not, then you know how much you need her.

Run to wherever she is.

Build a beautiful relationship with her.

Let your love for a foreign lady surpass possible fear, loneliness, and other emotional problems you constantly deal at home.

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