Women of Central America

Like African females, many exquisite ones in Central America are also overlooked.

I have discussed unlimited information about ladies in Ukraine, Colombia, Philippines, and few other countries in this blog. If you (American or Westernized man) are interested in them, please go to the home webpage and scroll through numerous blog posts. Otherwise, please read the following specific information about Central American beauties:


Country: Belize

Appearances: It is a small nation with a small population. But, it has plenty of various women who range from light to dark complexion. They come from African, Indian, English, Dutch, German, etc. nationalities. Most of the females may be average-looking and flabby. The benefits of meeting and dating them however are:

  • speaking the same language (English) with them well despite of their official languages (Spanish and Creole)
  • spending reasonable prices on food, entertainment, transportation, etc.
  • using the same currency (United States dollars and coins)

If you live in United States but wish to travel somewhere close and connect with angelic women, pick Belize and you would not be disappointed.

Personalities: Unlike their Dominican and Colombian counterparts, Belizean ladies would make sure that they are not late for their dates. They care about their reputations especially if they live in towns or small cities. They are fun, outgoing, traditional, open-minded, and polite to gringos (a name for describing you, me, and other American/Western males). The females do not let machismo and disappointment of local Belizean men change who they are. The women are adamant about finding their ideal husbands or boyfriends outside their nation. If they ladies have to sacrifice what they have and move away, they may do so without hesitation.

Activities: Do these things for a successful relationship with a Belizean female:

  • Learn basics of her language (Spanish).
  • Be patient with her.
  • Let her be your tour guide.
  • Visit a beach which may change your way of thinking forever.
  • Enjoy partying, dancing, playing casino, and drinking with her during nighttime.
  • Hire a taxi driver (who is well-known and trustworthy to the staff members of the hotel you stay) for your safety.
  • Visit fair attractions.
  • Choose to attend 4 great locations such as Sit and Sip Belize Pedal Tour, Cayo District, Barefoot Beach Bar, and Kukumba Beach.
  • Avoid gypsies as much as possible.

Good Cities to Meet Them: Belize City; Caye Caulker; Ambergris Caye; San Pedro; Placencia; Belmopan (capital)

Good Dating Websites to Visit: Latin American Cupid; Tinder; Caribbean Cupid; AmoLatina; Amour Heart

various Belizean models – “Nouveau Model Management – Belize” Facebook page

Costa Ricans (aka Ticas)

Country: Costa Rica

Appearances: Not only would you be drawn to nice year-round weather and affordable costs but also you may fall in love with women in Costa Rica. They usually have short heights, curvy bodies, high cheekbones, and dark eyes. View the gallery of ticas on loveme.com and select who you want to date on your possible romance tour.

Personalities: The ladies may be somewhat Americanized due to getting more money (for their children, housing, etc.) and flirting with men they are not honestly interested. But, the females are loyal and serious about dating or marriage with the opposite sex. They value their relationships as much as they do with their appearances, fashion, and education. So, if you feel the same way about your loved ones, looks, etc., you can find plenty of ticas who fulfill or exceed your expectations.

Activities: Get to know your beautiful date well. Impress her by being active in sports such as fishing, surfing, beach volleyball, snorkeling, or exercising. Learn some Spanish so that she can feel appreciated, desired, and more interested in you. Do not take the answer ‘yes’ seriously from her or any other female. Stay mature, faithful, respectful, and refreshing.

Good Cities to Meet Them: San Jose (capital); Liberia; Alajuela; Cartago; Punta Arenas; Limon; Heredia; Monteverde; Jaco; San Isidro

Good Dating Websites to Visit: A Foreign Affair (loveme.com); Latin American Cupid; OKCupid; Badoo; Rose Brides; costa-rica-women.com; brightbrides.net; Tinder

Joyce – AFA #142968


Country: El Salvador

Appearances: Thanks to its high rate of gang violence, theft, murder, and sexual assault, the nation would forever be known as very dangerous. Nevertheless, there are a plethora of diverse women who are worthy of meeting in person. They have long and straight hair, nice butts, and curvy or thin body shapes. Like me, you may be tempted to flirt, talk, and take photos of them if you actually go there. They may be hard to disregard once you have physical contact with them.

Personalities: They are so open and available for men outside their country. The main reason is that the Salvadoran culture continues to ignore or encourage many of its male citizens to rape, torture, murder, and force females into gang violence or human trafficking. The ladies would probably do anything to escape their nation and start better lives with better men abroad. If the women unfortunately have to stay where they are for the rest of their lives, then they would remain hospitable, respectful, optimistic, carefree, and passionate in cooking, dancing, and other enjoyable activities.

Activities: To keep yourself and your possible Salvadoran lady safe and happy, please:

  • invite and let her spend the night in a hotel or private apartment (with one or more security guards) you are staying
  • enjoy the present time with her
  • take her to a nature park or beach for world-class surfing
  • accompany friends or trustworthy strangers while you hang out at night
  • avoid drinking much alcohol
  • stay away from where she lives
  • hire a taxi driver for transportation
  • meet her first on an online dating website
  • stay away from women who are unemployed, secretive, or associated with suspicious ones

Good Cities to Meet Them: San Salvador (capital); Santa Ana; El Tunco; San Miguel

Good Dating Websites to Visit: Latin American Cupid; Rose Brides; AmoLatina; Tinder

Luciana Sandoval – “Beautiful Women of El Salvador” Facebook page


Country: Guatemala

Appearances: It is safer than its neighboring nation (El Salvador) is. But, Guatemalan ladies are not as attractive as their Salvadoran sisters are. What both female groups do share in common is diversity of races. The difference is that sufficient Guatemalans are part of the South Korean nationality. Their round eyes and short heights should give you confirmation.

Personalities: The women may not be so open to gringos as their Latin American counterparts are. But, Guatemalans remain friendly, conservative, and approachable to the opposite sex anyway. They do not let sexual harassers, attackers, and even immoral military officers stop them from showing their talent, wearing sexy clothes, and believing in Roman Catholicism or Protestantism. The women indeed are strong as they look.

Activities: Avoid Garifuna females who practice unprotected sex. Take your potential Guatemalan girlfriend to the Zaculeu, Yaxha, or Tikal place for extreme joy. Impress her with a slang. Treat her like a princess. Make her feel loved and safe. Let her be your tour guide. Learn a couple words of her language (Spanish). Do not go anywhere by yourself during nighttime. Take your drink with you everywhere you go. Ride with an Uber or taxi driver regardless.

Good Cities to Meet Them: Antigua; Guatemala City (capital); Mixco; Villa Nueva; Petapa; San Juan Sacatepequez; Villa Canales; Chinautla; Quetzaltenango

Good Dating Websites to Visit: Latin American Cupid; Tinder; AmoLatina; brightbrides.net; Rose Brides; LatinWomenDate.com; LatinFeels.com; Latam Date; Valentime; Jolly Romance

Jeimmy Aburto – Listal


Country: Honduras

Appearances: Females in this very dangerous nation are known for having ample chests, somewhat thick bodies, dark eyes, and a light brown skin complexion. They like to wear dresses, semi-nude outfits, or clothes that they make themselves. They are not afraid to show their femininity or sexuality whatsoever.

Personalities: Despite of their impoverished backgrounds, mistreatment from others, and victimization by sex offenders, murderers, or gangsters, the ladies stay beautiful inside and out. They are passionate in cooking, dancing, and fashion. They are respectful to their elders and obviously men in general. They are so caring when it comes to their families. They are so eager to meet and bond with you and other American/Western males that they disregard your looks, ages, etc. They just wish to spend the remainder of their lives in happiness, protection, and matrimony.

Activities: These actions can help you develop a solid relationship with a bilingual Honduran woman:

  • If she is from San Pedro Sula or another dangerous city, invite her to the Bay Islands (Roatan, Utila, and Guanaja).
  • Let her spend the night with you if you plan to spend many hours with her.
  • Be alert of everywhere you go throughout the country.
  • Listen to her for both of your safety.
  • Learn some Spanish.
  • Do not provoke her or anyone else.
  • Value, love, and support her needs.
  • Make her feel comfortable and protected.
  • Be a real gentleman by holding her hand(s).
  • If you are serious about marrying her, plan the wedding at a beach in the Bay Islands.

Good Cities to Meet Them: La Ceiba; Tegucigalpa (capital); Tegus; Bay Islands; Santa Barbara

Good Dating Websites to Visit: Latin American Cupid; Tinder; OKCupid; Tagged

Belgica Suarez (Miss Honduras 2009) – Pinterest


Country: Mexico

Appearances: If you choose to go on a vacation nearby United States (if you live there) and meet women who are not so influenced by the American or Western culture, then you should pick Mexico. Its female citizens are typically short in height, flat in body shape, and brown in skin tone. They also have black hair and dark eyes as well. See other incredible women on this gallery link:

Personalities: What separates them from other Latin American ladies is their willingness to split or help their dates pay the bills. Mexican women like to be fair and straightforward when it comes to difficulties. They are determined to enjoy life to the fullest by keeping a positive mindset, going to fun places, drinking socially, and receiving much attention from the opposite sex. Thus, they would have zero regrets at later ages.

Activities: Have a smile if you approach a Mexican lady. Dress to impress her. Be comical, lighthearted, and optimistic. Keep your conversation with her as light as possible. Take things slowly with her. Control the relationship in a fair and sincere way. Learn enough Spanish so that you grow your connection with her and her loved ones.

Good Cities to Meet Them: Ciudad Jarez; Durango; Ensenada; Guadalajara; Leon; Hermosillo; Mazatlan; Merida; Mexico City (capital); Mexicali; Playa del Carmen; Puebla; Puerto Vallarta; Tijuana; Oaxaca; Morelia; Guanajuato

Good Dating Websites to Visit: Mexican Cupid; A Foreign Affair (loveme.com); Tinder; Bumble; Happn

p174742-4 (1)
Camila – AFA #174742

Nicaraguans (aka Nicas)

Country: Nicaragua

Appearances: According to nicaragua.com, 69% of the Nicaraguan residents is mestizo (part white and part Indian). 17% has only or mostly European (Spaniard, German, Italian, and/or French) blood. 9% is part of the African race. So, the rest of the population has Asian and Middle Eastern features. Despite of physical or racial differences, all the ladies are still lovely and worthy of having face to face contact.

Personalities: If you want to meet really down-to-earth Nica females, show interest in the dark-skinned ones. Their discrimination from others and low social class cause them to see mainly the negative side of themselves. They fail to see how attractive they are. But, they do so well in talking and getting along with men in general. They prove how selfless they are by providing needs for their families and staying loyal to their ideal husbands or boyfriends. White or pale-skinned women share some good characteristics as well. However, they may be led to arrogance and demands for particular men due to their wealth and popularity. So, unless you share the same things that the women have, pursue other ladies who have less. You can indeed find the woman of your dreams as soon as possible.

Activities: You can make a Nica female feel special by doing the following deeds:

  • loving her unconditionally
  • letting her look at herself in the mirror while you compliment her
  • taking her to a romantic place such as Pita Pita, Bistro Estrada, or the Cafe de las Sonrisas
  • making the first move on her
  • dressing so well
  • learning some words in her language (Spanish)
  • connecting with her family and friends
  • taking her fishing, kayaking, or climbing at a volcano

Good Cities to Meet Them: Granada; Leon; Managua (capital); San Juan del Sur; Esteli; Matagalpa

Good Dating Websites to Visit: Latin American Cupid; Tinder; AmoLatina; Love Awake; Badoo; Latin Feels; Jolly Romance;

Adriana Dorn – Listal


Country: Panama

Appearances: Although the nation has diverse women as other Latin American countries do, Panama is known for having numerous stunning black ladies. They may have curvy bodies, small waists, and wide hips. If you are interested in meeting and dating them where they are, you would also get these other benefits:

  • year round warm weather
  • much safety
  • acceptance of U.S. dollars
  • cheap prices for homes, food, entertainment, retirement, taxes, and so on
  • easy connection to many other American/Western travelers and expats
  • English as a second official language of the country
  • ease of starting a business
  • nearness to Costa Rica, Colombia, Caribbean islands, United States, and of course other Central American nations

Personalities: The ladies definitely welcome and comfort gringos (American/Western men) by speaking English proficiently, remaining liberal, showing much respect, and being proud of their culture. Women are willing to compete with each other in order to attract genuine and marriage-minded men. Constant partying and wearing provocative clothes may cause females to fail their purpose. However, their positive attitudes, honesty, and straightforwardness may help them win true and unconditional love with the opposite sex. No matter how good-looking they are, they probably realize that most men are mainly drawn to their hearts and characteristics.

Activities: If you ever take a vacation to the country and hope to find your potential Panamanian bride, you can do these things for success:

  • Visit an affordable casino or club that has accessible ladies.
  • Dress well everywhere you go.
  • Be able to dance and flirt well.
  • Explore many outdoor activities.
  • Meet and connect with different people regardless of gender, nationality, etc.
  • Consider moving or spending a few months there.
  • Save about $1000 or more and perhaps buy a Pensiando.

Good Cities to Meet Them: Bocas del Toro; Boquete; David; Panama City (capital); Colon

Good Dating Websites to Visit: Latin American Cupid; Tinder; Badoo

Yomatsy Hazlewood,
former Miss Panama contestant Yomatsy Hazlewood de la Rosa – avax.news


After researching so much information and viewing plenty of gorgeous Central American ladies, I now have more appreciation for the continent. The incredible women may constantly be ignored, devalued, name-called, victimized, etc. But, they are beautiful and hidden treasure in the eyes of God, their loved ones, and men (including myself) who are crazy about Latin females.

Christmas is coming in a few days.

This blog post is a gift to you and other male readers as a result.

I have provided details about women in 8 nations.

I decide to give you 4 Christmas bonuses that explain why you should travel to a Central American country:

  • You would meet plenty of gorgeous women with inner and outer beauty.
  • You would gain more access to those of different races than you do anywhere else in the world.
  • You would spend less money for airfare, hotel or apartment stay, food, entertainment, etc.
  • Like me, you would have a new perspective about women in general, life, relationships, and everything else.

In addition, here is the link for reading about certain cities in Latin America:

The more facts you learn about other countries and foreign women may help you understand my point of view and motivate you to go explore them like I have 5 times.

Meet and bond with many exotic ladies as possible.

Take plenty of photos of them, exotic places, exotic foods, etc. as possible as well.

Inspire other people to open their minds, follow their hearts, and do something remarkable.

This negative world needs more hope, love, peace, truth, and other positive traits from you, me, and others who wish to change their mediocre lives.

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