How You Can Prevent Your Foreign Lady from Becoming Americanized

This is the right time (post-Independence Day) to discuss the subject of Americanization. It defines an action or process that mentally or emotionally changes someone (or more people) based on the American culture. The same thing applies to immigrant(s) in a Westernized country that is similar to United States. If a foreigner becomes Americanized or Westernized, he or she may forget his/her identity and country entirely.

Seeing some YouTube videos and reading some articles about Americanization make me realize how insecure most American/Western men are. They really believe that their potential foreign wives are going to become as arrogant, materialistic, demanding, etc. as most women in United States and the Western world are already. But, according to Mark Davis of “Dream Connections” agency, foreign women who are maybe 20 years of age or older are going to remain the same regardless of where they live. His Ukrainian-American wife (Anna) of almost 11 years is still beautiful inside and out as she has been when (December 2006) they have first met. So, because she still keeps her Ukrainian culture alive, you (American or Western man) should pursue your future wife in another country regardless.

If you are still worried that she may become influenced by American or Western culture, do any of these 8 actions for your relief:

  • Make sure that she has good friends.
    • Investigate or ask about meeting and getting to know them well is necessary.
    • Find out how, when, and where she has met them.
    • Advise her to keep some distance (or total thereof) from them if they are involved in:
      • perversion
      • jealousy
      • pornography
      • drugs
      • frequent drinking
      • frequent partying
      • (unprotected) sex with total strangers
      • gossip
      • prostitution or escorting
      • foolishness
      • other unpleasant or uncomfortable deeds
    • Their actions can deeply affect her.
  • Keep her away from silly, violent, or negative TV shows/movies.
    • They can lead her to confusion, depression, fear, and/or other negative qualities.
    • Current TV shows and movies are not as good as they have been in the 1990’s or before that decade.
    • Because I can watch whatever I want on my special fire TV stick, I recommend that you do the same (if you have a fire TV stick too).
      • Then, you can watch a meaningful TV show or movie of your choice with your lady.
  • Keep her away from celebrity gossip or negative magazines.
    • She might become obsessed or worried about the dramatic Kardashians, perverted male celebrities who are accused of sexual harassment or rape, and/or other problems that occur in United States or the Western world.
    • Honestly, those magazines take away money and happiness from celebrity fans and readers alike.
    • Why do you think that those people are broke and miserable?
    • To lead her to the right direction, buy or encourage her to read something positive and inspirational such as:
      • how-to books/magazines
      • the Holy Bible
      • blogs (including mines)
      • comics
      • cookbooks
      • Christian websites
      • so on
  • Discourage her from listening to derogatory, offensive, or misogynistic music.
    • She may think that American/Western men (and maybe you) are worse than the men in her country (e.g. Ukraine, Colombia, or Ethiopia).
    • She might try to stop her female friends (in her country) from dating or marrying American/Western men or certain ones thereof.
    • Let her only listen to music that respects or loves women.
  • Move somewhere safer if necessary.
    • If you have neighbors who are troubled, creepy, loudmouthed, foolish, etc., you should consider finding a better home to live.
    • If you stay there, your potential wife may:
      • be scared to death (if she does not like them)
      • or communicate and hang out with them (if she likes them)
    • Protection is very important if you have kids (whether they are biological, stepchildren, or adopted) with her.
    • Whether I get married to an Ukrainian woman (Viktoria, Nadya, or someone else) or remain single, I still want to find my own place that is as peaceful, quiet, and safe to walk anytime as the house I am staying currently.
  • Go to church or read the Bible.
    • If you sense Americanization or an emotional change from your potential foreign lady, you can ask her about visiting a local church monthly or weekly.
    • Another option is reading some or particular Biblical verses to her and vice versa every day or every week.
    • The Lord God is always the Solution to any problem we face.
  • Remind her who she is and where she comes.
    • Let her know that she must reconnect with her family and friends as much as possible.
      • Facebook or especially Skype is a good source for getting in touch with them.
    • The last thing you need is that she thinks she is 100% American or Western.
    • Watch the “Roots” movie series and learn why past African slaves including Kunta Kinte are forced to change their identities and become Americanized.
  • Let her return to her country every year or so.
    • Give her extra money for her trip if she does not have enough.
    • Go with her if you can.
    • If she falls in love with her country so much that she wants to live there again, then would you join her?
    • If you are still worried that she might become Americanized or Westernized, then you should be more concerned that she may dislike or wish to leave your country permanently.
      • This situation has happened to a friend and former coworker (Paul, who now lives in Poland so that he can stay with his wife) of my dad.
      • Whether Paul visits or moves back to United States, he knows that his wife is not returning there with him.
    • I sometimes worry that my future wife (Viktoria, Nadya, or someone else) may want to move back to Ukraine as well.
      • If so, then I am willing to do the same thing that Paul has done.
      • Living a life without her may be painful especially if I choose to stay in United States.


Do not worry if your future foreign lady becomes Americanized or Westernized.

However, focus on her safety (if you live in a dangerous area), well-being (if she becomes unhappy or uncomfortable), and the status of your marital relationship with her (if she has second thoughts about marrying you and living in your country).

An international relationship is obviously not the same as a domestic type is. If your relationship with a foreign woman does not work out, she may return to her country for good. You may not see or hear from her again. But, if you end a relationship with a local American/Western woman, expect that she is definitely not going anywhere. If you share children, money, valuable property, etc. with her, she may become your worst nightmare.

It is possible that your potential foreign lady does change who she is.

But, if you do any of those 8 things I have explained above, you would have no problems.

You can really enjoy marriage with her.

You would not be as lonely as most single or divorced men are.

You would not be as bored as most married men (with local American/Western women) are.

Instead, you would feel complete and excited to be with a woman from a different culture.

Learn something new about her every day and vice versa.

Connect with her in a way that you have never connected with anyone else.

Travel around your country, her country, and the rest of the world with her.

Bring your loved ones and hers together in love, peace, and harmony.

Create everlasting and inspirational memories for the sake of others who do not believe in true love.

Overcome fear of moving to her country, cultural differences, and other issues that can ruin your relationship with her.

Combine your culture with hers so that both of you would remain the same no matter where you live, how long you stay together, and so on.

American/Western lady versus foreign ladyEquity-Table.GQ (source)

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