The Fiance(e) Visa Process

Despite of the current corona virus disease (COVID-19) problem, I still remain positive that it would go away soon. I still plan to travel back to Ukraine for the 3rd time this fall. Furthermore, I still want to take my relationship with Viktoria or Valeria to the next level.

Over a year ago, I have written and published a blog post that compares the K1/K2 fiance(e) visas to the K3/K4 spousal visas. Now, I just want to focus, learn regarding my connection with Ukrainian ladies, and provide you (American or Western man) additional information about the fiance(e) visa process.

Are you interested in marrying a foreign lady and spending the rest of your life with her in United States or the Western world?

If so, then please read the following 5 stages that each include the same questions plus a bonus that includes 20 helpful websites of the process:

Stage 1 – Before starting the fiance(e) visa petition…

What do you need to do?

– Have enough money for paying these fees (which might total to $5000 or more):

  • USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) filing – $535
  • U.S. Embassy – $265
  • medical exam especially for your potential wife – between $60 and $300
  • travel expenses for her – up to $1200
  • assistance – unknown
  • postage – unknown
  • acquired evidence – unknown
  • passport – unknown
  • passport photos – unknown
  • child or children if she is a single mother – unknown
  • translation service – unknown

– Be a lawful citizen in United States.

– In addition, be legal and willing to marry her within 90 days after she enters your country.

– Have a clean criminal record.

– Meet her within the past 2 years.

– Make sure that you are devoid of communicable disease(s).

– Perhaps buy her English lessons so that she would feel more comfortable in communicating with you, your family, friends, and the rest of your country.

– Get support or advice from any of these 3 options:

  • visa/immigration attorney
  • fiance visa agency
  • Rapid Visa staff

– Inform her about everything that she needs to know and do.

– Plan the wedding with her and wedding expert(s) regarding the estimated or total cost, location, etc.

– Maybe buy her an engagement ring, wedding ring, or both.

– Be patient with the visa process because it may take 9 months or longer depending on her country, unexpected events (e.g. natural disasters or terrorism), and other factors.

– Meet the annual income requirement of the visa. If you earn less money, then use your valuables such as vehicle(s), home, business, etc. to cover the costs.

– Please also meet all requirements and have adequate evidence for the visa in order to avoid rejection of petition.

– Plan and organize everything so that it goes as well as you hope or expect.

– If she has a child or children, please apply for a K2 visa instead.

Collect all documents for filing to USCIS.

What are you supposed to have?

– a yearly salary of $17,240 or more

– assets, stocks and bonds, joint sponsor, or income of your loved one(s) if you earn less money from the income requirement

– collected tax returns, pay stubs, and other documents for qualification of the yearly income requirement

– photos of you, her, and/or her friends and family members

– other evidence such as receipts, airline boarding passes, passport stamps, etc. for petition

– U.S. passport that is valid for 6 months or longer

– passport photos of yours and maybe hers

– cover letter

– statement of intent to marry

– anything else that a visa/immigration attorney or another fiance(e) visa professional advises you to have

– printed copies of:

  • Form I-129F – Petition for Alien Fiance(e)
  • Form G-325A – Biographic Information of U.S. Citizen
  • Form G-1145 (optional) – e-Notification of Application/Petition Acceptance
  • Form DS-160 – Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application

Stage 2 – While working on the fiance(e) visa petition…

What do you need to do?

– Mail Form I-129F to USCIS after finishing it.

– Send payment of $535 to Department of Homeland Security.

– Make sure that you pay the medical exam fee before submitting the petition or application.

– Get help from a visa/immigration lawyer or fiance(e) visa expert if you:

– Confirm that you pay $265 for her U.S. Embassy interview which may occur in the capital of her country or another one that is nearby.

– Learn about the IMBRA law and notify USCIS regarding your physical meeting with her through an international marriage broker.

– Save or print copy of your petition/application before submitting it.

What are you supposed to have?

– printed copies of all forms especially Form I-129F petition or application

– check, money order, or another type of payment of $535

– plenty of money for her U.S. Embassy fee plus other fees

– cover letter

– evidence that you have met her within the past 2 years and intend to marry her within 90 days after her legitimate entrance to United States

– clean criminal record information concerning the IMBRA law

– 2 or more passport photos

Stage 3 – After completing and submitting the fiance(e) visa petition…

What do you need to do?

– Tell her to prepare for a face-to-face meeting with a consulate officer at a U.S. Embassy in her nation or a nearby one by doing the following duties:

  • dressing appropriately
  • doing requirements or following instructions for her medical exam and interview once she receives a letter from the U.S. Embassy
  • studying tricky or difficult interview questions that she must answer correctly and honestly
  • gathering and taking all of her necessary documents including her passport
  • being there on time even if it means waiting for a few hours before her meeting starts

– If she has kid(s) and you have instead completed and submitted the K2 visa petition, please tell her to take her kid(s), her passport, and the passport(s) of her kid(s) to the interview.

– Continue helping her speak, read, write, and/or understand English well.

– Study the basics of her language (e.g. Spanish or Ukrainian) so that you can be more fair to her.

– Wait for approval of your case from both USCIS and Department of Homeland Security.

– Learn about the NVC (National Visa Center) which is going to run a security check on her.

– Contact NVC by phone or email if you wish to know if the center has received your petition.

– Also learn adequate facts about the Bureau of Consular Affairs which is going to ship your approved petition to U.S. Embassy in her country via DHL.

What are you supposed to have?

– received mail regarding Notice of Action (NOA1) and Notice of Action 2 (NOA2)

– sincerity between you and her in order to convince the consular or embassy officer during her interview

– flashcards, notes, or a list (optional) of 10 or more U.S. Embassy interview questions that she may be asked

Stage 4 – If the fiance(e) visa petition is approved…

What do you need to do?

– Again, tell her to prepare for the interview by:

  • being on time or a few hours in advance
  • studying for her medical exam and interview questions
  • showing how serious, committed, knowledgeable, etc. she is about her relationship with you to the consulate officer
  • doing other required actions that her U.S. Embassy letter says

– Let her know that she should receive an issued visa (legal permission to enter United States for only 6 months) in her passport if she succeeds at her interview.

– Plan both of your wedding which must occur within 90 days of her legal stay in your country and perhaps get support from your loved ones and wedding expert(s) if possible.

– Make her realize that she has only 6 months to come to United States and 90 days to marry you. Otherwise, she cannot enter it at all or has to leave it and return to her nation immediately. If she is ever deported, then you may have a harder time in persuading the U.S. Embassy, USCIS, and/or other governmental companies to give her a second chance.

– Make sure to buy airline tickets so that she can arrive where you live. If she needs to return to her nation, please ask her when she would do so and pick the round-way trip option for her airline schedule.

– Furthermore, tell her to give a package of U.S. Embassy documents to Point of Entry (POE) once she arrives at an airport in United States.

– Give her enough time to adapt to her new life with you and the people (e.g. relatives, friends, neighbors, coworkers) you know well so that she can confidently and undoubtedly marry you within the 90 day period.

If the petition is denied, then:

  • Prove your love to her with additional evidence to USCIS, U.S. Embassy, etc.
  • Seek help from Rapid Visa staff, an immigration or visa attorney, or a fiance(e) visa agency for solutions to obstacles or complex issues.
  • Fill out and submit Form I-290B (Notice of Appeal or Motion) in maybe 33 days after rejection of your petition.
  • Restart the K1 or K2 fiance(e) visa petition and prepare to spend extra money and deal with more difficulties again.
  • Marry her in her country (e.g. Ukraine, Philippines, or elsewhere) and instead apply for the K3 or K4 spousal visa petition.

– If you receive a RFE (Request for Evidence), then be willing to submit required proof that supports your case and follow directions carefully.

What are you supposed to have?

– received mail regarding:

– U.S. Embassy letter including instructions that she and maybe you need to follow

– gathered Embassy documents

– If your petition has been rejected, then have these items:

  • printed copy of Form I-290B
  • nonrefundable payment of $675

Stage 5 – After marrying her in United States or somewhere (e.g. United Kingdom) similar…

What do you need to do?

– Tell her to fill out the adjustment of status (AOS) petition (which is Form I-485) or do it yourself if possible. Therefore, she can eventually receive her green card and become a legal U.S. immigrant or permanent resident.

– Learn much information about the AOS process.

– In addition, study facts about the green card which allows her to legally stay, work, depart, and return to United States.

– If she eagerly wishes to get a job right away, inform her that she has to complete and submit Form I-765 (Application for Employment Authorization) which may give her 3 months of average processing time.

– If she truly likes your country (or should I say our country) and her new life with you, then encourage her to stay and complete and submit Form N-400 (Application for Citizenship or Naturalization).

– For inspiration, click the text links to YouTube videos that feature Anna Davis of Dream Connections agency:

What are you supposed to have?

– enough money for these costs:

  • Form I-485 – $1225 if you are between 14 and 78 years of age
  • Form I-765 – $410
  • Form N-400 – $725
  • food, transportation, health insurance, and her other needs once she becomes your wife – unknown

Bonus: Where can you learn more details about the fiance(e) visa process?


Hopefully, I have simplified the above specific information as much as possible so that you can gain a full understanding of this overwhelming process.

I also wish that you are going to take the process as serious as I do. I am already seeing plenty of roadblocks to overcome if I want to grow my relationship with Viktoria or Valeria. I have to earn more money, get my own place, take photos of me with one of them together, learn more facts about each of them separately, collect enough evidence, and so on.

You may need to repeat the same actions if you go overseas and find the woman of your dreams as well. Otherwise, expect for your K1 or K2 visa petition to be rejected or delayed for additional information or RFE. USCIS, U.S. Embassy, and other companies that are part of the U.S. government are going to be straightforward with you and her from A to Z.

So, please do not waste their time, your time, her time, your money, etc.

Prevent her from being denied by a consulate officer, stuck in her country, and pressured (by her family and friends) to leave you and move on with her life.

Moreover, stop yourself from restarting the visa petition and spending so much money for fees again.

Make your first and hopefully last time in doing the process very successful.

Follow the written instructions from U.S. Embassy, USCIS, and others very carefully.

Learn about her personal, professional, physical, spiritual, etc. details very much and vice versa.

Pursue the above 5 stages that I have written very thoroughly.

The result is that you would be able to marry and spend the rest of your life with her in United States.

If you live in Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, India, South Africa, or somewhere else, what I say still apply to you anyway.

If you have never gone outside your nation at all and wish to talk and build a serious connection with an Ukrainian lady, please click the link to a previous blog post regarding my video chatting business with my Ukrainian translator and friend (Elizabeth).

Elizabeth and I are still hoping to create international couples through our business.

Please contact me via email or leave me a comment if you have questions or concerns about the video chatting business, fiance(e) visa process, foreign females, etc.

Other than that, I wish you the best of luck in your future journey to seek success and happiness with the right woman.

marriage between American/Western male and foreign female – Green Card


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