International Love Stories Part 4

The ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) problem, money, ego, and other issues may do well in reducing human connection. However, unconditional love brings these 3 international couples closer to each other despite of their differences. Here are their love stories which may inspire you (American or Westernized man) to create your own:

Richard and Monica Dennis (Dream Connections)

In 2016, the Valencia, California resident has decided to take a leap of faith and attend a Dream Connections group romance tour in Medellin, Colombia. Despite that he has met and dated lovely ladies there, he still has encountered the right woman anyway. They suddenly have fallen in love and realized that they are meant to be “one flesh” for the rest of their lives. Language barrier, culture shock, and other obstacles cannot end or destroy their inseparable bond. He constantly reassures her and her daughter (who is also his stepdaughter) that they are his family no matter what happens. To make their union official, he and Monica have wed each other at Treasure Island Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Nowadays, all 3 of them are enjoying their lives together. Even though the coronavirus issue is escalating and causing more distance between human beings globally, the international family constantly gives each other comfort, love, joy, peace and respect. They are forever grateful to Mark and Anna Davis (owners of Dream Connections agency) for their new and improved lives.

Monica (left) and Richard (right) – sent by him via email
them with her daughter/his stepdaughter – sent by him via email

Nick and Priyanka Chopra Jonas (celebrities)

He is a 27 year old American singer, actor, and member of a trio (“Jonas Brothers”). She is a 37 year old Indian actress, singer, model, and winner of the Miss World 2000 pageant. 4 years ago, his music video with Tove Lo has sparked interest in her. Thus, she has reached out to him on Twitter. They have grown their relationship ever since. Furthermore, they are unable to hide or resist their strong feelings for each other publicly or privately. They are consequently successful in overcoming their difficulties, balancing their busy schedules, and having their wedding in December 2018. Today, he currently coaches amateurish singers on “The Voice” television series while she communicates and promotes the Safe Hand Challenge event on Instagram. She hopes that their future child or children would bring her even closer to him.

Priyanka (left) and Nick (right) –
Nick picking up his wife Priyanka
another image of them –

John and Julia (Mordinson)

For many years, he has been pleased with his work plus connection with friends from Eastern Europe. He may have been disappointed with the local dating scene as well as an international dating website ( where foreign female scammers target males from United States, Canada, and other Westernized countries. But, around late summer of 2016, those problems have directed him to Mordinson marriage agency through YouTube. Talking to the honest owner (Michael Mordinson) of the Ukrainian business, watching several YouTube videos, and reading numerous reviews from previous Mordinson clients have encouraged John to write email letters to a specialized doctor (Julia). Once they have transferred their strong communication to Skype, they have realized that they have an inseparable bond. He hence has traveled to Kharkov, Ukraine in hopes of physically meeting her and taking their relationship to the next level. She has reciprocated her feelings by informing that he and their potential kid(s) are her top priority. She is willing to give up her job, livelihood, and everything she knows and loves for a new life with him in United States. During early spring of 2018, they have officially tied the knot. Since then, where they live and what they are doing specifically are unknown. So, if you wish to get an update of them, please contact Michael at his:

  • email address
  • phone numbers
    • +1 213 814 2697 (United States)
    • +38 067 578 2344(*) (Ukraine)
John (left) and Julia (right) before marriage – Mordinson
them again after marriage – Mordinson


2016 is now an unforgettable year due to all 3 international couples who have met each other that year and decided to get wed eventually.

I hope that you are now interested in finding the woman of your dreams in Europe, Asia, Africa, or Latin America. Plan to spend enough time with her so that you can know her well and vice versa. Learn the obstacles that both of you can overcome together. Then, if both of you are ready and willing to marry each other eventually, study the fiance(e) visa process and plan the wedding.

This year (2020) is the time for you and many other singles to go outside your comfort zones, overcome your barriers, and seek international love.

I am thankful to God that this coronavirus issue is only lasting for a short time and coming to an end so that other American/Western men and I can go back overseas and be in the presence of beautiful foreign women again.

I also appreciate Richard and Monica for answering my questions and emailing me their photos.

He says that he can keep talking about his family endlessly.

I feel the same way about this blog, my connection to Viktoria and Valeria, and my video chatting business with Elizabeth too.

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