A Foreign Affair Agency versus Dream Connections Agency

Both A Foreign Affair and Dream Connections businesses have been life-changing experiences to me. I have attended 3 individual romance tours (1 in Santiago, Dominican Republic and the other 2 in Odessa, Ukraine) with A Foreign Affair agency. But, regarding Dream Connections agency, I have only watched its YouTube videos, visited its website frequently, and exchanged email messages with its owner (Mark Davis).

Regardless of my facts, which international dating company are you (American or Westernized man) interested in joining in hopes of seeking your ideal girlfriend or wife?

Here is specific information that can help you learn about each business well and pick the right one according to your needs, desires, and expectations:

A Foreign Affair Agency

Websites: loveme.com; aforeignaffair.com; foreignaffair.com

YouTube channels: Loveme.com; LoveMe.com; LoveMe,com; International-Dating.com; CebuWomen,com; A Foreign Affair Live Web Cast; Ukrainian NightLife

Owners: John Adams and Kenneth Agee (current ones)

Overview: In 1995, John Adams (administrative director), Ron Redburn (former worker), and Kenneth Agee (marketing director) have decided to work together and apply their different skills to a dating project that would impact the world and change their lives forever. A year later, the project has evolved into an international dating website that offers face-to-face meetings between American, Canadian, Australian, and other Western men and Ukrainian, Philippine, and other non-Western women. The business not only has boomed but also it has helped John, Kenneth, and other staff members find their spouses as well. Today, it is still attracting more clients worldwide despite of the coronavirus issue. The owners and staff might be celebrating the 25th anniversary of the company soon.

10 Pros

5 Cons

  • having different translators
    • Like me during my 1st trip to Odessa, Ukraine, you may feel:
      • overwhelmed that you have to repeatedly say who you are, what kind of woman you want, why you have come to Ukraine or another country, and so forth to each of them
      • lost and confused
      • somewhat manipulated if they plus your dates want to go to expensive restaurants and other places
    • I have felt so much better during my 2nd trip there last year.
  • discontinuation of romance tours in Santiago, Dominican Republic
    • It has stopped a year after I have gone there.
    • Maybe most male clients have lost interest in Dominican ladies.
      • In some way, I sense racial discrimination because many of the women are dark-skinned.
      • Another possible reason is having the same lousy and scamming translator (Argelis) I have.
        • If you visit “Going to Dominican Republic” blog post, you would see his full name and photo.
        • He is absolutely one of the reasons why I have not returned there.
    • If you are still interested in the women, please visit these links:
  • absence of Bud Patterson
    • Since he left around July of last year, Monday night live webcasts have become boring and repetitive in my opinion.
    • I miss the topics that he has passionately discussed.
    • I honestly do not feel the same strong feelings from Dina, Anna, and Joe.
      • But, of course John is still passionate because he has started, grown, and promoted the global company for over 2 decades.
  • dating possible scammers
    • Due to my experiences in Ukraine, I strongly advise you to:
    • If you still wish to meet and date them, expect to have plenty of money and deal with their challenges/issues.
  • lack of emotional support
    • I have experienced disappointment after:
      • dating a few ladies who are adamant about going to expensive restaurants
      • getting less sympathy from the different translators and managers
    • To avoid going through the same issue that I have faced, I provide you these links that might help you avoid or see signs of scammers in Ukraine or elsewhere:
loveme.com brand – Foreign Affair
John and Tanya Adams of A Foreign Affair company
Tanya and John Adams – “fromrussiawithlust021417” YouTube channel

Dream Connections Agency

Websites: dreamconnections.com; markedwarddavis.com; innercircle.club

YouTube channels: Dream Connections; Ukrainian Secrets; Mark Edward Davis

Owners: Mark and Anna Davis

Overview: A very happy marriage, not-so-good television interviews (on “Dr. Phil” and “Today” television series), and free electronic books have motivated Mark Edward Davis (author, entrepreneur, and life coach for men) and his Ukrainian wife (Anna, who is also a foreign operations leader) to start their own agency in Nikoleav, Ukraine in 2011. They want to connect sincere and monogamous men and women from different countries. Another reason is reducing or eliminating the negative stereotypes or myths of international dating and mail order brides. Thanks to their 9 years of success, countless YouTube videos, advertising around the world, and growing rate of happily married couples, Mark and Anna no longer have to worry about haters and naysayers. While she moves forward to other things that she is interested, he and their staff members continue to grow the unique business and create even more international couples.

10 Pros

  • Dream Connections” YouTube channel that has over 900 videos
  • romance tours in Ukraine (Nikolaev and Kherson), Thailand (Bangkok), and Colombia (Medellin)
  • profiles of ladies in 3 nations
  • reviews or love stories from international couples
  • PowerPoint tutorial videos featuring Mark, Chris Dwulet, or another staff member
  • “Ask Mark” videos
  • translators/romance coaches
    • Each male client is assigned only 1 of them during his group or individual quest tour.
      • I agree with this fact 100% because of my negative experiences with different interpreters during my 1st trip in Odessa, Ukraine.
      • Similar to me and Elizabeth, he can open up, trust, and develop a healthy and normal relationship with her and vice versa.
        • How can he really do the same with different translators with different personalities?
    • If you wish to talk to any of them, you can buy and participate in Ukraine Live Chat service on “Dream Connections” website.
  • interview videos featuring clients, managers, and/or others who may not be part of the company
  • FAQs” webpage
    • There is a video for each question on it.
  • plenty of emotional support
    • You would get much help from Mark, Anna, Irina Tkachenko, and other staff members before, during, and after possibly attending a romance tour.
    • They are not going to abandon and forget about you (as a potential client) like those from A Foreign Affair agency do.

5 Cons

  • “Total Man” club
    • Like me, most men probably think that they do not need to join it because they understand their masculinity and go after what they want independently.
    • Despite of my opinion, I praise Mark for creating the organization anyway.
  • expensive costs of individual quest tours (IQTs)
    • Indeed, they are too much for money to spend or save because I work at a low income job and have to pay my bills every month.
    • If you have a shortage of money like I do, you may want to buy a cheaper romance tour on “A Foreign Affair” website instead.
    • But, if you want more benefits and better results, buy a IQT or group romance tour on “Dream Connections” website anyway.
  • blog webpages
    • They seem outdated and inadequate.
      • Why is some information missing?
    • I wish that all the blog posts are together.
      • Therefore, I can sense total organization, completion, and satisfaction after viewing them.
  • “Throwback Thursday” videos
    • Frankly, I do not see a new one every Thursday.
    • Nevertheless, they are necessary so that viewers can study important details about the agency, foreign ladies, quest tours, etc.
  • disappearance of Marina (former IQT manager in Ukraine)
    • Where has she gone truthfully?
    • Is she returning to the company in the future?
    • Fortunately, her replacement (Inga) is just as proficient and lovely as Marina has been.
Dream Connections brand – “Dream Connections” YouTube channel
Anna and Mark Davis of Dream Connections business
Anna and Mark Davis – “Mark Davis” Flickr page


So, based on the truth of both businesses above, I have to say that Dream Connections agency is better.

If you choose to attend a group or individual romance tour with it, you may have no regrets whatsoever. You would meet caring, down-to-earth, and honest people during your journey. You would also learn much information about the Ukrainian, Thai, or Colombian culture. Furthermore, you are going to have a romance coach or translator who is going to support and protect you from scams, heartbreak, danger, etc. She may become a friend for life to you and your future wife.

If you are concerned about saving money or spending less of it, then pick a cheaper romance tour with A Foreign Affair agency instead. But, be ready and emotionally stable to deal with possible consequences such as having different translators, going on dates with women who may take advantage of you and ignore your calls or text messages later, and having no manager or staff member to support or be there for you often.

You may be on your own in a foreign country unless you attend a group romance tour or stay in touch with the same people during an individual romance tour.

If you prefer independence, then do what I do.

Otherwise, stick with others during a group romance tour or any Dream Connections quest tour.

Stay focused on your #1 goal – pursuing the lady of your dreams.

Once you meet, date, and perhaps marry her, then you may have zero regrets in the decisions you have made and the experiences you have faced.


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