The Elizabeth Effect

Picking to meet and date Viktoria last year has been the best decision I have made. My relationship with her has grown because of our Skype video chats. Now, I am doing the same with Valeria. I am glad that I have been introduced to her, Karina, Angelica, and Anastasia on my second trip in Odessa, Ukraine. The person whom I give my gratitude for my connection with all of them is indeed Elizabeth. Although she is still my translator, she is also my friend too.

The bond that I have with her has led to these 5 positive results:

learning additional details about the Ukrainian culture

At first, I have thought that I have known enough information about Ukraine after spending 6 days there, watching many YouTube videos, and doing nonstop research online. But, on my second trip, I have become more aware and exposed to the culture thanks to her. She has taken me to a beach, catacomb, farm, mall, carnival, and other unforgettable places for my dates. Like her, Denis and Nadiia have also given me great advice regarding their culture too. I would definitely not forget the times I have.

If you (American or Western man) are interested in exploring the Eastern European nation, I recommend that you hire a tour guide, interpreter, or even friend to direct your path.

understanding Ukrainian women well thanks to her perspective

If you are mainly focused on good looks of the opposite sex in Ukraine like I have in the beginning, expect to spend extra money, go to the same restaurants, and become rejected or ignored when you return home and send a few text messages. Fortunately, I have continued my relationship with Viktoria on Skype. I have repeated with Elizabeth as well. However, seeing her in person and spending much time with her during my second trip have given me a different opinion of her. I enjoy dating all 5 various ladies who are considered her friends or clients of her dating agency which is called “Just Married”. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same about most of the females I have chosen to date. But, the result is that I now know how important character is. I would rather stay with an average-looking lady (e.g. Viktoria) with plenty of inner beauty instead of moving forward and entering a serious relationship with a gorgeous woman who may cause more problems in my life.

I would recommend you to do the same as well.

seeing her as a replacement of Erika

I have depended on Erika for what I need or want during my two vacations in Barranquilla, Colombia. I therefore have wished that I can talk and even hang out with her again. God has indeed given me what I truly want in summer 2014. She and I have reunited at Kings Dominion with her family and my sister. I have somewhat believed that I am back in her country (Colombia). Nonetheless, I have returned to reality and re-experienced loneliness after Erika and her family have departed. Whether I am actually by myself or around other people, I usually feel the same way negatively. However, a few years later, I have found another person (Elizabeth) who accepts, chats, and wants to know who I really am. I am so appreciative to God that He has sent her to me. Otherwise, I may still think, rely, and send messages to Erika. I do not wish to interfere in her new life, job, and marriage at all.

believing that she can lead me to the right woman 100%

When Elizabeth has tried to get my attention on WhatsApp a few times last year, I have thought about ignoring her or saying that I am not interested in dating Viktoria again. But, receiving a sad emoji from Elizabeth has encouraged me to give her and Viktoria a chance anyway. I am so glad that I have made that decision. I am no longer the same person after having monthly Skype video chats with them, texting back and forth with Elizabeth, receiving photos of Viktoria, and physically meeting other beautiful ladies whom Elizabeth has suggested me to date. Of course, I cannot forget my other translator (Nadiia) and a woman (Irena) I have picked on my own. Because I do not know both of them well and have not heard from them for a few weeks, I choose to move forward and give more attention to Elizabeth and her female friends/clients. I like the solid connection that I already have with Elizabeth. Neither Nadiia nor any other translator can take Elizabeth’s place in my mind and heart. The same thing applies with Viktoria and other ladies I date. Even if I lose Viktoria or Valeria, I am going to remain with Elizabeth and ask her to help me find my future wife or girlfriend.

wishing to create a video chatting business with her

I have fallen in love with Skype software since my first video chat with Viktoria and Elizabeth. Writing about my communication has given me a good reason why many American/Western men refuse to travel to other countries and pursue international love. They do not get chances to talk to foreign women at home. Men may still believe that most of the women are not serious or interested in marriage. Consequently, males may think that their only options are:

Unlike them, I choose to follow my heart, constantly go abroad (e.g. Odessa, Ukraine), and find the woman of my dreams. If I have to keep paying Elizabeth for a Skype video chat with her every month, so be it. Therefore, I want other men to follow my footsteps too. I plan to ask Elizabeth about collaborating for a video chatting company next month or in December. Hence, we can help our potential clients (who are my American/Western male readers (including you if you are interested) and Ukrainian women who are part of her agency):

  • feel comfortable in looking and communicating with each other on their computer screens while they are at their homes
  • get to know each other’s culture, background, personality, etc. well due to the support of their translators
  • take their relationships to the next level
  • plan when, where, etc. to meet each other in the flesh in Odessa


Elizabeth is a God-given gift to me and vice versa. I probably would have never met her if I have not selected Viktoria in my list last year. The same thing goes with Valeria, Karina, Angelica, and Anastasia as well. As a result, I may be focusing on the wrong woman or women (whether they are my translator(s), date(s), or both) who would eventually abandon me, ignore my text messages, and move forward to someone else.

Like Viktoria, Elizabeth has a good heart and intent.

They may think that they are not valued or pretty enough for any men because of their culture.

However, they should realize how much they mean to me and the rest of the world.

I am glad that Elizabeth exists and that she is who she is.

She has guided me during my second trip in Odessa.

I would never forget the journey.

I cannot forget or ignore her even if I wish to do so.

I am content that we stay in touch with each other via WhatsApp and Skype.

I would be on cloud nine if she agrees to work for my possible video chatting business.

We can thus make more money plus create happy international couples.

Elizabeth somewhere
Elizabeth in her hometown (Odessa) – WhatsApp

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