More Names of Foreign Women

I decide to write this sequel to “Names of Foreign Women“. After all, I want you (American or Westernized man) to learn extra information about women in other countries. Not only do they have stunning looks and beautiful personalities but also they have unforgettable names. Whether their names seem typical or strange, they are worthy of discussing repeatedly.

So, without further ado, here are 4 names that may encourage you to go overseas and find a special lady with a special name:


Whether it has originated in Thailand, North Korea, or South Korea, the Asian name stands for “distant moon”. If you meet a woman with this name and learn its meaning, you may think that you are not supposed to be with her. She may represent physical distance. Nonetheless, her charm and unconditional love are able to bring you both together. Looking at the photo of a good-looking Thai female below might encourage you to meet her in person. If you do attend a romance tour with Dream Connections agency in Bangkok, Thailand, she may become ecstatic to see you, know you a bit, and hopefully build a serious relationship with you.

Ae (Thai) – DC #0661896


Perhaps, it is the Latin version of a lady. If her parents have given her this name intentionally, they want her to shine to the world. She is destined to:

  • show her youth regardless of how old she is
  • stay feminine in her culture which favors and focuses primarily on men
  • enjoy her unmarried life while she waits for the man of her dreams

There are plenty of females with the same name in Colombia and the rest of Latin America. If you are interested in dating or marrying one of them, please visit her profile on, “My Colombian Wife” website, or another Latin American dating website. You may be pleased to see how ladylike she is.

Leidy (Colombian) – My Colombian Wife


Lightness, the world, and stardom come to mind whenever I think of this Slavic name. In fact, the name is popular with many women in Russia, Ukraine, and other Slavic nations. The main reason is the 1813 Russian poem by the late Vasily Zhukovsky. He has wanted everyone to know about his thoughts and feelings toward the name. Possibly, he has been describing a female relative, friend, acquaintance, or even lover. Despite of his purposes, numerous women who are named Svetlana can succeed in attracting the opposite sex besides their beauty and characteristics. So, if you wish to seek one of them for dating, friendship, or marriage, she would make sure that you are happier, healthier, and more visible to others around you.

Svetlana (Ukrainian) – Mordinson #511


Thanks to Eddie Murphy, “Legend of Zelda” video game series, and “Grey’s Anatomy” television series, the name is well known globally. Whether the name initially comes from Latin America, Europe, or Africa, it is still easy for most people to spell, understand, and remember for the remainder of their lives. Like them, I sense peace, sophistication, and confidence from the name. No wonder a woman called Zola is fearless and proud to reveal who she is personally, culturally, professionally, spiritually, etc. If you can visualize a future with her, you may have zero regrets after receiving some of her positive traits.

Zola Nombona - South African celebrity
Zola Nombona (South African) – “znombona” Instagram page


I am glad to inform you about the 4 names above. Maybe you are encouraged to study other particular names of different women. If you are also motivated to go overseas and find your future wife, I would be even more satisfied.

There are innumerable lovely females with stunning looks and awesome qualities worldwide.

You are able to find unlimited access to their photos, profile information, etc. online.

But, when it comes to their names, you do not have to worry about researching so much information.

You can collect simple and meaningful details in a short time.

Then, you can decide whether or not you are going to travel abroad and pursue international love.

Your name is just as significant as mines is.

Hence, pay extra attention to your name, overcome your obstacles, and follow your dreams.

A foreign woman with an attractive name is repeating the same actions plus waiting for a sincere and permanent connection with you.

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