Argentine Women versus Japanese Women

If I can imagine unique countries, I see Argentina and Japan in that category. They apparently isolate themselves from their neighboring nations culturally. Argentina and Japan may be somewhat Westernized due to their media, wealth, fashion, etc. However, their female citizens are still warm and available for good men.

If you (American or Western man) wish to learn more details about both groups of ladies, please read below:



Argentine Women

  • white complexion
  • Swedish, German, and maybe other European features
  • blonde, brunette, etc. hair
  • long legs
  • thin body shapes
  • blue, black, etc. eyes
  • flat stomachs
  • dark-skinned (some especially if they are from Paraguay, Peru, or Bolivia)
  • rest of population as Asian (South Korean, Japanese, or Taiwanese)
  • model-like

Japanese Women

  • innocent and cute-looking
  • black hair
  • white or light skin tone
  • black or dark eyes
  • skinny, petite, or hourglass bodies
  • tall or average height
  • small noses
  • long legs


Argentine Women

Japanese women are naturally beautiful to look online or in person. But, their Argentine counterparts truthfully win this subcategory because of their physical differences. Like the rest of Latin America, Argentina does have women in various skin tones, body shapes, eye colors, hair colors, etc. So, if you want to date ladies who do not resemble clones or family members, plan a trip to Buenos Aires or somewhere similar. You may not regret it after seeing gorgeous Argentine ladies in the flesh.

Nicole Neumann (Argentine model) – Wikifeet


Argentine Women

  • European clothes or those that represent European culture
  • blue, black, or white style mainly
  • jeans
  • sandals
  • comfortable flat shoes
  • jewelry and other beautiful accessories
  • scarves
  • pashminas
  • umbrellas or raincoats for rainfalls
  • wide hats
  • cross body purses
  • particular dresses
  • particular shirts
  • sneakers
  • ponchos
  • tanks
  • skirts
  • platform shoes or boots
  • makeup
  • fitness wear
  • high heels
  • cocktail dresses
  • leather or classic leggings
  • rompers
  • turtlenecks
  • tall or ankle boots
  • sweatpants
  • pajamas
  • choker necklaces
  • plaid sweatshirts
  • cropped trousers
  • lightweight jackets
  • sweaters
  • spiky earrings
  • cardigans
  • shawls
  • tank tops
  • tunics
  • linen or harem pants
  • leather gloves

Japanese Women

  • short skirts
  • knee-length socks
  • schoolgirl uniforms
  • Kawaii style
  • Gothic Lolita style
  • Ganguro style
  • Bosozoku style
  • Yakuza style
  • swimsuits
  • lingerie
  • tank dresses
  • makeup
  • curly eyelashes
  • double eyelid
  • shirts
  • tops
  • V-neck shirts
  • blouses
  • shirt dresses
  • pants
  • jeans
  • raincoats
  • ponchos
  • kimonos
  • boots
  • sweaters
  • shawls
  • waterproof jackets
  • jewelry
  • flats
  • hats
  • backpacks
  • slip-on shoes
  • cardigans
  • cotton blouses
  • tailored shorts
  • shoulder bags


Argentine Women

As much as I want to pick Japanese ladies instead, I have to be honest with myself, you, and other readers. They do wear unusual or girly outfits. Nevertheless, they are not as feminine as women in Argentina are. Argentine females wear clothes that make them look elegant, wealthy, and irresistible. Like me, most men around the world would probably choose to date or marry them if they plus their Japanese counterparts are the only women who exist in this world.

de Grisogono Love on the Rocks Party During 70th Cannes Film Festival
Camila Morrone (Argentine model) – Wikifeet



Argentine Women

  • very nice
  • open-minded
  • educated
  • outgoing
  • nocturnal
  • intelligent
  • inquisitive
  • proficient in reading, speaking, and writing in English
  • feminine
  • sociable
  • fit
  • sophisticated
  • mature
  • independent
  • monogamous
  • dramatic when it comes to their serious relationships
  • financially stable
  • passionate
  • loyal
  • traditional
  • moral
  • honest
  • family-oriented

Japanese Women

  • optimistic
  • adorable
  • easygoing
  • mature
  • attractive
  • gregarious
  • active
  • curious
  • adventurous
  • old-fashioned
  • respectful
  • innocent
  • marriage-minded
  • free-spirited
  • smart
  • approachable
  • professional
  • hardworking
  • seductive
  • unique
  • introverted
  • realistic
  • sexually frustrated with local Japanese men
  • reserved
  • submissive
  • assertive
  • quiet


Japanese Women

Many Argentine ladies may intimidate American/Western men with their good looks, brilliance, and wealth. However, the men would probably feel more comfortable with the opposite sex in Japan. Most Japanese women are easy to talk, date, and connect. They may look like high school students despite of their actual ages. Furthermore, they are tired or disappointed with local Japanese males when it comes to sexuality. The result is that females hope or expect to find desirable characteristics from men outside their nation.

Japanese women being interviewed
Japanese women – “Nobita from Japan” YouTube channel

Feelings, Abilities, and Thoughts

Argentine Women

  • enjoy 3 meals (desayuno, almuerzo, and cena) and a nap (siesta) everyday
  • make traditional foods such as empanadas, salads, breads, cheeses, and pasta dishes
  • have very high average IQ in South America
  • love reading books
  • not heavily influenced by the Western culture
  • limit or stay away from alcohol, partying, and/or sexual activities
  • take good care of their bodies or health
  • probably reside in colorful houses
  • demand respect from American/Western men due to ongoing disrespect, danger, and unwanted attention from local Argentine men
  • prefer online dating or offline friendships as ways to meet their potential boyfriends or husbands
  • refuse to do what the opposite sex says, asks, or expects
  • believe in Roman Catholicism
  • comfortable with dating at public places only
  • may invite their friends for dates
  • believe that sex is just right for marriage
  • enjoy Tango dancing
  • willing to give up their men if relatives dislike or disapprove the relationships

Japanese Women

  • have zero interest or comfort in having disagreements or arguments with others
  • express their emotions through their clothes
  • ecstatic about dating or marrying American/Western men
  • willing to meet the right men on Japan Cupid website
  • like to work hard at their jobs or businesses
  • enjoy entertaining or taking photos with tourists
  • bored or tempted to end relationships that lack intercourse, romance, etc.
  • love being tour guides to their dates
  • expect men to take charge


Japanese Women

They probably have less expectations than their Argentine sisters do. Also, Japanese ladies seem more lenient and captivating to the opposite sex as well. They want to enjoy the rest of their lives in peace, joy, and fairness. If you desire a marital relationship with one of them, you would make her feel on cloud nine. However, if you just want to date or befriend her and other ladies, you would still get plenty of respect and warmth from them. Let them show you around their country, inform you about their culture, and give you the best time of your life as well as theirs. Buying souvenirs and snapping photos with them there are big advantages.

Karina Nose (Japanese model) – Listal


Overall, Argentinian females win the first category because of their sexy looks and fashion. Japanese ladies however defeat them with the other type regarding the mindsets, emotions, and other unseen things. Both groups of women are even with each other and deserving of more respect and attention than what they receive from men in general.

Valentine’s Day is coming in 5 days.

As I hope to give something special to Valeria and Viktoria (both lovely Ukrainian women I talk on Skype), I also hope that you would do the same too with 1 or 2 other foreign females who are constantly ignored.

There is something amazing about international romance.

Like me, you cannot get the same mood from domestic dating or marriage.

It is difficult to find an American or Western woman who is on the same level with you regarding responsibilities, family, fairness, interests, money, etc.

But, there are plenty of females who fulfill or exceed our expectations abroad.

Argentine and Japanese ladies definitely fit that sort.

Whether your heart is drawn to Argentina, Japan, or another similar country, keep believing that true love exists and that the woman of your dreams is waiting to meet and be with you.

If you end up with her, your doubts, fears, regrets, and/or other obstacles would thus go away.

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