Why Is It Important to Find the Right Woman?

Last year, I have discussed a couple of reasons why men around the world stay unmarried. In some way, I agree with them because of how difficult the opposite sex can be plus the major problems that we face today. The other part of me realizes that those issues come to an end and desires a long-lasting relationship with a special female. After all, God has created someone for everyone as well as marriage and everything else that humanity needs and wishes.

Regardless of how dysfunctional most things and people are, I still believe in true love thanks to my dating experiences in 3 countries (Ukraine, Dominican Republic, and Colombia) and long-distance connection with 2 Ukrainian ladies (Viktoria and Valeria). You (American or Western man) can find hope overseas too. Whether you are interested in following my footsteps or staying home and dating local women, you should know how significant it is to have a future girlfriend or wife in your life.

I provide you these 5 good reasons:

facing less problems

Life is difficult especially in this world. Dealing with unreasonable people is worse. So, the last thing that any man needs is a marital bond with a woman with serious baggage. Recently, I have confronted Elizabeth about the indifferent behavior that Viktoria has. Seeing Viktoria with a crappy shirt and somewhat messy hair on our last Skype video chat has disappointed me somewhat. I have worn a nice triple-striped polo shirt for her. I am also not pleased that she keeps talking about what type of liquor I like. In fact, she has tried to encourage me to drink beer or vodka twice when I have been in Odessa, Ukraine last year. I have declined and learned something new about her instantly. Even though I hope that she improves her perspective plus fashion, I want to give more attention to Valeria (whom I consider more attractive, mature, and respectful to me). So, if you want to seek a like-minded lady who can make your life better, please spend much time in knowing her well before moving to the next stage of your relationship. In addition, make sure to talk and bond with someone (e.g. a relative, friend, or translator) she knows well.

American man having peaceful meal with Colombian girlfriend or wife – Quora

eliminating loneliness or rejection

The Campaign to End Loneliness organization verifies that loneliness is spreading worldwide and targeting people regardless of their ages, genders, health conditions, etc. I also have discussed loneliness on a 2018 blog post too. I have done the same concerning rejection around the time I have started this blog. For most of my life, I have experienced both issues especially in United States. It is easy to escape from them a little whenever I travel to another nation. However, I have dated a few foreign women who ignore my text messages, another one who refuses to go on a second date with me, and even one who has brought her loved ones during our so-called date. Instead of becoming bitter and sad as an American/Western man may do with local or online dating, I have chosen to remain positive, happy, and grateful to God that He is protecting and guiding me to the right woman or women. Now, I am involved with 2 Ukrainian females whom I can trust, show honesty, and get reciprocal feelings. I have a video chatting business with their friend and our translator (Elizabeth). I no longer feel that I am alone. Unless you are regularly surrounded by your family, friends, and/or acquaintances, make life-changing decisions by going abroad and connecting with strangers (including beautiful women) who are going to care and stay in touch with you indefinitely.

single man praising God by himself – A Light in Dark Places

avoiding manipulation, mind games, or more problems from different ladies

Numerous authors including Theresa Machemer agree that having a small number of friends is better for everyone. The extra people who enter his or her personal life may create additional obstacles for him or her. 2 months ago, I have driven Elizabeth to laughter after saying that more females equal more problems. She, absolutely Viktoria, and perhaps Valeria are concerned that I am going to date more women again when I return to Odessa. Nonetheless, I reassure them by telling them about my unfortunate date with a woman (Victoriia) who has asked for my phone number and lied that she is going to call me. I have stopped hearing and receiving text messages from Irena and the other translator (Nadiia) since our first and only chat on Viber. Another lady (Nadya) whom I have really liked and dated during my first trip there has changed and shown her aloof side to me via the WhatsApp messages we have exchanged. The result is that I just want to focus only on Viktoria and Valeria. If my relationships with them come to an end, then I would ask Elizabeth to help me meet and bond with another woman she knows or befriends. If you decide to go to Ukraine, Colombia, or any other similar country, please follow my footsteps by sticking with the same translator and dates. Not only are they going to protect you from potential scams and danger but also they are going to have your best interest at heart.

Brazilian man kissing special and moral woman – Black Women of Brazil

being yourself 100%

When it comes to self-esteem, nearly all of humanity lacks confidence. Most shy or reserved people including myself think that we are the only ones who are dealing with the anxiety. I still have difficulty in talking or bonding with people I do not know well or at all. But, I believe that God is going to completely help me come out of my shell in the future. He has given me incredible and unforgettable experiences in the 3 nations I have traveled. I have connected with diverse people despite of my ongoing timidity. I am constantly reminded that I can seek true love and that she is going to accept me as I am. Viktoria, Valeria, and Elizabeth make sure of those possibilities. Hence, you, too, can find the confident and extraordinary version of yourself through a woman of a different culture, race, language, etc.

Eric and Inna from Love Me Documentary
authentic wedding of Eric (right) and Inna (left) – “Reel Truth Documentaries” YouTube video

fulfilling your destiny

Mediocrity is the norm of everyday life. Many people lack faith or choose to ignore their hidden skills, thoughts, and ideas because of constant fear of others, possible failure, lack of resources, etc. But, I have decided to get away from the crowd, step outside my comfort zone, and pursue my dreams. I consequently have zero regrets after growing this blog, making my clip art membership website, taking 5 trips overseas, and dating different ladies. I am so ready to:

Once I do these things, I would be totally and forever satisfied. I do not ever wish to look back or return to the average life I am currently living. Like me, you should escape boredom, mediocrity, and/or influence from those who just mislabel or see you as less. Become uncommon and realize that you have something in common with those who have reached much success like I do. Entering a relationship with an uncommon lady would become a big plus for you.

The optimistic Osteen family (Jonathan, Victoria, Alexandra, and Joel) – The Netline


Indeed, there are multiple various women who are hard to resist due to their good looks, charm, traits, and so on. If you date 10 or more of them abroad, you may consider 1, 2, or a few who are actually right for you. Their personalities and intentions are probably going to melt your heart.

Do not pay much attention to the physical appearances of the opposite gender.

Otherwise, you may go back to square one like most men in general do.

They have their own stubborn opinions about how women are or should be, what staying single means, and so forth.

Just ask the MGTOW community or “Angry Birds” who are good examples.

But, if you are yearning for the whole truth about ladies around the globe plus a monogamous relationship with one of them:

Viktoria, Valeria, and even Elizabeth are living witnesses who keep proving or telling me that they are sincere, caring, loyal, and interested in finding true love despite of their disappointing culture.

As a result, I have frankly nothing to worry when I go on my upcoming 3rd trip to Odessa.

The same thing can happen to you if you keep an open mind and give the same women plenty of chances to know you thoroughly.

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