Women of Baltic Europe

If you (American or Westernized man) have been reading many of my blog posts, you probably know much information about Slavs and Scandinavians (aka Nordics). But, I have never talked about their Baltic counterparts whatsoever. If you are truly interested in seeking the right woman in Baltic Europe, please learn about its 3 parts based on nationality below:


Country: Estonia

Appearances: They are well known for having slim bodies and obviously blonde hair. Most of them share fair skin tones and blue eyes. Although they look serious, their tall heights may assist others in seeing how feminine and friendly they are.

Personalities: Introversion represents the ladies in Estonia although they are easy to talk. They are naturally quiet and reserved when they are around strangers and perhaps acquaintances. The females are close and loyal to their family members and friends. In addition, the ladies bring their unique ideas and skills to the table when it comes to their jobs, businesses, and households. They enjoy studying new information, doing physical activities such as cooking and exercising, and celebrating birthdays, festivals, and holidays every year. Finding and building marital relationships with like-minded men would be a major plus to them.

Activities: If you wish to attract an Estonian lady for a marital relationship, please do the following duties:

  • Discuss topics that interest her.
  • Be comfortable, confident, and even humorous to her.
  • Respect her values in order to woo her heart.
  • Impress her with your creativity.
  • Buy her a bouquet of wild flowers before you date her.
  • Make something unique and unforgettable for her.
  • Have good social skills or improve them so that she cannot compare you to a typical Estonian male.
  • Stick by what you say for trust reasons.
  • Split meals or bills with her if she mentions them.

Good Cities to Meet Them: Tallinn (capital); Tartu; Parnu; Narva; Viljandi; Kuressqare; Kohtlo-Jarve; Kunda

Good Dating Websites to Visit: Tinder; International Cupid; Mamba.ru; Badoo; Estonia Friends Date; Elite Mail Order Brides; Russian Cupid

Estonian-Mail-Order-Brides (1)
Estonian lady – Online Dating Chat


Country: Latvia

Appearances: The majority of the women proudly has blonde hair, skinny weights, subtle facial features, and tall heights. Other ladies who have different physical features may agree with them regarding how they naturally look. They are so happy of their physiques that they participate in “Go Blonde” festivals yearly. They wear pink clothing that describes their cheerfulness and promotes their hope for personal and professional growth.

Personalities: Similar to American/Western females, Latvians are independent, passionate about their careers, cooking recipes, favorite movies, favorite television shows, favorite music, etc., and family-oriented. The differences are that Latvians are lonely due to a shortage of men in their nation and that the ladies keep their traditions with loved ones. The women struggle to find their ideal boyfriends or husbands despite of their honesty, positive attitudes, high education, and fairness when it comes to gender roles. If they can attract more men to their country or connect with them online, they may get enough emotional support plus extra stability that can help them reach their destinies.

Activities: Here are the tasks that can help you win the heart of a Latvian woman:

  • Give her protection and provision of her needs.
  • Take your relationship with her slowly or normally because of her likely modesty.
  • Keep her from becoming suspicious by staying truthful.
  • Show interest in what she likes such as reading, traveling, and exploring different cultures.
  • Reciprocate if she is willing to give up her career, family and friends, income, etc. for you.
  • If you are from United Kingdom, please explain and verify that you are not a sex tourist, drunkard, or troublemaker due to ongoing stag parties in Riga.
  • Learn as many facts about her as possible and vice versa.
  • Stay away from Riga during nighttime because of potential scammers.
  • Treat her with respect and limit your gambling, drinking, etc. habits so that she would not compare you to a local Latvian or foreign British man.
  • Visit any or all of these places with her for wonderful memories:
  • Finally, impress her parents if you choose to take the relationship to the next level.

Good Cities to Meet Them: Riga (capital); Jurmala; Liepaja; Ventspils; Daugavpils; Jelgava; Sable; Kuldiga; Kandava

Good Dating Websites to Visit: EuroDate.com; Badoo; Mamba.ru; International Cupid;  Russians Brides; Russian Cupid; RussianBrides.com

blondes in Riga, Latvia
Latvian females at a “Go Blonde” festival – Riga Guide


Country: Lithuania

Appearances: More than 50% of the Lithuanian population has natural or dyed blonde hair. The ladies are much similar to their Latvian and Estonian counterparts when it comes to skin complexions, cheekbones, body shapes, heights, and eye colors. However, Lithuanians like to resemble runway models by wearing provocative dresses or outfits with high heels. It is hard to believe that they are overlooked globally despite of their sexy looks.

Personalities: They prefer their natural beauty over makeup, body modifications, and hair colors/designs. In addition, they want natural connections with good men even if they have to seek them outside their nation. For evidence, the females constantly read or watch current news around the world. They remain socially and physically active in order to attract the opposite sex. Furthermore, they already know that they have the characteristics (polite, mature, hospitable to foreigners, patriotic, educated, feminine, family-oriented, monogamous, and competent) that serious men are looking in their future wives or girlfriends. The result is that they should expose and promote themselves to the rest of the world often. Taking photos or recording videos in which they wear sexy clothes and perform household duties (cooking, cleaning, and decorating) is a good way to succeed.

Activities: Be family-oriented and loyal as your possible Lithuanian girlfriend or wife is with her relatives. Keep the conversation simple, positive, and appropriate. Show how romantic, respectful, and polite you can be during your date with her. Wear nice and causal clothes such as a collar shirt, jeans, and a jacket for her impression. Be patient even if she is late for the date. Offer her help if she is holding a heavy bag or dealing with another problem. Pick a coffee shop, bistro, mall, city park, or anywhere else that may brighten both of your moods. Give her space and privacy if necessary. Learn her language(s) willingly. Have a sense of humor so that she can feel comfortable and open up to you. Shave the hair on your face for her impression. Take interest in her culture, life, interests, etc. Engage in reading books with her instead of asking her about participating in social media, watching television shows/movies, or playing video games. All of these duties should guide you to a successful and long-lasting bond with her.

Good Cities to Meet Them: Vilnius (capital); Kaunas; Palanga; Klaipeda; Siauliai; Nida; Panevezys; Kedainiai; Visaginas; Alytus; Zarasai; Kaliningrad; Raseiniai

Good Dating Websites to Visit: Russian Cupid; International Cupid; Anastasia Date; eHarmony; International Love; Tinder

Lithuanian beauty – “Lithuania’s Most Beautiful Girls” Facebook page


Hopefully, this blog post has taught you many facts about Baltic females. If you are encouraged to plan and visit any of the 3 Baltic countries in the future, I would be pleased. I would like to read about your Baltic trip as well as your possibility of finding a Baltic girlfriend or wife in the “Comments” section below.

It is a little difficult to differentiate the Baltic women at first.

However, you can identify each group after reading its details nonstop.

Estonians represent individuality although they have strong ties to their loved ones.

Latvians use blonde and pink colors to reflect their culture, patriotism, and looks.

Lithuanians focus on self-improvement so that they can feel better about themselves plus more drawn to like-minded men.

They are all proud of who they are and where they come.

Therefore, they wish to be more recognized to a world that focuses highly on the American or Western culture.

I am hoping that I make their dreams come true regarding this blog post.

They deserve good men.

You deserve a good woman as well.

So, pursue her whether she is in a Baltic state or elsewhere.

Enjoy the rest of your life with a lady who represents and embraces your character indeed.

map of Baltic Europe – Nations Online Project

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