Videos of Foreign Women

Whenever you (American or Westernized man) look at photo(s) of an exotic woman from another country, you may be tempted to view more of her images plus those of her gorgeous counterparts. Of course, their pictures are hard to stop staring due to my experiences. Nevertheless, seeing their moving and walking and hearing their voices are so much better. Their videos candidly give you a better chance to know them more and realize that they are as human as we are.

So, here are 5 characteristics that represent videos of females you may be interested in meeting and dating abroad:


If videos show something odd or unique, they are going to be easy to remember. Good examples are music videos, skits, informational videos, game-play videos, and so on. I cannot get enough of diverse YouTube videos that I watch on my television, computer, or my smartphone screen. Looking at beautiful ladies is a plus. But, those from other nations such as Colombia, Ukraine, Philippines, and Ethiopia catch more of my attention. I just want to learn additional details about their cultures, backgrounds, personalities, beliefs, etc. If you feel the same way that I do, then study as many facts as you can about foreign women who are seeking good men like you.

Valentine's Day message from Irina of Dream Connections
memorable Valentine’s Day message featuring Irina – “Dream Connections” YouTube video


Videos provide plenty of information of something or someone through audio, backgrounds, fashion, etc. I indeed learn more details about foreign ladies who participate in videos than I do with the ones who only stick with photos. This fact cannot surpass the actual dates I have with Ukrainian, Dominican, and Colombian females who just have text and photos on their online profiles though. But, especially at home where I have difficulty in connecting or even having conversations with local American women, I can get enough satisfaction from online videos that feature breathtaking ladies with warm smiles, positive attitudes, nice shapes, and so on. In some way (even if it seems strange to you), I feel connected with them despite that I have never met them and probably never will. You may agree with me after viewing innumerable videos of females who are out of your league.

Maryorys AFA 130686
stunning Maryorys – AFA #130686


Truly, videos put more creativity in many people than text (from books, blog posts, articles, etc.) or images do. Numbers of video watchers on social media including Facebook, InstaGram, and Twitter are solid evidence of my claim. If I see a pretty foreign woman or women doing something remarkable or wearing something very feminine, I may create a few video screenshot photos of them on Microsoft Word and save them on my laptop computer. Sometimes, I upload and share them with you and other readers for entertainment and verification of my words. If you see video(s) of a lady or ladies who take your breath away, you may be tempted to collect information about them as I do too.

interviewed Swedish ladies
interviewed Swedish ladies – “Fluid Narrative” YouTube video


Videos cause us to react in a positive or negative way. Like and dislike symbols for each YouTube video prove my point. What motivates me to give good feedback to a video is:

  • if the foreign woman or women (e.g. filipinas) express themselves in a particular way
  • if the narrator or speaker (e.g. Mark Davis or Joel Osteen) gives a clear, specific, and meaningful topic
  • if someone (e.g. Dashie) does something unusual and uncomfortable and comes up with splendid results

But, if I am bored, confused, annoyed, or sad about something (e.g. breakup or divorce of an international couple), I may speak my mind or have nothing to say. This possibility explains why I read a title and perhaps its summary before deciding whether or not I want to continue watching any video. I expect the video to fulfill or exceed my expectations. If it features foreign ladies, discusses international dating, etc., then I can gain, blend, and include new information in this blog. Therefore, you can access to the facts and use them to your advantage.

Aika from 90 Day Fiance series
alluring Aika of “90 Day Fiance” series – “TLC” YouTube video


If a video is too weird, scary, or even disgusting, it can become difficult to unsee and unlearn. Experiencing what the video shows in real life is worse obviously. However, I can overcome the negative thoughts and feelings by regularly watching positive videos and applying new information to both of my personal and professional skills. This truth explains why I have started this blog in 2017 and written over 260 blog posts currently. I am still analyzing and gaining more details about foreign ladies, their cultures, etc. I give thanks to international dating companies such as A Foreign Affair and Dream Connections for their effective videos plus my current knowledge. I can reassure you that watching countless videos of or about foreign women can change your mindset forever and turn you into a Man of Action like I already am.

Ukrainian ladies of Ulove dot cn agency
ageless Ukrainian ladies with owner of agency – “ArrowFactory Doc” YouTube video


Words and photos do not do justice to beautiful women around the world. In fact, words and photos create many Keyboard Romeos who just want to stay home, constantly write electronic letters, and keep dreaming about foreign ladies whom they are not going to meet and connect physically. But, videos may encourage the cowards to believe the facts about the women and pursue international love overseas. Why do you think that John Adams and A Foreign Affair staff members have a live webcast on YouTube every Monday evening?

Videos engage us mainly because they:

  • give us quick information to study
  • help us mentally explore the world even though we have never been to many countries
  • challenge our thoughts, skills, etc.

Without videos, the world would perhaps have more problems today. I probably would not have gone to 3 countries and built relationships with different foreigners. This international dating blog may not exist. You possibly would be left in the dark as a result.

But, whoever has created the first video deserves a huge award repeatedly.

We are given wisdom of who we should trust, what we should do, where we should go, and so forth.

We can create remarkable memories with others in person or on the Internet.

We can conquer and make a difference in this world.

I thank God for bringing videos into reality.

Like me, you can become:

  • familiar of the unknown
  • brave to enter an unknown place
  • relentless in finding a foreign woman whom you think that you have known for a long time

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